A Guide to Email Marketing Campaigns and ROI Success

A Guide to Email Marketing Campaigns and ROI Success
Running an email marketing campaign is the most tried and tested method of online marketing but has the greatest ROI success. Except for adding a little more panache to their email marketing techniques, there hasn’t been any major changes. However, the reason why this technique has managed to stay on top for so long is due to its ease of usage, reach, uniformity, flexibility and the prospect of getting good visibility without a lot of investment. While many other marketing tricks have made stronger impacts, email marketing is the only one that has lasted this long! To understand email marketing, think of yourself as the receiver, which isn’t a difficult task as we have, at one point or another, been the receivers of such mails. After signing up for an offer on a website, we enable emails from the senders and end up receiving a ton of promotional emails. However, there are very few we choose to respond to. Having said that, it is so important to make sure that your email marketing strategy is not only spot-on but also creates a stir among your clients. The following tips will ensure the success of your email marketing campaigns:
  • Work on your subscriber list:
A good idea, not only for email marketing but for overall digital growth is to keep enriching your subscriber list. Even if you are currently high on subscribers, it doesn’t take a lot to keep adding new ones. The more people you have, the more chances of them hitting on your emails and the easier marketing becomes.
  • Encourage a reply:
Although email marketing is generalized and meant to connect with your audience as a group, there is no reason why it shouldn’t encourage a response. Work with different subject lines, add some mystery, use creative toning and try to put yourself in the audience’ seat to target them better. With many different aspects in email marketing as opposed to regular marketing ones, you are bound to get more reverts.
  • Add a personal touch:
Work on making emails as personalized as possible. Most email-sending software allows users to select the first and last name of the person it is addressed to. Sending out such emails may not guarantee a reply, but the recipient is more likely to click on and read them in comparison to a general email.
  • Keep them crisp:
Work on short statements, add bullet points, leave out stuff that is irrelevant and incorporate few images. Don’t try to stuff your email to make it longer but stick to what you want the receiver to read.
  • Interesting CTA’s make them worth reading:
Your CTA’s will either work for or against you depending on your creativity. CTAs that come too frequently result in the reader ignoring them. When a CTA is used tactfully, they help people know you are more than a marketing/sales/product company! Using them right will also fetch you good traffic.
  • Work on making it mobile-friendly:
With a good chunk of marketers opting for mobile content, make sure you do not miss out because your email isn’t mobile friendly. Do the extra bit and put in those added bucks, they’re worth the numbers that will follow!
  • Make it easy to unsubscribe:
Ensure your unsubscribe button is easy to access. Not providing one or keeping it hidden in a small font will only make the receiver frustrated. This can lead to your content getting marked as ‘spam’ which is far worse and would cause more problems. Going forth, these tips may help you in many aspects of email marketing. It is important to remember that you are one among many in this email marketing campaign race. So take a step back, observe and see what you, as well as others, are doing before trying email marketing for yourself. Also, since it is a tried and tested method, ensuring you get all the aspects right is crucial. So go on, hit that list and watch the magic of email marketing unfold!

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