Drip By Drip Marketing Campaign Success

When it comes to farming, drip marketing irrigation is the most efficient water and nutrition delivery system for growing crops. It delivers precious water and nutrients directly to the plant’s roots, in the right amounts, at the right time, so each plant gets exactly what it needs, when it needs it, to grow optimally. Drip email marketing campaigns use automatic sets of emails that are delivered based on particular timeframes or actions taken by users to provide prospects with the relevant information at the right time, much like a farmer tending a sapling. Every time a drip email is sent, it is selected from a queue of previously written emails. So there’s no need to manually write and send each one. These emails can even be personalized with your contacts’ name, company info, and other details. Emails that are relevant and targeted produce 18 times more revenue than globally-broadcasted ones, according to a study conducted by email-marketing suite Emma. They also discovered that people who read these emails are 119% more likely to click the links within. Advantages If you are still not convinced about using a drip marketing campaign here are a few benefits that might help you make the jump.
  • Higher Engagement
  • Automated Funnel Movement
  • Saved Time And Effort
  • No Irritated Prospects
  • Post-Closure Engagement
  • Delighted Customers
  • Up-Selling / Cross-Selling
  • Increased Brand Recall
Use Cases Setting up an automated drip campaign helps you provide relevant information to targeted readers and convert them into customers. There are a few places this treatment is extremely useful. You can use it when lead nurturing, when sending welcome emails, for onboarding, abandoned shopping carts, recommendations, renewals, confirmations, and unsubscribes. Guidelines There are 5 main guidelines that an email drip campaign must follow in order to be successful. 1. Consider the customer journey In order to increase engagement, send emails that have relevance to your recipients and their journey through the sales funnel. Discover their needs and pain points and, accordingly, adjust your messages. This helps strengthen relationships and provides better campaign results. 2. Space out emails and create a smooth flow It is important to be consistent in your messaging without coming off as too aggressive which could result in your prospects unsubscribing. A good rule to follow is to not send more than one drip email a day to your prospects. This will give your prospects time to digest your content. 3. Follow basic email writing tips
  • Subscribers need to receive significant, and valuable content in order to stay interested
  • Avoid using big blocks of text and instead, break it down into shorter paragraphs with added white space
  • At first, keep your emails short as they haven’t trusted you completely yet and may not be willing to invest time in your emails.
  • Allow your prospects to connect with your emails and brand by sharing non-business related information with them.
  • Gmail and Outlook are always finding a reason to send your email to the ‘promotions’ folder so avoid using marketing language and sending large media in order to increase deliverability.
  • Make the subject line increasing to entice people to open your emails.
  • By offering exclusive deals and setting deadlines you can create a sense of urgency in the mind of your prospect.
  • Always include a Call-To-Action (CTA) by offering them a next step to take, thus proving value.
  • Include teasers in your email to get your subscribers excited for the next email.
4. Connect your campaign to other channels By adding a simple, “Follow Us on Instagram” at the end of your emails, you can make all your advertising channels work in a harmonious manner to create maximum engagement. 5 Continuously test your campaigns Email automation shouldn’t result in neglecting your campaign. A/B testing is the solution in order to fine-tune and optimize your drip campaigns. 6. Start planning your next campaign today The key to achieving high conversions is to ensure that your subscribers have an engaging journey. This can be achieved by delivering relevant messages to the right people at the right time. Wrap Up With the aid of a good drip marketing strategy, everyone wins. Even though it is a substantial investment to set up, once in place, the results are remarkable. Your subscribers would much rather prefer receiving relevant and personalized emails that mean a lot to them and this would mean that your sales teams will be able to receive more qualified leads. Because your automated program will handle lead nurturing and keep customers engaged with your brand, your marketing staff will have more time for other activities. Once your drip campaign is set up and running, you will quickly begin reaping its rewards.

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