8 Cold Call Attempts To Reach A Prospect. Is It Worth It?

8 Cold Call Attempts To Reach A Prospect
Before an effective connection can be made by the sales team with a prospect, there needs to be someone who should be able to establish an appointment for both the sales rep and the customer in order to help the sales call to take place. The sales company is usually the one who schedules the sales call by phoning the prospect and making arrangements for the sales rep to call the lead at a specific time on a specific date and at a location preferred by the lead. This first point of contact person is known as an appointment setter.

B2B Appointment Setter

An appointment setter, also known as an appointment scheduler, is a sales team-member by function. They leverage strong communications, persuasive and interpersonal skills in identifying qualified leads and in convincing them to agree to listen to the sales pitch from the company. These professionals are involved in telemarketing, online lead generation, and cold-calling with a goal to generate interest of customers in a certain product or service.

Outsourcing B2B Appointment Setting

No matter whether you hire an in-house appointment setter or you hire an outsourced vendor, both perform the same function but there is an added advantage you gain by hiring an outsourced B2B appointment setting company like Valasys Media. An outsourced B2B appointment setting company works 24/7 to generate leads that are qualified and have converted into a set appointment. They have many advantages:
  • They function within their own setups which overcomes time constraints
  • They have their own business models and management along with an efficient operational functionality
  • They ensure guaranteed quality results

B2B Appointment Setting Tips

To start any business relationship, you need to first engage with the prospect on a personal level. Business enterprises rarely give importance to B2B appointment setting as they consider it an unnecessary investment but this implies that they fail to realize the amount of benefits their sales and marketing teams can be benefitted. Attributes like research, assertiveness, precise record keeping, patience and skill are vital for the success of appointment setting. There are a few tips that need to be remembered and used when reaching out to prospects. 1. Preparation Is Key So as to convince the prospect to agree to meet up, it is necessary to know in advance what should be said before even making the call.  Along with the reason the target audience would be interested in taking the call, the value proposition of the appointment setting campaign must also be documented. 2. Request The Prospect For Their Time Don’t rush into a sales pitch immediately when calling a prospect. It is recommended that the prospect be asked if they have the time to talk before making the sales pitch. In case the prospect doesn’t have the time, set a time that is suitable for them in the future. This would then turn out to be a much more successful conversation. 3. Keep In Mind A Consistent Audience Profile In order to experience a B2B lead generation campaign that is successful, it is imperative that you have a good database and contact list. It is not enough to just have a great attitude while making the sales call if the database isn’t right. 4. Decrease Aggression To successfully set an appointment, the sales team needs to keep in mind consistency and determination. Without rambling they must economize on their words while providing introductory benefit statements while pitching value propositions. 5. Make Use Of Multiple Touch Points The B2B appointment setting process is disciplined, and requires various processes that involve multiple touch points with a particular target lead. It is vital to have the knowledge of when to follow up with them without annoying prospects. 6. Utilize The Power Of Referrals When a prospect is referred by someone to your business enterprise, the trust gets transferred to that enterprise as well which allows prospects to speak more openly to salespersons. 7. Leverage Dynamic Scripts And Callers While carrying out B2B appointments setting, the golden rule that must always be followed is; do not sound like a salesperson. It is mission-critical that a good script is used in order to win over the prospect and it will also give the sales rep an opportunity to remain on track and highlight all the prominent points of the offer.

B2B Appointment Setting And GDPR

The General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) deals with consent, access and data transferability catering to EU. It divides the market into 3 categories, which are those who know about GDPR and comply with it, those who are unaware about GDPR and those who have misunderstood GDPR. When it comes to appointment setting, there is a common misconception that the GDPR prohibits it when in fact it does not call it out. Companies can still reach out to prospect is they have consent and have legitimate interests. Do not let biased notions about the GDPR keep you from engaging with legitimate businesses instead learn to embrace GDPR in the right sense and in the right spirit.

B2B Appointment Setting With Valasys Media

We at Valasys Media, work with experienced professionals who make us one of the leading B2B appointments setting company and ensure that appointment setting is one of the best services we can offer. We also go to great lengths to ensure the clients’ needs are met. With a view to make B2B appointment setting services a highly coveted skilled strategy, we pay close attention to every aspect of it, rechecking it multiple times by our in-house experts. This ensures that the end result we send our clients’ way is completely focused towards their end goal. Therefore, in this way not only is your appointment setting taken care of but it takes you closer to your target of rising as a firm too.

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