Top 9 software for affiliate marketing for 2023

Affiliate marketing is definitely something you’ve heard of if you’ve ever searched for “ways to make money while you sleep” on Google. Although it has been around since the early days of the internet, current developments in digital advertising have increased interest in it. Today, software for affiliate marketing are used by 81% of global brands.

But it’s not as easy as it seems. Running a successful affiliate marketing strategy requires a ton of work. Fortunately for you, there are many software to help you get back on track.

What is Affiliate marketing?

The majority of consumers now look online for information about goods and services in what has grown to be a very congested market. Online retailers are having to reconsider how to invest their marketing budget in order to stand out on the internet and ensure they are discovered. A lot of people are looking to affiliate program management as the answer.

A pay-for-performance marketing strategy called affiliate marketing outsources the sale of goods and services to a digital network of independent publishers.

The third parties are known as “affiliates,” and they receive commission payments in exchange for helping to market the business.

Firms like Amazon, Shopify, and WordPress have increased the adoption of affiliate marketing. They’ve mastered the technique by asking bloggers and content producers to connect to their websites in order to pay an advertising fee each time a purchase is made or a desired action is completed.

Businesses have been able to adapt to and prosper in the current challenging market conditions, thanks to affiliate marketing. It gives businesses a method to take advantage of fresh digital marketing opportunities and reach out to new clientele.


What is an affiliate marketing strategy?

Hiring affiliates to market your company and paying them a commission on sales is known as affiliate marketing. The diverse approaches to using affiliate marketing or the various affiliate payment models that you might select are referred to as affiliate marketing strategies.

Top Affiliate marketing strategies

Choose the appropriate affiliates

Even now, word-of-mouth marketing is a powerful technique. Of course you’d want to research possible affiliates that already have a loyal, engaged audience. In addition to figures, keep in mind that your decision-making should take engagement, rapport, authority, and page visits into account.

Additionally, you want to determine whether the audience would be interested in the goods you’re offering. Decide on your specialization and collaborate with affiliates who share your interests or whose audience falls within your target demographic. You wouldn’t want to hire an affiliate that specializes in pet products if you’re a tech company.

Collaborate with influencers

The marketing landscape is evolving as a result of social media influencers. In fact, a survey conducted earlier this year revealed that 14% of older Gen Z’s had purchased a product in the six months prior based on the advice of an influencer. In addition, a study discovered that influencer marketing generates an ROI that is 11 times more than that of a conventional banner ad campaign.

Influencers are excellent affiliates for a variety of reasons. The fact that they already have a following is perhaps the biggest. Even celebrities are not required for these content producers. With interesting content on social media, many regular people can amass a sizable following.

Make use of software affiliate marketing

It might be overwhelming to create and manage your affiliate marketing initiatives. Affiliate marketing software comes into play in this situation. These platforms can help you manage, monitor, and even expand your projects. These, in turn, can boost your online sales and expand your brand-to-brand collaborations.

Why opt a software for affiliate marketing?

Marketing has historically been spending money on an advertising budget. According to research, reaching a 1,000-person audience through offline marketing costs an average of $22 and up. Your business can gain the same traction—or more—with affiliate marketing for less money and risk. This is especially beneficial for small businesses, which may not always have the resources to implement a complex marketing strategy.

affiliate marketing

The best thing about affiliate marketing is how rapidly you can gauge your level of engagement and return on investment. You can track sales, leads, and clicks with the aid of software for affiliate marketing. It might ask an affiliate to concentrate on a certain product if you notice that it isn’t selling well.

You need efficient tools to develop your affiliate network, increase brand awareness, and track your campaigns whether you’re a seasoned post-affiliate pro or considering creating your own affiliate program from the beginning. You need reliable affiliate marketing tools at your disposal, in essence.

How to choose the ultimate software for affiliate marketing?

Finding the finest software is essential whether you utilize affiliate marketing as your primary source of money or as a secondary income stream. Finding the ideal solution, though, can seem like a daunting endeavor with so many options available.

Luckily, finding the best affiliate marketing software may not be as difficult as you initially think with a little direction.

Here are some considerations to make while selecting a software for affiliate marketing:
  • For the commissions and payments to be calculated accurately, pick an automation solution with reliable affiliate tracking program. You risk losing affiliates’ trust in the solution and demotivating them from working with you if faults start to appear.
  • The software should allow you to measure lead creation and offer customizable affiliate links, resource repositories, fraud detection, and other features.
  • Choose a service who can accommodate your industry and company processes.
  • Put security first. This is crucial to preventing fraud against you, your affiliates, and your clients. Verify the supplier you are considering has top-notch security features that can stop suspicious activities.
  • Select a software that enables you to customize affiliate commissions so that you can run programs based on the volume of clicks, sales, or other events.
  • Select management tools that let you run a number of unconnected programs from a single account. You will need software that can manage all of your marketing initiatives with continuous integration as your business expands and you launch more campaigns. You can keep organized with all of your partners with this.
  • The solution must be simple to install and operate. Installing additional programs, plug-ins, or tools shouldn’t be necessary. It ought to function through your browser, ideally. It should have an intuitive user interface that eCommerce platforms and new affiliates may use without any training straight away. You should be able to control everything from a single location and customize the UI.
  • The software you go for should be able to link to your preferred eCommerce platform, CRM, and email marketing services, as well as offer payment gateways and shopping cart options.

Best 9 software for affiliate marketing

1.    LinkMink

Utilizing Stripe to track affiliates, affiliate sales, and manage them is simple with LinkMink. To allow for risk-free expansion, the program aligns affiliate commissions with actual revenue.

LinkMink provides affiliate monitoring using software that can easily handle recurring sales, commissions, refunds, and monthly payouts. It was developed with SaaS enterprises in mind.

Users can segment affiliate groups and automatically approve commissions, allowing you to apply various revenue models to various affiliates.


  • Automating and tracking affiliate commissions is simple.
  • Auto approvals save a ton of time


  • Lacks many elements you could look for in a more advanced affiliate software system because it is very focused on fixing one issue (affiliate management)
  • Has few integration options


2.    Amazon Associates

The largest affiliate marketing program in the world is Amazon Associates. It offers millions of items and programs, as well as link-building resources for affiliates to point audiences to suggested products where they can profit from qualified sales or other activities, such as consumers signing up for a free trial.

If they have a website or mobile app, bloggers, publishers, and content creators can apply for the program. Influencers with substantial social media followings are also welcome to take part. Affiliates are eligible for commissions of up to 12%.


  • Affiliates receive commissions on all purchases, including expensive ones
  • On international purchases, commissions are possible to earn
  • Customers believe in Amazon


  • Commissions are generally low
  • A brief cookie length exists (just 24 hours)
  • Payments are not made prior to the return period’s conclusion

3.    Clickbank

A big affiliate network (100,000) and a variety of tools for enhancing affiliate marketing efforts are available from Clickbank. It has a presence in more than 200 countries, is appropriate for new or super-affiliates, and has a marketplace with a huge selection of offers from people who have all been accepted after going through a rigorous process.


  • Clickbank provides some of the highest commission rates (up to 90 percent)
  • It is known for paying on schedule


  • Some users mention starting-up technical issues

4.    AffTrack

You can build an affiliate network with the help of the Afftrack affiliate marketing platform. With a variety of packages available to manage affiliates and advertisers, it’s a real-time solution for businesses of all sizes in the affiliate sector.

Analytics, reporting portals, and API interfaces allow you to move, filter, and prevent low-quality traffic from reaching retailers.


  • Interfaces and integrations that can be modified
  • Redirects traffic flows to make sure it is always commercialized


  • Some customers claim that customer service is lacking

5.    Trackier

With machine learning capabilities that let users track, measure, and optimize marketing efforts, Trackier says it will revolutionize how marketing campaigns are managed. Advertisers, networks, and affiliates can build up, conduct, and review campaigns using this one-stop shop.

A single unified environment supports over 100 AdNetwork integrations, real-time KPIs, and fraud detection.


  • Constant assistance
  • Campaigns are simple to put up and administer


  • Issues with certain features, such as campaigns, can occasionally disable choices

6.    Karta

According to Kartra, you may control a horde of affiliates selling your goods from a single, straightforward location. Real-time information on how much, when, and to whom to pay is available. Users have the option to tune, reward, pay, and communicate with all of their affiliates using its built-in management system with only a few clicks.

You can use PayPal Adaptive Payments, assess and approve affiliates, give customizable commissions and payment milestones, and more.


  • You may design unique landing pages for your affiliates
  • The capability of setting up many tiers for your affiliate program


  • Not all API interactions are obvious
  • Having trouble setting up emails Limited sales analytics

7.    Awin

Awin is a program for affiliate marketing that has access to more than 225,000 active publishers. It includes a variety of potent tools to maximize affiliate relationships and is made to assist advertisers in expanding their online enterprises.

Marketers can monitor and adjust campaign results in real-time thanks to an intuitive and user-friendly interface and a robust reporting suite.


  • Easy to use affiliate dashboard and navigation
  • Excellent sources of information


  • Less-than-perfect interfaces with third parties

8.    Affise

Affise is a platform created to support the scaling of connections between brands, marketers, and agencies. With the help of the software, affiliate marketers can effectively launch and manage their affiliate networks. It also provides a variety of performance measurement options (including 50+ data breakdowns), allowing you to monitor, assess, and improve campaigns in real-time.

The user-friendly dashboards provided by Affise can be customized anyway you like, and real-time BI tools can be used.

Top-notch built-in security is another advantage of Affise software that keeps instances of marketing fraud from ruining your campaigns.

With a comprehensive onboarding package, a dedicated onboarding manager, and round-the-clock support, getting started with Affise is simple. The automated offers pulling service provided by the software will make sure you meet your KPIs as well.


  • By automatically uploading data and linking with open offers, eliminates manual labor
  • Brands and partners may instantly team up with Affise Reach


  • Charges in addition for some optional features

9.    Affiliate Rakuten Marketing

In order to interact with a variety of consumers across their digital media platforms, brands and agencies collaborate with Rakuten Advertising. With its extensive member base, in-house technology, and over 150,000 global publishers, Rakuten Group fosters business growth for its clients.

Their highly regarded global affiliate network offers brands professional assistance, cutting-edge goods, and the chance to forge enduring relationships.


  • Major third-party apps are integrated


  • The affiliate program may have bugs and the customer assistance may not be satisfactory

To conclude

By giving the ability to carefully monitor success, good affiliate management software enables you to develop and manage affiliate programs. The software tools for affiliate marketing that are described cover the key features and functions you’ll need to run your affiliate campaigns.

When looking for affiliate marketing software, go with a dependable one that caters to companies just like yours. Make sure this is integrated properly and works with the payment methods you accept. Select software that meets your advertising requirements and is simple to use, ideally without the help of a specialist.

The most important thing to remember while learning how to become an affiliate marketer and entering the world of affiliates is to choose your vendor carefully.

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