CSR Activities

The Donation Drive “Life Necessary” with Donate Aid Society NGO

The Donation Drive “Life Necessary” saw Valasys Media extend its arms to embrace the underprivileged in collaboration with Donate Aid Society NGO. This drive focuses on the critical need for essential items among disadvantaged communities.

Recognizing the challenges faced by vulnerable populations, Valasys Media has rallied its employees, clients, and community members to come together and donate life-necessary items such as food, clothing, hygiene products, and other vital supplies.

Women's Health & Hygiene Awareness Camp on Women's Day

The Women’s Sanitation Hygiene Awareness Campaign saw Valasys Media distribute Sanitary Pads to women in conjunction with Mai Mal Bhavan NGO. This initiative serves as a testament to their dedication to breaking the stigma surrounding menstruation and ensuring that women have access to hygienic and safe menstrual products.

Sanitary Napkins Donation Drive with Mai Mal Bhavan NGO

2024 Women’s Day was marked by an awareness campaign on Women’s Health and Sanitary Hygiene conducted for the employees of Valasys. We had invited top gynaecologists from in and around Pune who shared practical advice and tips on maintaining basic hygiene.

Harvest Hound Festival that featured Canine Carnival sponsored by Valasys Media.

Valasys Media conducted Harvest Hound Festival, a fundraising initiative to raise funds for disabled canines in Robinson Township. The contributions of the proceedings were used to foster and service are “Pawsome” friends!