5 free AI SEO tools help you rank content higher

There is no doubt that Digital Marketing is a highly competitive field. One always has to be aware of the ongoing trends and use specific keywords to maintain a high ranking and increase overall traffic. In such predicaments, SEO tools get in the picture.

In former times, traditional SEO tools took hours and days of keyword research.  But at the end of the day, you would only get surface-level or cropped up data. As a result, AI aids to enhance this lengthy and time-consuming process.

AI does not only automate the process, but also utilizes advanced techniques to excerpt information from fairly large datasets. AI interprets patterns in data. Once it interprets the data patterns, it makes calculated predictions. Through trial and error, it learns to make more accurate predictions repeatedly.

How does AI benefit SEO?

Search Engines depend upon AI to arrange and present information across phones, PCs and even voice search. AI models from organizations like Google, or other major search engines, substantially determine your overall rankings and the audience who sees them. Every time we think about alterations or modifications in the algorithms that administer the search, we are actually thinking about alterations to the search engines’ AI.

Currently, AI is being utilized to assist small, individual businesses to accomplish SEO as it is faster and creates colossal value for business, leading them to be experts in their respective fields and to gain a competitive advantage.

5 free AI SEO tools for SEO enhancement

With AI accelerating the whole process, one might end up paying a huge amount of money to use SEO tools that help in speeding the whole process. Some sites provide a one-time free trial of the tool, ultimately asking you to subscribe to their weekly, monthly or even yearly packages.

As a result, in contradiction, here are 5 AI SEO tools that help you accelerate and expedite your SEO process- for free!

  • Seedkeywords

Created by Red Revolution, a UK-based inbound marketing and web-designing agency, Seedkeyword is a simple and effortless tool that can be utilized in the course of the keyword research process.

One usually enters a keyword into a tool and gets the result, but most of these keywords are highly competitive. Seedkeyword helps you to completely side-step this issue. In this tool, you would be creating a scenario. You would then send the scenario to people asking them what they type in order to find you. Once you get the responses from the people, you can then enter the results or responses in your favored, traditional keyword tool.

  • Exploding Topics

Exploring Topics is a platform that analyzes thousands of searches and presents trends even before they become trends with the assistance of their trend-spotting algorithm.

It gives you a list of new and trending topics that are currently trending. The tool comes with a database of trending topics across multiple different industries such as finance, fitness, marketing, e-commerce, etc., which are divided into 2 categories- Exploding and Regular.

  • TubeBuddy

TubeBuddy was launched in December of 2014. They have been making tools in the YouTube space for more than 15 years.

It a basically a free chrome extension that assists you to enhance your YouTube videos for SEO. If you want to use tags that other videos are using, TubeBuddy helps you to see those tags to rank your videos higher. You can also use it to see the competition level on the first page of YouTube for the keyword you want to use.

  • Answer The Public

Most of the keyword research tools get their data from the Google Keyword Planner. Now, Answer the Public is quite a unique tool. It analyzes questions that people ask on Quora, Reddit, LinkedIn, articles and other Social Media platforms and turns them into keywords. They have a separate section committed to “vs” keywords. Usually, people who use “vs” in their searches are probable prospects who are in the process of shortlisting what they want. Moreover, keywords aren’t much competitive and are more probable to rank higher.

  • Animalz Revive

Animalz Revive helps you to find content on your page that needs an upgrade or update. In short, it helps to find content that needs to be revived and revamped.

Previously, one had to manually find these pages in Google Analytics, but Animalz Revive completely eliminates this process and also provides you with data regarding the number of views you are losing by not updating your old content.

All you have to do is go on their site and enter your email address. In the next step, they will request access to your Google Analytics and then look for articles or content that need to be refreshed and upgraded.

In conclusion, these tools not only aid you in enhancing your content, but also play a vital role in strengthening your marketing strategies, helping you to stand out and generate more traffic. They also help you automize your process, making it faster, shorter and most importantly- more cost-effective.


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