Marketing Platforms to Refer for B2B Marketing Awareness in 2021


In upcoming year, market in various domains are expected to witness intense competition after the unprecedented situation of coronavirus in 2020. So is the case for B2B organizations as well. In order to sustain in the competition, companies are gearing up in advance with strategic planning.

There are various marketing platforms acting as medium to provide critical insights regarding the products and services. However, you should be well aware about presence of the audience. This would, further, help you in deciding where to invest your resource precisely. Before listing marketing platforms for enhancing B2B marketing awareness in 2021, you should keep in mind that content is going to rule everywhere. Be it in the form of email, social media posts, or account based marketing. Hence, you should focus on creating engaging content as per marketing platforms. For instance, content for a social media post will not go hand in hand with content for email. In order to pursue your target audience, you should know their demand and mindset beside their availability over various marketing platforms. The core idea is to unfold which marketing platforms would be more effective in boosting B2B marketing awareness and engaging target audience. Having said the quintessential details regarding role of various factors involved in B2B marketing awareness; here is a list of marketing platforms you should refer to engage with your target audience and potential customers- 1. Video Marketing- As per Google, out of 10 B2B buyers 7 of them go for video content in their sales journey. The hosting platform may be the website of company or YouTube. In short, significant amount of content consumption is video based in B2B domain. The trend is anticipated to take front seat in coming years as people tend to remember 95% of message provided in the video content as compared to text based blogs and articles. As inclination of people are growing towards video based content format, it is advisable to include video marketing strategy to boost marketing awareness and onboard new clients. For those who are unaware of video marketing concept, it is use of videos to convey information regarding your services or products. Further, it is proven that video marketing boost engagement rate, fuels website traffic, can be used at multiple platforms, and is an impactful way to build trust with the customers. While using video content as marketing awareness strategy, you should keep few things in head-
  • The video should not be of more than 2-3 minutes.
  • Include subtitles.
  • Create different stage for each stage of selling funnel.
  • Each video should only focus on single topic.
2. Visual Marketing- Various companies have experimented with infographics as a marketing tool and it has worked effectively. Visuals not only help to create space in head of the customers but also help to create an emotional connect.  And emotional connect plays a significant role in B2B client’s decision. Besides infographics, visual marketing is also being implemented using gifs, memes, and presentations among others. Those who have already used it as a B2B marketing awareness strategy claims that it has helped them to boost brand recognition, enhance client engagement rate, influence conversion rate, and has helped to drive traffic to the website. Besides, it is shareable on social media as well. On the other hand, companies who are planning to implement visual marketing as their B2B marketing awareness strategy must be very precise with their content as it should grab attention of people. 3. Podcast based Marketing- Although podcast has existed since early 2000s, it has merely been taken as more than a hobby. However, in recent years, marketers have started using it as a marketing platform to talk about their products and services. People can listen it anywhere and anytime Considering its flexibility, significant number of B2B buyers are using it extensively for making key decisions. In fact, 44% of decision makers on LinkedIn claim that they listen to podcasts on regular basis and 25% of B2B buyers depend on podcasts to compare different products, services and organizations. As trend of podcasts are growing, it is a good idea to capitalize the platform for the purpose of B2B marketing awareness. However, one should be very consistent with the podcasts episodes. Not being regular can result in loosing audience and getting audience is a tedious job at first place itself. Also, your content for podcast should be very creative to stand apart in the crowd, which is the main aim behind the marketing strategy. 4. Webinar Marketing- In simple words, webinar is a seminar hosted online for a set of audience. Webinar marketing enables the marketers to convey relevant information to the target in more conversational way. Hence, it is widely implemented by B2B organizations to educate the audience about product or services. If used well, it can act as a prominent lead generation strategy as it-
  • Helps to demonstrate the leadership thoughts
  • Interactive attribute helps in engaging the audience
  • Use the webinar in other content formats in future
It may sound easy, however, it requires a lot of preparation as getting participants are quite difficult. Further, finding time that suits your client from different time zone could be another hindrance. In order to overcome above-mentioned concerns, the companies should focus on the first step i.e. promotion of webinar. Promotion of webinar has various steps in itself such as invitation email, and regular follow-ups. Further, you should be conscious while choosing a topic for your webinar. It is more than just choosing a trending topic; the topic should be very much relevant to the product or service that the company is offering. While crafting content for webinar, ensure it is educational as B2B buyers are always looking for in-depth insights before making a purchasing decision. Also, the webinar should not be much lengthy as it could bore the audience.


There are various marketing platforms enabling marketers to reach their target audience. However, you must choose your B2B marketing awareness strategy wisely in order to stay ahead of your competitors. First thing first, the marketing strategy should be in alignment with your product and services. Also, you should be well-aware of presence of your audience before implementing the marketing strategy, else it will be sheer wastage of the resource.

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