Best Cryptocurrency Platforms with Lowest Fees in 2021


Lately, a lot of B2B companies are shifting towards cryptocurrency as a digital mode of transaction. The rising demand for cryptocurrency is attributed to its speed, security, and convenience of transaction.

With growing favoritism, the demand for the appropriate platform is also increasing. To be precise with the appropriate platform, it should charge less trading fees with features of fast payouts and a variety of altcoins options to choose from. Also, the platforms should provide 24/7 customer service.

Know more about the benefits of using cryptocurrency in B2B payments.

The dearth of any of the above features would result in missed trading opportunities, misalignment in fund transaction, or sign-up in that case. In order to avoid such circumstance, it is recommended to adhere following benchmarks for a secured cryptocurrency transaction-

Benchmarks to Check before Selecting a Suitable Cryptocurrency Platforms with Lower Fees

  1. Security: This is a parameter of extreme importance for cryptocurrency exchange platforms. The platform should be secured in terms of both users’ data (that is an essential component required to sign up), users’ funds, and the number of servers globally. More the number of servers implies lesser risk of cyber-attack.
  • Customer Service: The exchange platforms are instrumental in trading between clients and staff. Since it is a two-way transaction, the platform must offer excellent communication service, along with transparency for successful execution.
  • Regions Covered: Usually, people tend to choose a platform with the home brand in their country. This helps them to do the transaction in compliance with the law. These laws vary from country to country. While a few platforms are globally accessible, others come with limitations. This would, further, may affect the business.

There are various cryptocurrency platforms with the lowest fees and comply with the above benchmarks. The next section is about a list of cryptocurrencies with the lowest fees offering maximum security and minimum tax.

Cryptocurrency Platforms with Lowest Fees

  1. Binance- This is one of the top-most cryptocurrency platforms (in all aspects). Headquartered in Malta, it has several branches in different parts of the world. The platform has around 200 options of coins in total, starting from Bitcoin to the native coin as Binance coin.

Binance offers a variety of trading services such as future trading, margin trading, and many more. This attribute makes Brilliance the best choice for both- beginners and experts.  In addition, the trading fees on Binance is 0.1 percent along with credit card brokerage service for convenience purchases and sale of cryptocurrencies at a higher price.

Talking of security, the platform is well-equipped with Secure Asset Fund for User (SAFU), alleviating the risk of fund theft. On the other hand, the platform’s 2FA and ID validation process can take time.

  • Kraken- It is popular for its discreet trading through its dark pool feature. Karen has an amazing customer support system and enables fast bank withdrawals. On the downside, the UI of the platform is considerably weak. Also, options for altcoins are also quite limited.

The good news about the Kraken is that it offers fast bank withdrawals and the trading fees are very low. The range of trading fees is 0.1 to 0.36%. The percentage of trading fees charged depends on the trading volume in the last 30 days.

  • Coinbase- It is quite popular among beginners who are trying their hands on digital currency. Coinbase is widely used for both deposit and withdrawal of the most famous cryptocurrencies- Bitcoin, Litecoin, Ethereum, and others.

The UI of Coinbase is considerably easy to understand and supports transactions in various forms- debit cards, wire transfers, and credit cards.

However, these are not the cryptocurrency platforms with the lowest fees. The fees are in the form of a 0.5 percent premium, and post that you will have to pay a certain charge depending on the trading amount.

The Coinbase platform must not be confused with Coinbase Pro, as these both are separate platforms. Coinbase Pro is designed for expert crypto investors and is more geo-restricted.

  • Bittrex- It is considered one of the safest and cheapest cryptocurrency platforms by traders. The platform stores majority of the crypto assets on offline wallets also referred as cold storage device. Cold storage devices are counted among the safest form of crypto storage.

Bittrex charges 0.25% fees to its users and it is fixed. The only con associated with this exchange platform is its UI. Bittrex can be a little difficult to use for a new-comer.

  • The platform is not much popular, but the users’ review is otherwise. It is one of the secured cryptocurrency platforms with the lowest fees. As soon as the user login, it sends email notifications, 2FA, and similar other notification alerting the user for every login attempts and device used to log in.

The fees of vary in the range of 0% to 0.25%.


Valasys Media, being B2B marketing firm, is well aware of cryptocurrency and related platforms. Based on our research, it is always and strictly recommended to choose a secured platform. Later, the fees should be the criteria to select the platform, followed by UI.

There are various cryptocurrency platforms with the lowest fees, however, lack security. This attribute, in the future, poses threat to all your cryptocurrency savings.

The list mentioned above consists of the platforms that offer maximum security at minimum trading fees.

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