Figma Rolls Out a Redesigned Interface and New Gen AI Features

Figma Rolls Out a Redesigned Interface and New Gen AI Features

Figma, the design platform, launched a UI redesign, UI3, and several new AI features. This redesign aims to make the platform more approachable to newcomers. It does so by introducing resizable panels, a slim toolbar, and a unified layout options panel. Departing from the minimalist UI, the fresh look focuses on usability. It incorporates backgrounds on inputs, bordered dropdowns, and rounded corners. Additionally, it features 200 hand-drawn icons by designer Tim Van Damme.

Figma AI

The AI features, collectively called Figma AI, aim to automate and simplify workflows. They include Visual Search, Asset Search, Content Generation, Remove Image Background, Make Prototype, Rename Layers, and Make Designs.

  • Visual Search: Allows users to find and reuse designs by uploading an image or entering a text query.
  • Asset Search: Uses AI to understand search queries and find relevant components and assets.
  • Content Generation: Enables users to generate realistic text and images for mockups.
  • Remove Image Background: Allows users to isolate subjects from images without switching tools.
  • Make Prototype: Converts static mockups into interactive prototypes.
  • Rename Layers: Enables users to rename layers with a single click using AI-generated contextual titles.
  • Make Designs: Generates UI layouts and component options from text prompts, creating a first draft of the design.

These features are free during the 2024 beta period.

It has introduced several new features to enhance user experience:

  • Figma Slides: A new presentation tool currently in open beta.
  • Figma UI3 and Figma AI: These are available in limited beta. Users can join the waitlist directly from Figma’s interface.

The company has assured the users that the AI features utilize third-party models. These models are not trained on private Figma files or customer data. Optional training for these features will commence from August 15. This approach ensures the privacy and security of user data.

Figma is keen on expanding its capabilities with new tools and features, while maintaining a strong commitment to user privacy.

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