Meta Quest 3 Gets a New VR Accessory for Art

Meta Quest 3 Gets a New VR accessory for Art

Logitech has made their first venture into VR hardware by unveiling the MX Ink Stylus. This stylus, which pairs with the Quest controller, enables 3D drawing and painting on Meta Quest 3. It also significantly enhances the functionality of the Quest 3 VR headset.

The MX Ink Stylus not only works with Quest Pro and Quest 2, but also supports a range of Quest painting and sculpting apps. These include apps such as Gravity Sketch, PaintingVR, OpenBrush, ShapesXR, GestureVR, Arkio, and Engage XR. When connected to a VR-ready PC, the stylus is compatible with Adobe’s Substance Modeler and Elucis by Realize Medical.

Logitech is a leading computer accessories manufacturer. It believes that a stylus offers a more natural feel for drawing, painting, and sculpting than a Meta Quest controller. Its Bluetooth keyboards, trackpads, and mice are already compatible with Meta’s VR headsets. This opens the potential to position Quest 3 as a laptop substitute.

The MX Ink Stylus, equipped with a replaceable, pressure-sensitive tip with adjustable pressure curves, allows for nuanced 2D drawing. Logitech also offers the MX Mat as a suitable drawing surface. The stylus uses haptics to simulate the feel of drawing on various surfaces.

This virtual pencil offers 6 degrees of freedom and lets you rotate, lift, and move in space. A conventional digital art stylus doesn’t offer this freedom. This feature allows for the quick creation of virtual representations by tracing over physical objects in mixed reality.

The MX Ink Stylus stays charged and ready for use with the help of the MX Ink Well, a charging base. It comes with customizable buttons, adjustable activation force, and double-tap timing,

This stylus serves as a well-designed solution for the growing community of VR artists and designers. Tests later this year will confirm its effectiveness.

In September, you can buy the Logitech MX Ink Stylus at Meta Connect, potentially alongside a new Quest 3s headset, for $130.

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