How B2B Agencies are Helping Companies to Boost their Business

How B2B Agencies are Helping Companies to Boost their Business

With the growing number of companies across the globe, competition is rising exponentially. To stand out in traffic and grab the attention of prospective customers, companies tend to hire a B2B marketing agency.

With the growing number of companies across the globe, competition is rising exponentially. To stand out in traffic and grab the attention of prospective customers, companies tend to hire a B2B marketing agency.

The B2B marketing agency assists companies (usually B2C companies) to take a key business decision in order to promote their brands and products. To provide a clear picture, the working of the B2B marketing agency is explained below.

How does a B2B agency function?

B2B agency focus on designing strategies to plan, manage, and executes the marketing campaigns as per the business objective. In order to achieve the desired result, it lays down a framework.

To host successful business campaigns, B2B agency narrows down the target audience and prospective customer. A precise picture of the customer enables the company to craft a clear and crisp story.

B2B agency plays a vital role in analyzing the nature and demand of customers. The agency interviews people, research demographics, and run surveys across various channels.

Once the nature and behavior of customers are compiled, the next big step is reaching them and conveying the story of the brand.

How B2B agency does assist companies to reach prospective customers?

Promoting a brand is not limited to just conveying information. In a broader aspect, promoting a brand involves delivering information to a prospective audience with a creative approach, useful insights, sophisticated targeting, and a strong call-to-action statement.

Delivering a story, further, involves wide channels, media, and topics that resonate the most with mass.

To run a successful campaign, a B2B agency must be aware of the following points-

  • How do customers spend their time online?
  • Which social media platform do they prefer the most?
  • Which industry events do they attend?
  • What are they questioning on search engines?
  • What are the opportunity gaps left void by the competitor of the company?

These questions enable the agency to decide the tone of the story, and channel to reach them. Serving the right information empowers the company to build trust with the customers.

Apart from research, strategy-building, advertising, and lead generation, the B2B agency also helps the company to focus on customer relationship management and lead nurturing. This leads us to the next question.

How do we measure the performance of the B2B agency?

Some of the criteria to check the performance of a B2B agency are listed. However, the criteria may vary depending on the sector.

  • Lead Generation- This is the major scale against which the performance of a B2B targeting agency is measured. Lead generation shows the initiation of customers’ interest in the services or products offered by the company. Further, these leads may be converted into prospective customers and salesforce.

Also, it is the top-of-the-funnel marketing. It simply implies brand awareness about the services or products among the audience, hopefully, which would get converted into potential buyers.

  • Sponsored InMail- LinkedIn is one of the growing professional networking. People usually visit the page of the company to research the services and products. Posting updates frequently over LinkedIn boosts the visibility of the brand and engage more customers across the globe.

LinkedIn mail allows B2B marketers to reach the inbox of members of LinkedIn even if you are not directly connected

  • Retargeting- It helps to target potential customers based on their behavior and related internet actions. It enhances the point of contact with your customers, thereby, boosting the chances to convert potential customers into buyers in long run.

Having stated all the benefits offered by B2B marketing agency, one major doubt may linger on the mind of readers- Why shouldn’t I hire an employee rather than hiring an agency?

The question is obvious and it is answered explicitly in a few points-

  • Marketing Expertise- When you hire an agency for marketing purposes, you are hiring a set of people who are experts in different domains of marketing. To put in simple words, they live and breathe in marketing. A good marketing team would consist of a web developer, PPC specialist, analytics, technical manager, copywriter, content developer, graphic designer, and project manager at least.

Hiring an agency leaves the company to manage the resource and track the target. Rather, the company just has to focus on the result part.

  • Cost: Hiring the agency saves the overall cost of the marketing team. At an entry-level salary, you can hire a skilled team to deliver the result. If you don’t believe, the market is open to compare.
  • Maintenance and Management: Planning a marketing strategy requires various tools, software, and channels. Each of these resources requires extra cost and maintenance. When you work with a marketing agency, you can bypass all the headaches associated with relationship management and subscriptions; and gain access to all tools and channels required to host a successful campaign.
  • Ideas and Strategies: Besides all the tools, the agency also comes equipped with new ideas and perceptions. These ideas help to spice up current business and strategies by putting new teams together.

Working up with an agency provides an opportunity to incorporate strategy with a customer’s perspective, providing bets possible opportunity for the company’s growth.

I would wrap up by providing one example of such a B2B agency- Valasys Media. The agency provides tailored B2B services as per the requirement of the company. Further, it ensures seamless experience delivery to the target customers through various touch-points derived from different channels. This, in turn, helps the company to boost sales revenue.

To ensure high returns on investment (ROI) and scale up brand promotion, the agency deploys extensive market research.

Some of the services (not limited to) provided by Valasys Media include- account-based marketing, content syndication, lead generation, event promotion, lead nurturing, and contact discovery services.

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