Case Study – Healthcare Lead Generation Program into Hospitals



Initiative to determine whether a significant sales success in the market for healthcare lead generation systems could be replicated throughout the whole vertical. Targeted key contacts within hospitals: Reaching out to heads of biomedical engineering to identify need in the areas of –

  • Asset management
  • Maintenance
  • Workforce Management


  • To develop a lead generation strategy designed to identify fully- qualified business opportunities within the healthcare vertical.
  • These prospects would be ready to engage with a salesperson, due to challenges with their asset management that the solutions offered by Fortune 500 Company would address.
  • Build a pipeline of sales opportunities that can be nurtured over the longer term. If a conversation is had with a prospect that MAY have issues and challenges, but is not yet ready or committed to taking action, the call center will continue to nurture the prospect over time till lead is ripe.
  • Use findings from lead generation calling and communications activities to confirm or reject the validity of the premise that asset management and workforce management in hospitals is a serious problem for the heads of bio-medical engineering in these hospital systems.


In one region, 15 totally qualifying opportunities were discovered in the first 46 hours of prospecting. As a result, the project was extended to other parts of the United States and Canada.
The Tele-prospecting results confirmed that the premise was not only viable, but a highly cost effective program with great ROMI.


  • 115 near-term sales opportunities identified.
  • 12.5% conversion ratio to companies contacted.
  • 25% conversion ratio to companies completed.
  • High Conversion Ratio / Success Rate Due to focus on a market under served by automation solution offered.
  • Decision makers had compelling reasons to engage.
  • Solution set handles multitude of needs.
  • ROI of dollars in the pipeline over 37 : 1


  • Significant data acquisition: decision makers, key contacts and influencers, competitive business intelligence, focused market intelligence.
  • Enhanced client brand and product awareness as a result of direct,detailed consultative dialogue with the people most affected by the prospect’s challenges.
  • Increased client sales force productivity by focusing the efforts of sales assets on prospects with need and pain in an environment in which there is a willingness to consider a change in practices.
  • Detailed profiles of complex organizations and selling scenarios.

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