Is Bing AI image generator helpful | Best AI image generator?

Is Bing AI image generator helpful - Best AI image generator

Microsoft Presents Bing AI Image Generator

AI is currently rampant. Especially generative AI in content has been revolutionary. But AI is really stepping up ever since. It’s usage in image and video creation has really swooned people’s imagination and captured their interest. Midjourney AI, Leonardo and even SORA have been making rounds on our social feeds all the time. But you know it is a big deal, when incumbents like Microsoft with Bing AI Image Generator also makes a move to capitalize on this growing market.

Microsoft brings Bing AI Image Generator that literally has the power to transform your words into images. Yes, you’ve read that write. Just describe what you want, and Bing AI image generator will render an image based on your description. Nothing less than magical but essentially, this is the real power of AI!

Bing has been a popular search engine, second to Google and Edge has been a long-standing prevalent browser for many years now. Especially, with the growing insecurity regarding data privacy and third-party ad interference, users have been steadily shifting from mainstream search engines and browsers to traditional options.

But when it comes to AI image creators and generators, there has been numerous small to mid-scale labels that have already made an entry into the market with good impact. A stable diffusion platform like Midjourney AI within months of its launch really caught the attention of all netizens.

What makes Bing AI image generator unique?

Recently, the introduction of new AI-powered Bing image creator and Microsoft Edge for co-piloting your web searches created an uproar. Installed within Skype, this chat-format-prompt allows you to type in a simple prompt and create images based on your input. This chat experience has made the experience for the users immersive. The Bing AI image generator is built on an advanced and powerful version of Dall-E and partnering with OpenAI. This enabled Bing to create images from texts. Apart from generating text, Bing has brought GenAI in one place by integrating image creator in the same platform.

You can find this feature both in Bing searches and Bing chats. Their ideology behind this integration was that a human brain reacts and responds well to visuals. A human brain registers an image 60,000 times faster than a text. This makes visual searches and responses central to the way people search and interact with content online today. Also, Bing search engine noticed that image searches are preferred by the user. Such image searches were limited to search engines. But with Bing, now this is implemented in the IM chats like Skype. This has made using AI image generators much easier to access and use. Bing typically translates simple text-based prompts into images in its chat experience.. This feature also comes with preview features. Microsoft Edge will be the only search engine that will come with the AI image generator option.

Microsoft’s AI Standards

As already touched upon, data privacy concerns are at an all-time high. And with AI, the ethical and responsible usage have only heightened. This is why Microsoft is taking utmost care in preventing any data thefts and mitigating any privacy or guideline related risks.

Microsoft, in collaboration with OpenAI, is committed to promoting responsible AI practices, particularly in the development and deployment of Image Creator within Bing. By integrating OpenAI’s safeguards and implementing additional measures, they strive to prevent the misuse of Image Creator. Controls are in place to identify and block prompts that may lead to the generation of harmful or unsafe images, with users promptly warned when such content is detected. Moreover, Microsoft ensures transparency by clearly indicating that images are AI-generated and includes a modified Bing icon for recognition.

The rollout of Bing Image Creator follows a phased approach, starting with a preview for selecting users before expanding its availability. Initially featured in Bing’s Creative mode, Microsoft aims to gradually introduce Image Creator in Balanced and Precise modes. Ongoing optimizations are underway to enhance its functionality, particularly in multi-turn chats. Through this iterative process, Microsoft encourages open testing and feedback from users to responsibly refine and improve the technology for broader adoption.

Comparing Prompts of Bing AI Image Generators with Leonardo

Here’s an example of image generated, one by Bing on Skype and the other by Leonardo:

Prompt 1:

Generate a mountain scenery with river in rural United Kingdoms. Realistic image with serene touch.

On Bing AI Image Creator:

Bing AI Image Generator replicating a landscape of UK.

Bing has a better reality touch as compared Leonardo with play of light and heavy touches. It makes better use of contrast with depth in perspective.

On Leonardo AI:

Leonardo AI rendering an output on the same prompt

Leonardo AI, on the other hand, uses light touches with minimal contrast and pastel feel.

Prompt 2:

Give me an image of cyber space for futuristic world depicting a city life and transport

On Bing AI Image Creator:

A futuristic cyber space on Bing AI Image Generator

This particular prompt on Bing AI Image Generator is overlain with futuristic look and feel. It captures motion lapse effectively, but it overly emphasizes the futuristic version.

On Leonardo AI:

Leonardo AI generating a future cyber space with better details

This graphic cyber space by Leonardo AI has better balance and creates far more realistic aspects and elements to the image.

Prompt 3:

Create a fusion of Renaissance with futuristic Punk

On Bing AI Image Generator:

Bing AI Image Generator: Fusion of Renaissance and Futuristic Punk

This Renaissance-Punk fusion has a nice balance to all the colors.

On Leonardo AI:

Poor interpretation of fusion between Renaissance and futuristic punk

This on the other hand fails to capture the Renaissance and heavily relies on Futuristic Punk.

Bing AI Image Generator

All in all, while some may prefer using other AI image generators, many would agree that Bing AI Image Generator is indeed a useful tool that can help designers and netizens create extension of thoughts, and explore creativity from a whole new perspective. While Bing AI image generator, at this point may lack some features, it also provides some crucial characteristics that are missing in others. Either way, Bing AI Image Generator is a fun tool that everyone should explore. Who knows, you might stumble upon something that will replenish your creative juices.

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