6 Simple Tips to Get You Started with Content Writing for Your Business


Content will always help you to establish yourself as an industry leader. Quality content can help you attain the best business results.

Content will always help you to establish yourself as an industry leader.

Quality content can help you attain the best of business results.

Content marketing and writing is critical because through content you can answer your audience’s queries, it helps you build relationship and trust, generate leads and ultimately enhance conversions.

In order for the brands to win, they need to ensure that they showcase the brand consistently as per the customer journey. And this is possible only through content.

The content you write needs to be in tandem with your brand voice and tone.

Consistent content writing helps in making your brand be perceived credible and strengths your reputation in the market.

Often the design, aesthetics and other SEO strategies are placed more importance over content. But the content is the actual dialogue you have with the customers and prospects. While, design and aesthetics and other strategies are essential for making the User Interface better to make the content seamless to the user, but content is what sends the actual message.

Now that we know the importance of content writing and content marketing, let’s look at some tips that will help you leverage the power of content effectively:

  • Brand voice

The first step before creating a piece of content is that you must find a suitable brand voice for your business.

Think of it like this: You go to a party and see that one person standing out because of the charming way he/she was talking with everyone. Because he/she was great at storytelling- engaging, fun, and unique.

Everything in their story-words, flow, and their personality made it an experience that stuck in their listeners’ minds, so much so, that every time you think of that story or event you straightaway think of that person.

Keep the following things in mind when deciding on your brand voice:

  • What are the values of your brand?
  • Who comprise of your target audience?
  • Why and what you want to address to them?
  • What actions you want your audience to take?

Lastly ensure to address your audience on a regular basis across all channels- Website, Facebook, Instagram, Youtube, etcetera., wherever you have your presence.

  • Do Extensive Research before picking up the pen

I know it was a little exaggerated, but this is true even for typing. Before writing down anything you must be well read and well informed about the topic you are writing on.

Research about the topics you want to inform your audience about, the topics they would want to listen about from you.

Apart from content you must also research about your industry in general and your competition so that you know what is going on in your industry and what are things you need to focus on.

Always keep researching so that you know everything that you should always be informed about.

  • Add a dash of uniqueness

Most often than not, what you want to write about has already been written.

So how will you stand out in the market in front of your audience?

Well, here’s the solution: Add a dash of uniqueness in the content by writing from your own experience. Even though that particular topic has been written about before, BUT, it hasn’t been written by you yet!

And that is what it will make it stand out. It will add value to your customers when you will address them as per your own experience, learning, takeaway, and creativity.

In simple words, add a dash of you to the content.

  • Hook them with the headline

Hooks are like the first impression you make on someone. If the first impression is energetic, fun, lively, charming, respectful, witty, humorous, etcetera, the person on the other end becomes interested in listening to what you want to say. They want to know you more or listen to you more.

Similar is the case with hooks.

But unlike the first impressions that give you around 7 seconds, you get only 2-3 seconds to grab your users attention online.

If you grab the pain-point of your readers, or amuse them, or tell them an amazing fact in an interesting way, you have grabbed the user’s attention. And the moment you grab their attention in this era of short-attention span, you have succeeded in the first step of having them move on to the next line, and the next line, and the next line, and ultimately the whole content.

Do your research in this aspect as well. Learn how to create catchy headline if you have to. And then go ahead and start hooking your audience’s attention.


1st Headline: Google is the best search engine for all your queries

2nd Headline: Google gets 3.5 billion searches a day making it the most popular search engine

Which headline grabbed your attention?

If it was the second one, then you know what is a hooking headline. After getting interested in what you want to say then will go ahead and read the next line and so on.

PS: Don’t confuse Brand Voice with Brand tone. Brand Voice is what you say and how you say it, your brand’s perspective and values. On the other hand, Brand Tone is the mood and emotion in which you express your message to your audience.

  • Serve only one purpose with one piece of content

If I give you 10 different pages with 10 different topics, say,

  • How to write a piece of content?
  • How to start copywriting?
  • How to do content marketing?
  • How to write social media posts for LinkedIn?
  • What role does SEO play in ranking content?
  • ..and so on.

how likely are you to retain all of that knowledge and also think of me when you come across this again later?

Yeah, right! Of course, not so much!

This is what happens when you overwhelm your audience with a tonne of content and information. Neither will they retain nor will they think of you when they come across a problem in that area.

In order to retain yourself in the minds of your readers you must help them or serve them with just one purpose so that they can easily digest and let the juices of your content add value to them.

  • Add a call to action

Imagine of an image you came across entailing the services that ABC company offers. And you get interested in their offering. What is the next thing you would expect to see in that image or in the caption?

Or you came across an article telling all about a collection of the home décor items they have which you end up liking after reading that piece of content and you want to buy, but you cant see a simple button or link on which you can click and directly get redirected to their landing page.

What would you do in this case?

Leave! Move on to some other piece of content, or to some other website or some other page.

This is what happens always if you do not directly tell people what next, they got to do after seeing your content or when you create a content without keeping the user intent in mind.

So, the best strategy is to always have a Call-to-Action.

Examples of CTA:

  • Subscribe to our newsletter
  • Like
  • Share
  • Follow for more tips
  • Buy Now to avail 30% off
  • Visit www.valasy.com for powerful insights
  • Learn More about our services
  • Edit, Edit, Edit and Proofread

The next step is to fix errors and make any possible changes.

No matter what piece of content you wrote, a blog, Instagram copy, a white paper, a case study, you need to check them for the grammatical mistakes, punctuations, spell-checks and all other errors (if any) carefully.

Even one spelling error could cost you a lead or a potential follower, if they make a perception about you based on your mistakes. So, it is better to not be perceived by your audience in any negative manner because of a simple or silly mistake.

Remember to give out quality work, you need to put in your time and efforts.

So, take time, but provide a high-quality content that resonates with your audience.

Follow these simple content writing strategy tips and stand out in the crowd. Let the power of words work in your favor.

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