On 28th of July 2020, Industry Drive, a leader in business journalism and NewsCred, a global leader in enterprise content technology jointly announced Industry Drive’s acquisition of NewsCred’s Content Marketing Studio. Industry Drive has also acquired the Content Services of NewsCred including assets, people, and clients.

The acquisition will bring forth the amalgamation of Industry Drive’s in-depth market expertise, first-degree audience insights, and impeccable distribution through its portfolio of 22 news publications and the content creation capabilities of NewsCred.

Sean Griffey, Co-founder, and CEO of Industry Drive revealed that both the organizations share a common foundation built on exceptional content, whether based on award-winning independent journalism or sector-leading marketing services.

He also assured that the acquisition will allow Industry Drive to serve the needs of business leaders for gaining deep insights and information.

Industry Drive has witnessed exceptional growth, as the company has developed competencies associated with larger trends in the marketplace.

The acquisition is supposed to positively impact the marketplace as brands require scalable, measurable platforms to deliver their marketing messages. Engaging the target audience groups by deploying well-tailored and hyper-relevant content will be easier than ever before.

Shafqat Islam, Co-Founder & CEO of NewsCred said that over the years NewsCred has established itself as a clear leader in the field of content marketing and the acquisition is the right step in the direction of providing unhindered best-in-class services to the customers.

Shafqat also revealed that by retaining its software business, the company will be able to work with increased focus to accelerate technology innovation and extend its tenure of market leadership. He explained the acquisition to be a win-win situation.

NewsCred has retained its software platform offering end-to-end campaign management, budgeting and resource management, tools for content creation, robust publishing integrations, and powerful performance and content analytics, while its content marketing services have been acquired by Industry Drive.

Jane Qin Medeiros, Senior Vice President of Global Customer Success at NewsCred will be heading a team of 40 former NewsCred employees, as a standalone business unit within Industry Drive. This strategy is all set to extend the footprints of Industry Drive in locations such as New York and London.

Joe Price, Partner at Falfurrias Capital Partners said, “This deal is emblematic of our industry-first strategy. It brings together innovative products and services attuned to the needs of the moment, a tremendous opportunity for growth, and talented leadership with vision.”

It is noteworthy that the previous year Industry Drive partnered with Falfurrias Capital Partners to position itself to build a futuristic media company driven by a unique outlook and vision.

About Industry Drive

Industry Drive is a pioneer business journalism company headquartered in Washington, DC. The company has more than 11 million decision-makers across 20 competitive industries. The company provides exclusive insights and analytics delivered through 22 publications.

Industry Drive was founded in the year 2012 to provide business leaders with the information they require to move industries forward. They have a team of reporters, editors, designers, and marketers to deliver insights and programs that spark innovation, fuel growth, and shape the agendas eloquently in every vertical they cover.

About NewsCred

NewsCred is a leading enterprise content marketing company in the world. The company is on a mission to create software to transform the world of marketing.

Gartner has recognized NewsCred as a leader in the marketplace. The company was founded in the year 2008 and is headquartered in New York. The company specializes in media, content, publishing, web, SEO, content marketing, digital marketing, branded content, content distribution, and social media marketing.

The company is known for its expertise in content and for the robustness of their software.

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