You hold in your hand a new lead that got generated when a prospect showed interest in your business. What you do with that lead could mean a loyal lifelong customer or a spam folder. No pressure.

Your next step would be to begin your email marketing campaign. Manually writing each email blast is out of the question as each email needs to be timed perfectly so that the prospect feels validated.

Email automation is the best lead nurturing process that will help establish and maintain a positive and fruitful relationship with a prospect, which converts them into customers. It helps you send out timely and relevant messages to your customers when they take specific actions. By maintaining effective communication, business owners will be able to develop closer bonds with their customers.

Here are 6 tips that will help you nurture your leads through each buying stage using email automation.

Tip 1#: The Welcome Wagon

Some businesses tend to stick to just one welcome email. The problem with this is that most people tend to overstuff that email with information. The more information you add to one email, the less effective your email becomes.

You will also miss the benefit of keeping in touch with your contact, multiple times, at a point when they’re highly engaged.

The first 3 emails in your email marketing campaign that need to be received by a new contact are:

  • The Fulfillment Email

This is the first step of communication from your end to the prospect and it will help garner a sense of validation for them. The prospect will see it as a good decision they made in getting on your email list.
When to send it? The minute the prospect joins your email list.

  • The Networking Email

Your second email needs to have the sole purpose of inviting your contact to connect with your business through your various social channels for information on any product or service or if they have any questions.
When to send it? 2 days after they have receive the welcome message.

  • The Ice Breaking Email

Your third most important welcome email is the getting-to-know-you email. When you send offers and information, you can inspire your contacts to act but only if you know more about them. This email will include, but not limited to, questions about their likes and dislikes, birthdays, etc.
When to send it? 4 days after they have received your invitation to connect email.

Tip 2#: The Information Boom

As part of your email marketing campaign you need to educate your customer about your business, one email at a time. Each email can explain different aspects of your firm, product or service including any relevant discounts and offers they could redeem. The idea is to educate your subscribers, remove any obstacles they might be facing, and encourage them to use your product or service.

Tip 3#: The Lover

    • Pamper your recipients

Reinforce customer delight by making your recipients feel special. Send them a kind wish on their special day.

  • Encourage unplanned purchases

Generate conversions by including a discount coupon or a special offer. This is a great way to encourage an unplanned purchase.

  • Surprise personalized content

Engage users who have been inactive with personalized and non-routine content. Receiving a personal email with the promise of a gift will engage even inactive subscribers.

Tip 4#: The Detective

Through tracking your contact’s behavior on your website, your automated mailing system can understand the following information:

What interests them

Based on what a contact chooses to click, you can determine what they are looking for and what content on your website is most important to them.

How much interest they have

Based on the number of times a page has been viewed and number of times the page has been visited, you can determine the content that has captured the most of your recipient’s interest.

Tip 5#: The Follow Up

Your automated follow up is a timeless sales technique and the most powerful tool at your disposal. Following up with your contact will help in building bonds with them. It will not only create but also nurture your qualified leads, increase conversions, contribute to customer satisfaction and most of all it will save you time. Through follow up, you inform your customer that you appreciate their business. It also shows that you continue to care about their satisfaction in spite of already receiving their payment.

Tip 6#: The Critic

Using email surveys during email marketing to get customers’ feedback will help in building a stronger relationship with them. After any interaction made with the customer, find out directly from them if they are happy with your brand and how best you can improve to give them a better experience.
Keeping in mind these 6 tips while putting an email automation series in place, will help you immensely in the lead nurturing process.

If these tips seem overwhelming, don’t fret. Valasys has the solution for you. With the help of our robust services of list buildingemail validation and our very own email automation platform, you can finally experience that much deserved email marketing success.


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