Outsourcing B2B Sales Appointment Setting Services


With the fierce increase in competition in the B2B domain, synchronization between the B2B marketing strategy & sales endeavors is an important prerequisite to optimize the sales conversions. B2B Sales Appointment Setting Services are crucial for sales organizations that believe in maximizing their efforts, about the amount of money & time invested; not only to generate a greater number of targeted leads but also to engage with the key decision-makers in the marketplace –to optimize their revenue by expediting their sales cycle.

According to a report by Resourceful Selling, 91% of the top-performing sales organizations collaborate across all departments to close sales leads. On the flip side, a study from Marketing Sherpa shows that only 56% of marketers check for the validity of their leads before passing them on to their sales teams.

The entire process of reaching out to the right set of decision-makers including the influencers in the B2B marketplace by fixing the B2B appointment setting process to bolster the Return on Marketing Investment (ROMI), as well as the Return on Investment (ROI), falls under the realm of B2B Sales Appointment Services.

A quote by the former chairman of Tata Sons, Ratan Tata states, “All of us have don’t have equal talent. Yet all of us have an equal opportunity to develop our talents.”

Regardless of the fact whether the B2B organizations are small-scaled, mid-scaled, or large-scale enterprises; B2B sales appointment setting services are armaments through which businesses can increase their sales revenue. Employing appointment setting services not only aid in B2B lead generation but is also effective for the B2B companies to grab a greater share of market revenue, which helps in growing the businesses.

Outsourcing B2B sales appointment setting services can be quite complicated requiring a well-trained team, a specifically designed script, and a certain amount of nurturing. This is where the role of Valasys Media becomes crucial. With Valasys Media, marketers can generate qualified B2B appointment setting services that result in optimized conversion rates with minimum efforts. Here are the prime advantages of allocating your sales appointments to Valasys Media:

  1. An optimized number of qualified appointments are generated and call to the conversion rate of the sales and marketing qualified leads thus conversion rate generated is greater than 90%
  2. With us, you’re assured of an optimized brand reputation as before generating the qualified appointments for you, we do in-depth research about your market and niche so that with our appointments you are immensely befitted
  3. We customize your marketing strategy, script, and process to work hand-in-hand with your marketing goals
  4. We provide cost-effective appointments and help you with the optimization of your time & resources
  5. We properly engage potential customers, nurture the conversation and qualify the interest during the call to optimize your phone marketing strategy

With Valasys Media, scheduling a sales appointment is easy and we help you optimize your appointments: deal conversion. When you choose Valasys Media for appointment setting, you’ll be choosing a company that operates with the sole purpose of engaging potential customers and qualifying them for your company. An effective appointment setting company will help you obtain a qualified appointment in as little as one engagement & offers many advantages, enabling you to achieve your brand marketing goals.

10 Advantages of Appointment Setting

1. Aids to B2B Lead Generation Services:

The B2B Sales Appointment Services start with the service provider contacting the clients with their proposal. Once the appointment has been set up, the case is provided to the sales departments, who then process it further in order to boost sales conversions.

Outsourcing the B2B sales appointment services means that the companies to which the appointments are being outsourced will contact the potential customers, after doing their research (& finding the right influencers & product owners or leaders within the specific industries, who qualify as leads).

The value propositions of the products or the services are evaluated by the potential clients, following which, the potential customers make their respective buying decisions. The ROBO (Research Online Buy Offline) report published by Bazaarvoice depicted that 82% of smartphone users research on their phones about their preferred products or services, but make purchases offline.

2. Engaging high-quality leads:

Having an ample amount of leads, a repository of high-quality leads, which can be nurtured & converted into sales within a short duration of time, remains the ultimate aim to set appointments for B2B marketers.

As the audiences being targeted under the B2B schedules are majorly the key business leaders & influencers who make decisions across industries; the B2B sales team gets high-quality leads through the process.

3. Helps to avoid digital distractions & keeps the Human element of Sales intact:

In an era of the internet of things (IOTs), it is easier to target & retarget potential clients based on their intent-data signaling & digital footprints; however, it is also easier for the clients to get distracted. Thus, sales cycles are prolonged.

B2B Sales Appointments assure that audiences are targeted with their preferred pieces of content & in turn, are also instigated by humans who guide them by showing the value proposition of the products or services in question & help them in making quicker & beneficial buying decisions.

4. Consultative approach as opposed to forced products in telemarketing:

B2B sales appointments rely on educating the potential clients to allow them to make quicker buying decisions that are conflicting with the conventional telemarketing services that often leverage a methodology of aggressively pushing specific products or services to the potential clients.

Amalgamating inbound sales methods with appointments helps the B2B marketers to achieve their bottom-line goal of Conversion rate optimization (CRO), quicker and in a more credible way. Empowering clients with knowledge is not only imperative to customer acquisition but also aids in optimized conversions & greater retention of the clients.

5. Lead Nurturing:

B2B Sales Appointment Services are not only useful in acquiring new leads but are also useful in nurturing the existing leads to make them purchase-ready. According to a study, 80% of sales are made on the 5th to the 12th contact, while only 10% of salespersons make more than 3 contacts (Source: venturebeat.com).

Taking frequent follow-ups & feeding clients with all the vital pieces of information is a prerequisite to close the sales deals.

6. Digital Footprinting & Tracking of Appointments:

The B2B appointments use the intent signaling data of the potential clients from omnichannel, as well as track the demography, technography, psychography, “fit-data”, filmography & the past browsing history & purchase records of the prospects to target them. The intent signaling of the potential clients is tracked with the help of website analytics as well as third-party tools.

Thus, amassing the digital footprint of the potential clients & coalescing it with insights from other data points helps B2B marketers in optimizing their leads as well as in keeping a track record of follow-ups by prioritizing the follow-up lists in CRM (Customer Relationship Management) software.

7. Having a higher rate of Sales Closure:

The rate of closure of sales leads is faster if B2B appointments are employed whereas when potential clients are traveling through a standard sales funnel, this accounts for much lower sales conversions.

8. Provides flexible timing:

The potential clients should be contacted at their preferred times, which improves their experiences & results in higher chances of optimized sales conversions.

9. Brand Resonance is established & Cost of Customer Acquisition is Lower:

According to a report published in Marketing for Success, referrals on average generate 50% of the conversions, followed by nurtured leads which yield 20% of sales conversions & cold calls which result in barely 2% of conversions.

Thus, B2B appointments help in cutting down on the cost of customer acquisition. Simultaneously, since apt influencers & decision-makers from the industry are targeted as leads, nurtured & converted; not only the conversion rates are optimized but there is also an improvement in the user experience (UX). Improved UX is beneficial in customer retention & generating additional revenue by positive word-of-mouth interactions.

The revenues are further boosted when the existing customers come back for some complementary or supplementary services or aftersales services.

10. Helps in maintaining a Perennial & High-Quality Sales Pipeline:

B2B Sales Appointment Setting services involve targeting high-quality leads, nurturing them & converting them & then, also aid to customer retention. Merging the contemporary telemarketing, modern intent signals & data in form of demography, technography, firmography, psychography gives rise to B2B Sales Appointment Setting Services. Employing insights from several platforms not only helps in establishing greater synchronicity between marketing & sales teams & expediting the journeys of the potential customers through the sales funnel but also helps the marketers to build a healthy & perennial sales pipeline, wherein, high-quality leads will flow with the help of positive word-of-mouth interactions and good reviews.


We, at Valasys Media, take pride in being a leading sales appointment setting service provider. By outsourcing your sales appointment setting services to us, our clients can save their time to focus on their other core activities while we take care of running targeted campaigns for them – to figure out the relevant prospects & target them via our appointment setting services.

We ensure that we increase the probability of closure of a sales-qualified lead (SQL) by our appointment setting services. We approach the right people at the right time & then block their time for an appointment.

Our methodologies for appointment setting are entirely inbound & involve the targeting, acquisition, nurturing, conversion & retention of clients. We ensure that we also delight the customers at every stage of their buying cycles & thus can optimize the user experience (UX) for our prospects. Prospects are converted faster because of their hyper-targeting & an optimized UX also ensures that post-sales conversions, clients are retained. Optimizing sales conversions & user experiences are two prime objectives of B2B Sales Appointment Services being conducted by us & we are a pro at it.

We also provide several other services such as Lead generation, Lead nurturing, Content Syndication & Account-Based Marketing to name a few.

In order to outsource your appointment setting services or to avail of any of our other services, feel free to contact us.

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