Build your dream website with Typedream

The goal of building any business is to cater to a large number of people. When one establishes a business, it is inferred that they are looking to generate more sales and create goodwill in the market. A website helps in achieving the same, and Typedream will help you build one without any codes.  

Creating a website will help a business owner to increase sales, and reach a wider audience. It instills a sense of loyalty in the customers and helps in building a good rapport with them. With a website, one can analyze, and improve the statistics. It allows the owner control over the type of content that should appear on the website and the ability to cater to a certain audience. While it is possible to create a website from scratch. Typedream is the best option if you want to design a website without any coding knowledge. 

What is Typedream? 

Typedream is a website builder which is a SaaS-based platform and lets you create a website without any codes. This number one product on Product Hunt enables the user to create a website from scratch in a very efficient way. The easy-to-use user interface has a lot of customization options and allows you to build web pages and integrate them with Notion.   



Typedream has more than sixty templates for you to choose from to help you create personal blogs, QnA forums, commercial websites, and much more. You can start creating your website right away by selecting the category that best fits your needs for design. You even have the option to duplicate their Notion bundle and build a Notion-like page with the help of Typedream.

Online-store builder 

Typedream lets you create your online store. You can get your e-commerce website set up within minutes with the help of Typedream. They have various templates for this such as their product template where you can list your product and build an exclusive product page for your customers.


Typedream has an elaborate system for you to track your metrics and use those insights for tweaking your website to get better results. Some of the metrics that can be considered are: 

  • Unique Visitors 
  • Total Pageviews 
  • Bounce Rate 
  • Visit Duration 
  • Current Visitors 
  • Top Sources 
  • Top Pages 
  • Devices 
  • Countries Map 

SEO management  

For search engine optimization, Typedream provides tools to add various tags to your website, including as meta tags. It also offers custom domains with SSL certificates, ensuring that your website is always provided over HTTPS.

Should you use it?  

Typedream is an ideal fit for the following business types: 

  • Small scale   
  • Medium scale  
  • Individual businesses  


Typedream offers three types of pricing models: 

  • Free Plan: For building your first simple dream site.  

Here you get unlimited pages, you can publish 1 page, and you get the domain and Typedream badge – all this for free.    

  • Launch Plan: For product launches, landing pages, and more.  

This plan offers you a Custom domain, lets you publish an unlimited number of pages, and offers team collaboration, SEO & Metadata, Code injection, and Basic analytics. The plan is priced at $12 per month if you bill yearly. 

  • Pro Plan: For products, directories, and commercial websites. 

This plan lets you Display data from Notion (5000 items), access everything in the launch, access protected pages, access advanced analytics, and get a free 1-Year .xyz domain. This plan is priced at $20 per month if you bill annually.    


To summarize, if you are someone looking to start your e-commerce platform, personal blog, or even a professional website but are unfamiliar with coding and creating a website from scratch, give Typedream a chance. Additionally, it is a Notion-like website builder, so if you like Notion then Typedream would be your dream website builder.   

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