100+ B2B Marketing Statistics You Cannot Miss!

100+ B2B Marketing Statistics You Cannot Miss!
The key to planning the perfect B2B marketing strategy and understanding current and future trends is knowing what happens in the B2B marketing industry. Industry statistics is one of the best sources of this information.

B2B Marketing

  1. A formal marketing plan is in place in 45% B2B companies (Statistica).
  2. 61% of B2B marketers consider a lack of resources – staff, funding, and time – as the biggest obstacle to successful lead generation. (BrightTALK).
  3. Marketing automation is being used by 31% of B2B marketers to increase revenue (Statistica).
  4. the ability to generate more and better leads is considered as the number one benefit of marketing automation by B2B marketers (Pepper Global)
  5. 20% B2B marketers implement account-based marketing (ABM) in their marketing strategy, even though 90% of them believe in it (Sirius, 2015)
  6. for each new customer acquired , B2B brands can save over $14 with the help of inbound marketing (Openview, 2015)
  7. Generating leads is considered the biggest challenge for 63% of marketers (State of Inbound Report, 2017)
  8. A company’s B2B marketing budgetis on average a mere 2% of all revenue (CMO, 2014)
  9. 59% B2B industry professionals list lack of budget and the 39% list an inability to reach the right people at the right time as their biggest obstacles(CMO, 2014)
  10. Poor marketing is the reason 14% of businesses fail. (B2B PR Sense Blog)
  11. Email is the most-used vehicle for distributing their content according to 93% of B2B marketers. LinkedIn is a close second with 89% of marketers using it. In terms of their content marketing success, both channels are deemed highly important by B2B marketers.

Content Marketing

  1. 28% of the total marketing budget is allocated to content marketing by B2B marketers (Content Marketing Institute)
  2. Content marketing strategies are documented by only 37% of companies (Content Marketing Institute)
  3. In 2017, content marketing was used by 91% of B2B marketers (Statistica).
  4. 3X more traffic was experienced by B2B companies that blogged 11+ times per month (HubSpot).
  5. Articles are the most effective type of content for moving prospects through the sales funnel according to 49% of B2B marketers (Statistica)
  6. 53% of B2B marketers claim to have a successful content marketing strategy (Content Marketing Institute)
  7. Content quality is prioritized by 76% of B2B marketers over content quantity. (Content Marketing Institute)
  8. “Audience relevance” is considered the leading attribute of content marketing effectiveness by 90% of B2B marketers (Statistica).
  9. Content marketing success or effectiveness cannot be identified by 55% of B2B marketers (Content Marketing Institute).
  10. 28% of the total marketing budget is allocated to content marketing by B2B marketers. (Content Marketing Institute, 2015) (Source: https://www.hubspot.com/marketing-statistics)
  11. Only 30% organizations are effective at content marketing, down from 38% last year. (Content Marketing Institute, 2015) (Source: https://www.hubspot.com/marketing-statistics)
  12. Content marketing strategies are documented by only 32% of B2B marketers. (Content Marketing Institute, 2015) (Source: https://www.hubspot.com/marketing-statistics)
  13. 96% of B2B buyers demand more content from industry thought leaders. (Demand Gen Report, 2016) (Source: https://www.hubspot.com/marketing-statistics)
  14. Lead generation (85%), sales (84%) and lead nurturing (78%) are considered as essential goals for 2016 by B2B content marketers. (Content Marketing Institute and Marketing Profs, 2016)
  15. Before making a purchase, 84% of B2B prospects consume more than 2 content assets (Eccolo Media, 2015)
  16. Product brochures, White papers and Case studies are the most influential assets in a B2B decision-making process (Eccolo Media, 2015)
  17. Buyer personas are used by 65% of B2B marketers when creating a content marketing plan (eMarketer, 2016)
  18. 5-10% higher click-through and 10-20% open rates can be experienced by content-enabled campaigns than traditional campaigns (DemandGen, 2016)
  19. 70% of B2B marketers plan to create more content. (LinkedIn, 2015)
  20. Producing content consistently is seen as a top content marketing challenge by 50% of B2B Marketers. (LinkedIn, 2015)
  21. Existing content gets repurposed by 29% of marketers (Curata, 2016)
  22. LinkedIn is used for content distribution by 94% of B2B marketers. (Content Marketing Institute, 2015)
  23. 50% of marketers give better content distribution as the reason behind their success
  24. The most important factor in increasing B2B marketing success is content creation
  25. The ability to measure content success was what drove success according to 42% marketers.

Social Media Marketing

  1. B2B forums that are industry-specific are 5 times more effective than Twitter (Base One via Imagination, 2016)
  2. LinkedIn is used by 94% of B2B marketers while Instagram – a fast-growing app – is used only 29% (Content Marketing Institute and Marketing Profs, 2016)
  3. Video is the most-shared Facebook content for B2B brands (BuzzSumo, 2016)
  4. More than half of B2B marketers use non-organic methods to gain traffic in social media (Content Marketing Institute and Marketing Profs, 2016)
  5. According to 50% of LinkedIn users, they are more likely to make a purchase from a company they interact with on LinkedIn.(Ironpaper, 2017)
  6. Employees that share company content get two times higher CTR than if their company were to share the same content.(Ironpaper, 2017)
  7. 80% of B2B social media leads stem from LinkedIn(Ironpaper, 2017)
  8. 95% of B2B marketers have created corporate social media accounts but half are still not active on social media on a regular basis. (MediaPost)
  9. 62% of B2B marketers use Google+ to distribute content but only 13% reported it as useful.
  10. As one of the fastest growing platforms, Instagram currently has more than 500 million users, with over 300 million using the site daily.
  11. 84% of marketers use paid social media promotions.
  12. New customers are attracted by 71% of small businesses through the help of social media content. (Infusionsoft)
  13. Facebook is included in the social media strategy of 75% small business owners. (Infusionsoft)
  14. More budget will be allocated to social media management in 2018 by 38% of small business owners. (Infusionsoft)
  15. 49% marketers currently use social media management as part of their digital marketing strategy. (Infusionsoft)
  16. 96% of the people who talk about brands aren’t following those brands on social media. (Brandwatch)
  17. 67% of consumers use Facebook and Twitter to find a resolution to issues, and 1 in 3 prefer customer care services via social media. (Social Media Today)
  18. 100,000 chatbots are currently active on Facebook Messenger. (Facebook)
  19. An average of 100 million hours of video is watched by Facebook users every day. (Infusionsoft)
  20. There are more than 800 million Instagram users of which 500 million are active every day. (Statista) (Instagram)
  21. Monday and Thursday are the best days to post on Instagram and the best times to post are 2 a.m., 8-9 a.m., and 5 p.m. (CoSchedule)
  22. SMB content is retweeted by one third of the people who follow them. (Twitter)
  23. 93% of SMBs’ Twitter followers plan to purchase from them at some point, while 69% have already made a purchase. (Twitter)
  24. LinkedIn is accessed daily by 40% of its users. (Omnicore)
  25. Only 15% users watch Facebook videos with the sound on.

Email Marketing

  1. Email is considered the most effective lead generation tactic by 53% of B2B marketers. (Statistica)
  2. Compelling content for each stage in the buying process is the most effective B2B email lead generation tactic, according to 56% of B2B marketers. (Statistica)
  3. For email nurturing campaigns, most B2B marketers use technology and marketing automation. (Statistica)
  4. Mass email blasts are used by more than 60% of marketers to stay in touch with customers, but only 13% use automation software. (Autopilot, 2015) (Source: https://www.hubspot.com/marketing-statistics)
  5. A lack of quality data is the biggest barrier to lead generation according to 42% of B2B marketing professionals. (BrightTALK, 2015) (Source: https://www.hubspot.com/marketing-statistics)
  6. The average campaign earns $38 in ROIfor every $1 spent in email marketing. (Campaign Manager, 2016)
  7. Email is the most-used distribution channel according to 93% of B2B marketers.
  8. Mobile-friendly email is critical as 54% emails are opened on a mobile device.
  9. After colleague recommendations and industry-specific thought leaders, email is the third most influential source of information for B2B audiences.
  10. Email is the preferred mode of communicating for 86% of business professionals.
  11. B2B emails have CTRs that are 47% higher  than B2C email campaigns.
  12. In terms of revenue generation, 59% of B2B marketers say email is their most effective channel.
  13. According to a report by Experian, 56% of brands that use an emoji in their email subject line had a higher open rate.
  14. Email is identified as the preferred means of business communication by 73% of millennials.
  15. When an email is opened on one device and then opened again on another device, they are 65% more likely to click-through to your site/offering.
  16. Compared to non-segmented campaigns, segmented email campaigns have an open rate that is 14.32% higher.
  17. It is forecasted that the number of email users worldwide is to rise to 2.9 billion by 2019.
  18. The percentage of emails with GIFs rose to 10.3% in 2016.
  19. Some form of email automation is used by 49% of businesses.
  20. The four most important email marketing metrics are: CTR, Conversion rate, Open rate, and ROI.
  21. According to a study by Campaign Monitor, for every $1 spent on email marketing $44 is made in return.
  22. More than once per week, 28% of consumers would like to receive promotional emails.
  23. Email marketing is being used to drive visits and sales to websites by 77% of B2B marketers, according to The State of B2B Email Marketing report. (SuperOffice)
  24. 54% of email marketing influencers consider increasing the engagement rate of email marketing, the most important goal. (Ascend2)
  25. When brands send too many emails, 78% of consumers move to unsubscribe. (Hubspot)

Mobile Marketing

  1. Mobile devices are used by more than 1 in 3 people in Brazil for over 6 hours a day. (Advanced Web Ranking, 2017)
  2. 52.2% of all worldwide online traffic was generated through mobile phones. (Statista, 2018)
  3. 75% of Americans say they use their smartphones most often to check email.
  4. In 2017, 95.1% of active Facebook users accessed the social network via a mobile device (Statista, 2018)
  5. Twitter is used 85% of the time on a mobile device (Wall Street Journal)
  6. 60% of LinkedIn traffic uses mobile devices (Fortune, 2017)
  7. New brands and products are discovered by 51% of customers through their mobile devices (BrightEdge, 2017)
  8. 69% of smartphone users are more likely to buy from companies with mobile sites (BrightEdge, 2017)
  9. Videos with the word “review” in the title have more than 50,000 years’ worth of watch time through mobile alone (Google, 2017)
  10. After a positive brand experience on mobile, 89% of people are likely to give a recommendation (Google, 2017)
  11. Due to an interruptive mobile experience, 46% of people would not purchase from a brand again (Google, 2017)
  12. A poorly-designed mobile site deters 57% of users say from recommending your business (socPub)
  13. Mobile is used for over 40% of online transactions (Google, 2017)
  14. 70% of smartphone users turned to their phone for information before making a purchase in a store (Google, 2017)
  15. A tablet is used by 80% of B2B executives to research products or services in the evening  (IDG Global Solutions)
  16. Mobile played a significant role in more than 60% of B2B buyers for a recent purchase (Boston Consulting Group, 2017)
  17. Mobile drives an average of 40% revenue in leading B2B organizations (Google, 2017)
  18. Mobile marketing can accelerate B2B purchases by 20% (Boston Consulting Group, 2017)
  19. If a mobile site takes longer than three seconds to load, 53% of mobile website visits are abandoned. (Google, 2018)
  20. Mobile spending is estimated to grow to $65 billion by 2020.
  21. With 64% of referred traffic coming from mobile devices, Pinterest has become the most mobile friendly social network site.
  22. Mobile browsing time occurs 89% of the time on apps
  23. Extended exclusive deals and offering loyalty programs are the most effective mobile campaigns according to 80% marketers. (Salesforce 2016)
  24. Getting exclusive coupons or offers on mobile device while shopping in store will be beneficial to 86% of consumers. (Source: Scanlife 2016)
  25. Location-based marketing is important to 3 out of 4 marketers. (Source: Business Wire 2016)

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