Everything to know about Google Screened


Consider this: you have to go to an office dinner but you don’t have the proper shoes. You remember your friend was wearing something similar to what you need. So, you ask her for the shop address and you go ahead and buy it.

Your friend worked as a badge of trust between that shop and you, which is why you could completely trust the store and purchase from there without any second thought. Without your friend, you would have been lost among the wide range of choices available. Which shop should you buy it from? Will the shoes be durable? Will they give you any discounts? What are the timings of that shop? And after fifty more such questions, would you finally settle on one store.

For you, Google Screened is that friend. It saves you from the dillydally before buying something. It shows you only those sellers who have qualified to gain the badge of trust.

What is Google Screened?

Google Screened is like a “verified” badge for professional services. Services that are marked Google Screened need to pass a few checks to be qualified. The qualification criteria for the services to be Google Screened are mentioned ahead. First, let us understand how Google Screened works.

A few years ago, Google launched Google Guaranteed to boost the confidence of people when getting in-house services like house cleaning, plumbing, appliance repair, etc. Later, Google introduced Google Screened for more professional services that appear in the Local Services Ads. These services include lawyers, realtors, financial planners, etc. Google Screened was first rolled out as a test, which is why there are limited categories.

Why is it important?

For service providers:

  • Getting the Google Screened badge helps service providers gain trust among customers.
  • It also enables them to run local service ads, which gives them more
  • It improves your click-through rate as you appear on top of Google searches, Maps, or anything else. Furthermore, Google Screened gives you attractive and eye-catching creatives to make your profile look better.
  • If Google decides to permanently roll out the Google Screen for Google My Business, being verified would make you eligible to upgrade your profile on Google My Business.

For customers:

  • Customers would get services from verified service providers.
  • There is no hustle involved in finding trusted service providers near you as they come with the trust of Google.

Eligibility and Qualification Criteria for Being Google Screened


To be Google Screened, you need to be any of the following service providers:

  • Lawyers
  • Financial Planners
  • Real Estate Agents and Brokers

Qualification criteria:

For Lawyers:

Local Services runs an active licence check for lawyers to be qualified to get verified by Google Screened. They do not have to go through background checks as the US only gives out licences after running a background check on them.

For Financial Planners:

Financial planners, there is a mandatory business level background check, a business-owner background check, and for all the professionals, there is a licence check as well.

For Real Estate Agents and Brokers:

All real estate agents and brokers need to pass a licence check to get a Google Screened badge. Accordingly  different rules in different states in the US, sometimes there is also an additionally background check.


“Google Screened” is like that guide when you go to a new city. It helps you explore the city and shows you what’s best and filters out the rest. When your tap gives up, even at midnight, you know where to look up and what sign to look for to get a plumber who is verified by Google. Google Screened lets you focus on the best service providers so that you can be at peace before, after, and during getting your work done.

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