How Real-Time Marketing Assists B2B Companies

Real-Time Marketing (RTM) is a marketing approach that analyses customer data in real-time & allows B2B marketers to engage with potential buyers based on that real-time information, including the behavior & action of the buyer persona & their engagement with news or events (related to the product or services at disposal) that are being conducted, globally. Utilizing real-time marketing strategies, the marketers can engage with regional, national or global events & can utilize them to harvest better revenue by promoting themselves using one of the various social media platforms or by becoming an integral part of those events through sponsorship. Real-time marketing, if applied appropriately in B2B, assures that it captivates the target audience & engages them in a manner that leads to the increase in revenue for the B2B marketer.

Real-Time Marketing Benefits

Analyzing data in real-time is a highly effective strategy that can drive B2B marketers towards an increased Return on Investment (ROI). This can be done by deploying the following methods:
1. Keeping Abreast With Latest Trends in the Industry:
The B2B marketers should be well aware of the events, conferences, social gatherings & promotional events that are taking place within their industry, so that they can accordingly build a real-time campaign around it to promote their products & services (and their brand as a whole). This can, in turn, be done in the following ways:
  • Setting up Google alerts on crucial topics related to the trends within the industry
  • Monitoring all real-time events within the industry
  • Following influencers within the industry & fostering a relationship with them
  • Following your competitors & industry in order to set benchmarks by analyzing different trends
2. Analyzing the Customers Mind using Real-Time Data:
Analyzing real-time data can give the customers an insight into the way their potential customers are reacting to their products and services at disposal, whether they are well engaged with it or there is scope for improvement. Google analytics can help marketers analyze the data in real-time & derive reports from it. It is an amazing tool that allows the marketers to not only benefit from real-time trend analysis but also give them a glimpse of the perennial & seasonal trends in their businesses. It enables marketers to foretell outcomes based on real-time analytics as well as seasonal and perennial analysis of customer data. Data-driven decisions help in risk assessment & in more strategic planning of marketing & sales endeavors to better engage the audiences & generate higher conversions.
3. Developing  Marketing & Sales Assets that confer with Real-Time Trends:
After real-time trend analysis, converting them into actionable insights has equal importance. We understand that the B2B industry is vastly large & more competitive than ever. According to a report by Forbes, at $6.7 trillion, the B2B e-commerce market will be twice as big as the B2C market by the year 2020. In such a competitive environment, understanding the intent of the potential customers & converting it into actionable insights is a requisite tool to optimize the Return on Investment (ROI). Developing & offering personalized content to the potential buyers at every stage of their buying cycle is an important part of any content strategy, which when combined with RTM, yields the best results.
4. Leverage Networking:
Launching an effective real-time marketing opportunity relies on creative thinking & opportunity. Additionally, to promote their RTM initiatives; B2B marketers can take the help of their social ambassadors who, in turn, can share the new B2B initiatives within their network.
5. Outlining the Buyers’ Online Journey:
Based on trend analysis & RTM, B2B buyers can outline their prospect’s buying cycle & may leverage it to optimize their ROI.
6. Social Media Presence is Vital:
Engaging with potential buyers on several social media platforms is important for optimizing the revenue from social media marketing endeavors. Different strategies can be developed to advance potential customers along the sales. Funnel based on the analysis of real-time data from online shoppers and their style of involvement. It’s important to engage with customers on social media & answer all their questions, as far as possible.
7. Providing Unique & Personalized Solutions:
Different B2B marketers may have different approaches toward resolving similar problems. In a competitive market space, marketers that provide effective yet personalized solutions. To the problems of their potential buyers thrive & optimize their revenue. It is implied that people like to be spoken of as individuals & not like establishments.


Real-Time Marketing is here to stay. Knowing your customers & being able to analyze & predict their sentiments.  Future course of action in real-time lies at the heart of any successful marketing effort. When the B2B marketers employ the current trends, understand & provide tailored solutions. To the problems that their buyers are looking for, they are able to optimize their profits. We, at Valasys Media, have been helping our B2B customers with services based on leveraging predictive intelligence in real time to boost ROI. For more information on our services, feel free to contact us.

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