How to Use Email Partnerships to Boost Sales

How to Use Email Partnerships to Boost Sales

Email marketing has an innumerable number of benefits for B2B marketers. Not only it is a cost-effective way of prospecting and customer retention but it also allows marketers to send personalized messages to the prospects that are permission-based and can even be designed flexibly according to the customers’ preferences.

Modern marketers can use email partnerships to boost sales by partnering with non-competitive organizations which not only increases exposure to the offers but also helps your email lists grow faster. As extensive research is a compulsion to reach out to the potential partners and as such email lists are consolidated, which in turn, boosts the sales revenue.

Marketers can use email partnerships to boost sales and to reach large audiences or smaller targeted lists. Using email partnerships to boost sales is a quantifiable marketing strategy and you can define and align marketing KPIs for the purpose.

Marketers can use email partnerships to boost sales and can even measure,  benchmark, test-run and optimize their email partnerships from time to time.

Using email partnerships to boost sales is a real-time marketing strategy that is time-saving, environmentally friendly, less intrusive and majorly permission-based and highly shareable, personalized, segmented and scalable. Increased conversions lead to increase sales and thus, using email partnerships to boost sales is a highly-effective marketing strategy.

Not only marketers use email partnerships to boost sales but also as an effective strategy to develop high-quality email lists. Email partnerships to boost sales is all about coupling up with non-competing businesses and organizations that share the email base of a particular organization.

Marketers use email partnerships to boost sales as businesses partner with their non-competitive counterparts to promote the newsletters, products or services of each other to a common audience base. This, the promotional activity gets a boost even as the total number of prospects remains the same.

According to David Newman, Motivational speaker, marketing coach and Founder of Do It! Marketing, the importance of email marketing is summarized as follows:

“Email has an ability many channels don’t: creating valuable, personal touches – at scale.”

Marketers can use email partnerships to boost sales, as it has the following benefits:

  • It Inspires Trust

When marketers use email partnerships to boost sales for other brands, their audience trusts them and vice versa.

  • It multiplies the reach of the brand exponentially

If your email lists happen to be of the same size you can probably reach twice as many prospects. However, by patterning with third-party companies,. i.e. using email partnerships to boost sales, marketers can triple their reach.

  • Boosts Sales

Entering into third-party email partnerships is an effective way for marketers to find partners and boost sales.

This happens as partnering with other businesses introduces your brand to new prospects who match your customer demographics and are prospective buyers.

Growing your respective email lists and entering into email partnerships to boost sales go hand in hand.

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The following are the different ways to enter into email partnerships with third-party companies to boost sales as well as to form a symbiotic relationship to grow the respective email lists of both the companies:

1. Partnerships with local businesses

Many local businesses share your customer base and might not compete with you directly. Marketers need to reach out to them to enter mutually beneficial email partnerships to boost sales and improve the email lists. This can be done by partnering on a local email campaign.

The following ways can be used to drive email partnerships to boost sales:

  1.  Promotion of weekly specials via email
  2.  Suggesting each other’s email lists to the prospects and asking them to subscribe
  3. Both businesses can offer subsequent simultaneous double discounts to prospective customers on selected offers and can promote it, creating a win-win situation for the customers
  4. Create “community deals” i.e. newsletters that go out once a week as weekly specials and both the businesses can promote the list to their respective customer bases

You can reach out to your local Chamber of Commerce for a list of businesses before entering into email partnerships to boost sales. This will give you a fair idea as to which businesses are the best for you to partner with.

2. Partner with online businesses

This tactic works if you have a regional, national or global customer base in common with your prospective email partners. The marketers need to look beyond the zip code to identify partners having similar scale and customer demographics that don’t directly compete with them.

Such email partnerships to boost sales include examples such as am online PR company partnering with an online SaaS company.

The following ideas can be used for entering online email partnerships to boost sales:

  1. Promotion of complementary products or services for each other
  2. Promoting lead magnets for each other ebooks to encourage customers to subscribe to each other’s email lists
  3. Offering consecutive discounts on complimentary products to encourage customers to buy similar products from other partners once they buy a product from you. This can be done by promoting mutual special offers and is an effective way to execute email partnerships to boost sales
  4. Enter affiliate partnerships, wherein each of the partners gets a monetary profit whenever one of their subscribers purchases from the other
  5.  Create a joint venture partnership package, wherein you put together two or more products or services together in a discounted offer. This is a strategy that benefits both businesses as they make a joint investment and achieve sales; the customers, on the other hand, too are benefited as they get the best price.

Marketers need to do some homework and find the best potential online partners who sell complementary products or services that don’t directly compete with them before entering mutually beneficial email partnerships to boost sales.

Online business partnerships create instant opportunities to expand your audience base and boost sales via trusted recommendations.

3. Partnering with non-profit organizations

With the help of the non-profit organizations, you can reach a relevant audience base that’s eagerly waiting to financially support a charitable cause. You can seal the deal Ami amicably by offering something in return such as a product or a service.

Ideas for partnering with non-profit organizations to build email partnerships to boost sales include the following:

  1. Organizing time bound sales events, wherein a portion of each sale is donated to the non-profit organization. These can include events such as membership drives, holidays and special events
  2. Offer special coupons to everyone subscribing the email lists of non-profit organizations. Once the non-profit organization shares subscribers, you can deliver coupon and continue marketing to its audience
  3. Donating a portion of each sale to a non-profit organization having nearly similar customer-base as yours is an effective way to enter mutually beneficial email partnerships to boost sales. You can continue the program as long as it’s beneficial to both the parties as well as your customers.

The non-profit organizations can promote your email lists to their members, donors and email subscribers. This is a mutually beneficial deal as it helps you get more customers and subscribers and hence, win more sales. Moreover, contributing to a charitable cause boosts brand reputation and is otherwise a fulfilling experience too. The non-profit organizations benefit as they get a portion of the proceedings or sales or donation in any other form.

Wrapping Things Up

To make email partnerships successful you need to create a win-win situation for your partner as well as prospective customers. The strategy to enter email partnerships to boost sales pays off only if customer success is guaranteed as a rule at the end of the proceedings. Partner with the businesses who co-operate whole-heartedly and aren’t your direct competitors. Not only the relationship should be mutually beneficial but it should also be equally profitable to both the businesses to avoid any type of dissension or dissonance.

Keeping things clear and avoiding spamming of subscribers earned is an effective way to get the most out of email partnerships to boost sales. Be absolutely unambiguous about how you intend to use your growing email list.

You can also consider partnerships with multiple businesses for single promotion, once you are successful with a single partner first. If you are unsuccessful try figuring out what went wrong, whether it was the wrong partner you chose, wrong audience or wrong offers made.

A well-strategized email partnership not only is super affordable but also boosts sales and helps grow email lists exponentially. The ability to reach more people in time helps marketers entering email partnerships to boost sales through trusted recommendations.

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