Top 10 SAP Customer Data Platform Alternatives

SAP has designed a cloud-native platform with magnified abilities to enable your businesses to optimize customer acquisition, retention and loyalty. The platform called SAP customer data platform ingests and processes massive amounts of customer data at every stage of a customer relationship. With real-time data activation, the customers can ignite precise and real-time engagement across every single touch-point, online and offline.

SAP Customer Data Platform provides the agile foundation for a cohesive customer data strategy, while always prioritizing consumer privacy. The platform securely unifies customer data from all online and offline sources. It then delivers relevant customer data to the correct engagement systems in real-time.

With SAP Customer Data Platform customers have full visibility across the front and back office, so that they can streamline campaigns and processes. The tool offers two views to drive personalization at every moment: a Unified Customer Profile view for marketing and a Contextual Customer Profile view for operations.

In this blog post, we discuss top customer data platforms to stack up the competition and find the best customer data platform alternatives for your businesses.

1) Totango

This customer success software used by enterprises helps enterprises proactively drive adoption, retention, expansion, and improve reputation with their customers. The tool comes with a free Customer Data Platform (CDP).

Totango is designed to run any customer journey easily and at scale. Everything you need to accelerate your customer success with the most widely adopted all-in-one Customer OS.

The marketers can select their customer journeys or can build their own. The podium also provides out-of-the-box best-practice templates for any journey or initiative.

This software can be integrated with all the tools that marketers already use and thus marketers can connect their data for a single, unified view of their customers’ journeys. The tool is simple to administer and maintain.

Marketers can also orchestrate winning customer experiences by managing everything from one single podium. This makes it easier for marketers to design, run, and measure their best customer engagements.

2) Segment

Segment is a customer data platform that helps every team access clean and reliable customer data to make real-time decisions, accelerate growth, and personalize experiences. Today, more than 20,000 companies across 70+ countries use Segment, from fast-growing businesses like Instacart, Peloton, and Bonobos to some of the world’s largest companies like Levi’s Intuit, and Fox. With Segment, companies can connect and activate reliable first-party data across 300+ marketing, analytics, and data warehousing tools.

Segment enables personalized, consistent, and real-time customer experiences. The stage provides a single view of customers’ touchpoints across all platforms and channels and allows marketers to understand their customers’ journeys.

3) Emarsys

Emarsys empowers digital marketing leaders and business owners with the only omnichannel customer engagement platform built to accelerate business outcomes. By rapidly aligning desired business results with proven omnichannel customer retention strategies this podium enables businesses to accelerate time to value, deliver superior 1:1 experiences, and produce memorable results quite fast. This platform crowdsources from leading brands across our industry and helps them deliver 1:1 experiences to produce measurable results.

Emarsys is a fully integrated customer data platform that stores all your customer data and keeps them in one place by integrating our existing solutions to CDP via a library of plugins, APIs, or other exchange methods. This data can be used for personalization and segmentation. Using this data software, marketers can automate their marketing communication. With the available communication channels, the marketers can create a seamless omnichannel experience for their customers, right down to the minutest of the details.

4) Bloomreach

Bloomreach acquired Exponea in 2021. The Bloomreach digital experience platform connects deep customer data with deep product data, enabling brands to deliver incredible revenue-driving commerce experiences through personalized products and content across all digital touchpoints.

This customer data platform provides marketers with a single customer view and helps them understand their audience & uncover the hidden patterns in their customers’ behaviors.

The days of relying on third-party cookies and third-party data are over and companies need to gear up for and take responsibility for all their collected customer data. This tool provides a better platform to collect, store, secure, and effectively collect and use third-party cookies.

This platform enables customers to identify high-value customer segments, evaluate the impact of their marketing campaigns, and power customer experiences that are not only personalized but also relevant to real-time customer behavior.

5) Insider

This is the first integrated Growth Management Platform helping digital marketers drive revenue across the funnel, from Acquisition to Activation, Retention, and Revenue from a unified platform powered by Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning.

This platform is for individualized, cross-channel customer experiences and connects data across channels, predicts future behavior with AI, and also individualizes experiences from a single platform with the fastest time to value.

The personalization & AI-powered optimization capabilities by the platform make it the #1 choice for top global brands. The platform has several unique features like deep learning recommendation algorithms, conversion rates, and lifetime value optimization competencies, and much more to help generate quick wins across industries.

6) Blueshift

The tool facilitates cross-channel marketing automation combined with AI-powered recommendations from email, websites, and mobile apps. This platform is powered by a 360-degree Customer View.

This tool helps marketers engage customer experiences starting with activated data. The tool places customers at the core of everything. Customers’ data is used to design phenomenal customer experiences across omnichannel & generate revenue quicker than ever before.

This CDP is used to create relevant content in real-time to empower marketing teams to deliver smart personalized content at scale. The tool is also used by marketers to orchestrate engaging user experiences. The CDP builds omnichannel experiences for customers except in one hub.

The platform is used to unify and activate customers’ data from multiple channels and turn on every source regardless of size, type, and complexity.

7) SALESmanago

This marketing automation platform provides many easy-to-implement next-generation solutions that redefine the way traditional marketing tools are used. While the traditional tools might always be going above and below the marketers’ expectations, this tool helps the marketers unleash their complete competencies of email marketing, dynamic and personalized website content, social media marketing, online advertising as well as mobile marketing.

The platform helps you elevate your customers’ experiences & optimize sales and conversions. The platform facilitates dynamic segmentation, email marketing, mobile marketing, web push, lead generation, live chat, website personalization, advertising networks & DMP, Social Media, A/B/X Testing and optimization, and marketing automation.

8) Adverity

Adverity is a marketing analysis and visualization tool. This tool helps optimize your data-driven decision-making process and helps you make easier, intelligent, and data-driven decisions for optimum ROI. The tool helps marketers move towards insights that lead to action.

This tool helps marketers save time, improve their efficiency and integrate all their data points. The data points also can be transformed and distributed across multiple destinations to optimize operations, increase flexibility, and leverage data points to maximize the value of harmonized datasets to get quality results. Data can be easily monitored, democratized, and optimized and can be leveraged to predict precise results that are AI-powered. This not only helps drive growth but also helps outperform the competitors.

9) Listrak

This is an integrated marketing platform that has been specifically designed to drive results in terms of increased engagement, revenue, and loyalty at every point of interaction.

The platform provides comprehensive solutions including cross-channel orchestration wherein the customers can create data-driven intelligent journeys across channels. The platform also helps monitor behavioral triggers that allow marketers to automate abandonment campaigns, product alerts, loyalty, and more. In addition to all these features, the tool also facilitates predictive personalization that allows marketers to harness historical data to optimize their results across individual campaigns. Moreover, the customers can also be engaged through text message marketing. The tool also has a GXP (Growth Xcelerator Platform) to optimize the conversions. The customers’ data from multiple platforms can be instantly unified, explored, and activated.

10) Tealium AudienceStream CDP

Tealium AudienceStream is amongst the leading Customer Data Platforms in the market that combines robust audience management and data enrichment capabilities resulting in unified customer profiles and the ability to take immediate, relevant action.

This platform facilitates the unification of customer data and powers real-time audience engagement with a data-first Customer Data Platform (CDP). The platform allows marketers to understand and engage with their customers in real-time. This CDP comes with patented visitor stitching technology that constructs highly accurate, key engagement profiles and milestones that can be employed to create audiences. These audiences can be leveraged in an integrated system to help marketers deliver a consistent and relevant customer experience. This data can then be sent to systems of insight to further analyze customers’ behaviors.

Wrap Up

According to Gartner’s report disconnected and inaccessible customer data has led countless brands across the globe to search for new solutions that support first-party data unification and activation needs for marketing. This has led to many companies turning to customer data platforms (CDP).

Also, Gartner states, “a customer data platform can unify a company’s data from marketing and other channels to enable customer modeling and optimize the timing and targeting of messages and offers.”

Basically, whether you choose the SAP Customer Data Platform or any other all of them are different. One just needs to ask himself whether or not to deploy a CDP. No matter which CDP you choose, you should always look out for some basic competencies such as data collection, profile unification, segmentation, and activation.

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