Content Marketing Tips to Use Marketing On Reddit

Content Marketing Tips For Reddit


Reddit is primarily a news aggregation & discussion website. Redditors share pieces of information about different categories known as subreddits which include topics such as politics, technology, history, art, and more.  Marketers need to comprehend Content Marketing Tips to use when marketing on Reddit. A famous tagline describes Reddit as “the front page of the internet”.

According to Alexa, Reddit is the 5th most visited website in the U.S. with more than 330 million monthly active monthly users generating more than 21 billion screen views over a month.

Thus, Reddit is at per with other popular social media platforms such as Pinterest, Twitter & Facebook – particularly when it comes to drawing in a considerate number of prospects on the website.

Reddit marketing campaigns can be considered to be essential for B2B marketers & marketers need to figure out effective content marketing tips when marketing on Reddit.

Reddit business strategy is unique & pays off as miraculous results when done correctly. There are several reasons for leveraging Reddit content marketing & even for influencer marketing on Reddit.

Why Reddit Content Marketing is needed

Along with the question of how to use Reddit to drive traffic, the marketers also need to understand what makes Reddit an excellent source of referral traffic amidst the other popular social media channels such as Facebook & Twitter.

The positive thing with Reddit as a marketing platform is that it is vastly under-tapped in comparison to the other popular social media channels such as Facebook, Pinterest, Instagram & Twitter which have been overexploited.

While strategizing the content marketing tips to use when marketing on Reddit, the marketers must understand that Reddit claims of having more than 330 million monthly active users & hence, it needs to be explored as a marketing platform.

Successful Reddit marketing requires a well-planned strategy. The following tips can be used by marketers to make the best of their Reddit content marketing endeavors:

1. Employ the Reddit Ads:

Reddit boats of getting 18 billion views per month. The famed “first page of the internet” has promoted posts called “Reddit ads”. These ads blend well with the regular user posts on the platform.

Reddit has a variety of campaign objectives like brand awareness, traffic & conversions. Marketers strategizing on the content marketing tips to use when marketing on Reddit accomplish the key objectives such as brand awareness, traffic & conversions to choose from. Ad placement is generally on the top of the subreddit.

Reddit ads have delivered good results for specific brands.

According to Michael Sheen of inteliKINECT using Reddit ads leads to a 40% increase in their page views along with a similarly high increase in goal conversion on Google Analytics.

Reddit claims to be home to 150 thousand active communities & therefore, the B2B marketers need to learn about the content marketing tips to use when marketing on Reddit:

  • Begin with Finding the Right Subreddits
  • Engage With the Community
  • Focus on Upvotes (downvotes mean you are messing up with your content strategy or it is not in accordance with the Reddit norms)
  • Don’t go For Banner Ads or other Hard Sell promotional posts as they can get you banned
  • Track the Performance of Your Ads

It is a platform of the most engaged & genuine fans. Reddit marketing for beginners may take quite some bit of time but if done correctly helps B2B marketers optimize their lead generation goals & achieve increased Return on Investment (ROI).

2. Optimize Your Content Marketing Endeavors:

According to, the marketers can count on the following content marketing tips to use when marketing on Reddit:

  • Posts with titles of 60-80 characters generate more upvotes, whereas titles with more than 120 characters or those with less than 20 characters are least preferred
  • Posts with questions receive the most comments
  • Posts devoid of questions receive more upvotes
  • External links are the most popular pieces of content
  • /r/DatalsBeautiful is one of the most favorite subreddits
  • The subreddits related to science & new research are popular
  • More than 50% of the content in top subreddits are links

3. Don’t Forget Video Marketing:

Videos are a huge hit on Reddit. According to, 70% of the videos for Reddit are viewed on mobile. Reddit claims that the video content on the platform has grown at an annual rate of 38%.

Reddit has also seen that a quarter of the total videos seen on the platform are the native videos. Thus, Reddit remains a dominant way to view & post the videos.

4. Get Enough Profile Credits & refrain from Promotional Content:

To get started with Reddit Marketing, marketers need to create a profile first. Building on some credibility before making your posts live is always a good strategy and comes in handy for marketers looking forward to content marketing tips to use when marketing on Reddit.

Redditors have zero-tolerance for promotional content & they despise it. That’s the key difference between Reddit marketing & marketing on other popular social media channels such as Facebook or Twitter.

Posting relevant & meaningful comments & links on relevant threads helps marketers increase their “karma” points & is highly advisable as people start visualizing you as someone already adding value to the Reddit community.

5. Research & Choose the Right Subreddits:

While looking for effective content marketing tips to use when marketing on Reddit, subreddits matter. Marketers must select the subreddits that are relevant to their brands &/ their products or services. Contributing to the niche-specific subreddits helps marketers build a strong rapport with their community & helps marketers project themselves as experts within their niches.

6. Create Quality Content & Initiate your own “Ask me anything” (AMA):

AMA marketing technic coupled with quality content is a great way for marketers to strengthen their expertise within the industry. Experimenting & optimizing the types of content that the audiences have been looking for, help engage with Reddit communities by addressing their needs & concerns in a way that positions brands with a strong reputation reflecting that they truly care about their audiences.

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7. Deploy User Generated Content (UGC):

Positive & entertaining user-generated content (UGC) surpasses all the retrogressive content strategies & comes in handy as on amongst the content marketing tips to use when marketing on Reddit.  However, relying solely on the community-driven UGC campaign can be a mistake.

The right UGC, abiding by the principles of rediquette can actually provide the much-required organic boosting to the content & can also go viral & also contribute to the multichannel attribution approach. Furthermore, Reddit is also a vibrant source of channeling some additional referral traffic on the website.

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Wrapping Things Up

Reddit is a lively community with enormous marketing potential. Marketers can benefit from the use of the above content marketing tips to use when marketing on Reddit. Constant monitoring of the niche-specific communities & sticking to the content or images following the standard helps marketers can help marketers generate an active & vibrant group of loyal followers to ignite brand engagement & fuel the Return on Investment (ROI).

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