How B2B Appointment Setting Services Helps Close Sales Leads

The underlying forces driving B2B sales processes these days are majorly digitized, predictive & studded with predictive analytical techniques to attract a wide range of customers. While generating leads is important & most B2B companies nowadays are equipped with techniques to generate high-quality leads; it is astonishing that only 56% of them check the validity of their leads before passing them on to the sales department (Source: MarketingSherpa). The B2B arena today is dominated by influencers. Due to this, it has become vital for any B2B sales team to build & cultivate relationships with the major influencers & decision makers in the field so that eventually their efforts can translate into sales. The entire process of reaching the right set of decision makers (potential customers) / influencers & generating sales conversions by fixing appointments is imperative to bolster the revenue of B2B companies & is accomplished by B2B appointment setting services.

The Function of the B2B Appointment Setting Service

The service provider contacts the potential client with regard to their proposal, offering a particular product or service. Once the appointment has been set-up, the case is forwarded to the sales department. The sales department then does the needful to convert the appointment to sales. The potential clients, after evaluating the value proposition of the product or services, as demonstrated by the sales team, make a buying decision. Opting for B2B Appointment Setting
Helps cruise through digital distractions & keeps the human element of marketing intact:
Reaching out to buying prospects has become easier than ever before in this B2B environment that is governed by artificial intelligence & targeted email marketing. Conveying the right messages has now become the real challenge because of the plethora of distractions that come with Internet of Things (IoT). Moreover, it always takes a human touch to initiate & maintain a relationship, especially when it comes to buying.
Lead nurturing efforts yield greater Return on Investment (ROI):
After doing the hard work of lead generation & lead nurturing, contacting the actual decision makers that are aligned with the purchase is important to close the sales. According to a report, 80% of sales are made on the 5th to the 12th contact, while only 10% of salespeople make more than 3 contacts (Source: The data itself testifies that building a relationship is an essential pre-requisite of closing sales deals.
Helps in shaping a good quality sales pipeline:
The right telemarketing strategy executed by professionals & backed by a well-researched database of engaged buying prospects lies at the heart of executing any B2B appointment setting & this procures an enhanced volume of sales leads & a better sales pipeline.
Provides flexibility:
Appointment setting is a flexible service that can be booked in several different time slots as per the convenience of the clients.
An alliance of contemporary marketing efforts & artificial intelligence at disposal:
The contemporary phone etiquettes combined with automated ways of lead generation, serve the best in discovering, nurturing & ultimately closing sales leads.
Brand Equity is proven & cost of sales is lowered:
B2B appointment setting helps in developing brand equity & lowers the cost of sales. According to a report, cold calls generate a conversion of only around 2% while nurtured leads yield 20% conversions & referrals produce 50% conversions (Source:
Connecting with the right people at the right time:
Leveraging an all-encompassing database of decision makers & filtering them always helps in identifying & connecting with the right set of people, capable of making the final purchase.


The culmination of nurtured leads into sales is possible only once businesses connect with the right. Prospect at the right time. Keeping the human element of conversation intact. Opting for face to face interactions for finalizing any deal, is the core value of B2B appointment setting services. A well-strategized appointment setting service should be backed by solid research. A powerful pitch for value proposition of the product/services at your disposal, a precise understanding. Of the needs & expectations of potential clients, right probing skills to tap into the field. Consultative selling at the correct time by contacting right prospects and influencers in the industry.

Outsource your B2B Appointment Setting TODAY!

We, at Valasys Media, are focused on delivering phenomenal customer experience through our cohesive. Appointment setting services, integrating the first call to the actual meeting for “sealing the deal”. We always strive to deliver valuable appointment setting services to our customers through the following approaches:
1. We understand the value of time:
In an era of pioneering B2B services, competition is fierce & time is currency. We not only help B2B marketers outlast competitors with the help of our valued services but also in closing a greater number of sales. Once we set up an appointment, marketers can directly get in touch with the businesses without any further follow-ups.
2. We help marketers in distributing their complete package:
Along with pitching for the primary services, we also gladly step in for promoting subsidiary domains. As per the requirements of the businesses, once informed about the same.
3. We work towards increasing the efficiency of your marketing & sales efforts:
We ensure that we help our clients close more deals by aligning the goals of their marketing & sales. Teams & driving  towards the common ultimate goal of an increased Return on Investment (ROI).
4. We ensure that your sales funnel is shorter and more efficient:
Our professional services are directed towards making sales as hassle-free as possible. We help our clients in reducing the length of their conventional sales funnel by giving them high-quality leads. Our appointment setting services are designed for closing a higher number of sales.
5. We help our customers in establishing their brand awareness:
Our professionals ensure that along with fixing an appointment with decision makers. Influencers in the industry, we also act as the brand representatives for our clients. So as to help them build on & maintain their reputation in the market.  For further information on our appointment setting services & to enjoy a host of benefits as above, feel free to contact us.

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