Content Syndication for B2B Aids Proliferate Lead Generation


The digital era has provided every brand with a platform to tell their part of the stories. Thus, telling the story behind a brand is no more an issue. Rather, how to promote the story is the new query. In recent years, SEO and keyword have played a significant role in boosting the rank of articles on various search engines.

The digital era has provided every brand with a platform to tell their part of the stories. Thus, telling the story behind a brand is no more an issue. Rather, how to promote the story is the new query. In recent years, SEO and keyword have played a significant role in boosting the rank of articles on various search engines.

 But in this highly competitive digital world, are these techniques enough to attract the prospect readers? The answer is definitely a NO. In order to rule out the concern of brand promotion, companies are inclining towards various methods; one such method is content syndication. As per a report published by Salesbox in the year 2017, 65% of B2B marketers are practicing content syndication as a core lead generation technique.

Lately, Valasys Media- a service provider firm in the B2B domain, has used content syndication for its client operating in the integrating and API platform. And the result came is overwhelming.

The contents, particularly white papers, news bulletins, and e-books were re-published on relevant websites across a wide geographical line. The syndication resulted in in-total 3780 downloads and 1170 responses post-download. Besides, organic traffic has also burgeoned.

 To conclude the above example in one-line, content syndication helped enlarge audience bandwidth and brand promotion simultaneously.  And this one-line leads to another prominent question- How content syndication is contributing to brand promotion and business growth?

Content Syndication Aids Companies Reach Untapped Audience

From the perspective of a content marketer, content syndication occupies both top- and middle-of-the-funnel stages.

As per experts, content syndication for the B2B domain enables the audience to familiarize themselves with the specific issues, your brand, and the solution offered by your brand more extensively.

Keeping the perspective in mind, the re-published should-

  • Provide insights regarding the current challenges and on-going trends to overcome the challenges
  • Spread awareness about the solution to cope-up with the situation
  • Introduce your company’s approach to tackle up particular problems

Further, as a middle-of funnel, syndicated content plays an even more significant role. It helps companies to differentiate their solution from that of their competitors. The content usually includes information regarding the solution offered by the company for particular product companies.

In either of the role, building a content map is an extremely important step. Content map boosts the content syndication campaign by providing the right information to the target audience, who are likely to become prospective customers. As a result, lead generation flourishes.

Discovery of Untapped Audience Enhances Customer Engagement Time

Apart from lead generation and role content syndication for B2B companies, B2C companies are also leveraging content syndication.

Considering the consumer point of view, they are presented with a series of options when it comes to buying a product or a new service. As a result, companies get very little window to tap these prospective customers and boost engagement.    Re-publishing the content on other similar websites allows you to be on top of the customer's mind when it comes to a particular product. In such a scenario, content syndication is a favorable option.

  • The syndicated sites have a large traffic range, thus, the content visibility is likely to be enhanced.
  • Provides an opportunity to tap new audience.
  • It allows to re-publish the same content several times. Hence, it is advisable to leverage the best-performing piece of content.
  • The content will have a prolonged shelf-life.

Role of Content in Strategizing Syndication Process

Having said about the advantages of content syndication, you will only be able to make the best out of the campaign if it is strategized well. Keeping the goal explicit is the first step in the direction. This would help you to decide further process such as selecting the syndicated website, content to be posted, and demography.

Let’s suppose, the goal of a content syndication campaign is lead generation. Hence, the further process will consist of selecting the content. While you select content, consider the following points beforehand.

  • The context of the content should comply with the syndication partners
  • The piece should be SEO friendly with the syndicated website
  • The purpose of the republishing the content is to serve the goal

Beside an ideal content piece, always ensure that a syndicated website has incorporated a rel=canonical tag. The canonical link enables the original article to appear on search ranking instead of the syndicated one.

Considering the advantages and ease of implementations, the content syndication tactic is being widely incorporated for lead generation purposes. However, it has its fair share of drawbacks. One of the key challenges associated with re-publishing is the duplication of content. Search engines such as Google strictly discourage duplication of content and it could lead to certain penalty.

The challenge seems to be serious, however, it can be avoided by applying some fine SEO skills. It is advisable to ensure that only original content is indexed.

Another prominent concern is degradation in the quality of lead. Higher number of lead generation doesn’t assure a high number of interested leads. In such a case, it is advisable to collaborate with the sales team and re-design a lead scoring program by changing the pattern of landing page forms.


As per the opinion of marketers, the benefits of content syndication outweigh its cons. And it is possible only if the process of syndication is followed precisely. Content re-publishing on other websites can be executed by accurately indexing the content that will redirect search engines to the original content. This would further minimize the challenges associated with SEO.  For companies who are planning to extend their marketing schemes, syndicating content is an excellent means to promote the information on digital platforms and engage the untapped audience. The marketing method generates leads by building the perception of your brand in the reader’s mind. For a reader, you are an expert that they should connect with for their further demands.

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