Appointment Setting Case Study

Appointment Setting Case Study


Valasys Media’s outbound appointment generation service was utilized by one of UK’s largest training providers. Tasked with generating assessor Appointment setting , Valasys had to sign up business employees through an apprenticeship scheme or through National Vocational Qualification (NVQ).


This service had a few objectives that needed to be met. Some of which are:

  • Based on a pre-agreed criteria, a target number of assessor appointments need to be generated
  • Create a comprehensive database that includes data from both re-contact and direct marketing activity
  • Increase training provider awareness
  • Focus on the primary target market which are SMEs that are within predetermined sectors and geographical areas


The Challenge #1: Ensure that each appointment that got booked, signed a learner onto one of the Apprenticeships or NVQ’s provided.

Solution: In order to meet this challenge, Valasys used diverse number of mechanisms.

  • Fully brief teams on every course that is available and the capabilities of each assessor.
  • Agree and adhere to predetermined criteria for appointment qualification.
  • Eligibility in completing the qualification
  • Timescale of training decision
  • Qualification commitment
  • Adopting a quality control measure that ensures appointment criteria has been met

The Challenge #2: Ensure that all booked appointments are reported and compiled within the diaries supplied by the assessor’s.

Solution: Working in tandem with the client, Valasys devised a process from call to appointment that ensured that call drop offs or cancellations are kept to a minimum and appointments are tracked and updated on a daily basis contingent on the final outcome.

The Challenge #3: Enable diary management.

Solution: In order to facilitate immediate access and updating, each assessor provided their diaries on Outlook.

The Challenge #4: Ensure that knowledge of the product is of the highest level.


  • Extensive initial and ongoing training is provided via the client
  • Forming a stable and dedicated team for the project
  • Undertaking the assessment of ongoing product knowledge

Key Findings

Valasys spent the first couple of weeks of the campaign laying the groundwork for various appointment setting activities. Assessors focused on navigating business employees at the target organizations. With the aid of client satisfaction surveys, Valasys Media audited their appointment setting services and took corrective and/or preventative actions.

  • On completion of the UK-wide appointment setting program, we exceeded all key campaign objectives.
  • Helped our client increase the number of qualified appointments that got added to the pipeline.
  • Aided in the increase of training provider awareness.
  • The client’s expectations of quantity and quality of the appointments were exceeded which led to a renewal of contract.
  • A fully-integrated, highly-targeted B2B campaign was put in place that combined phone, email, and social media.

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