How to use Zoom Podtrak?

Time management skills are the biggest obstacle that keeps one from going that extra mile. There have been new technological inventions that have helped people overcome the same, but very few people have actually managed to utilize them. Zoom Podtrak is one of those apps which has gained a lot of popularity with podcast creators. Podcasts help people to consume content on the go.  

In today’s date, almost every content type is being converted into an audible version. This helps people to multi-task – something as simple as reading a book can be clubbed with cooking or doing other household chores.  

How are Podcasts helping the Marketing Industry?

A podcast is defined as a “radio on demand” by Wikipedia. This concept has evoked the interest of many businesses, who see podcasts as one of the prominent marketing channels. This format for content production is growing as brands now realize the value that it brings to the business. 

Research shows that in the year 2009, just around the time when podcasts were launched in the market, 9% of US adults listened to podcasts. This shows, in no time people realized the value of podcasts.  

Here are a few reasons why including podcasts in marketing strategies should be considered: 

  • Podcasts are Appealing 

The ease of how anybody can use podcasts to consume content makes this a very appealing format. It is also very engaging as it is easy for the audience to follow. It doesn’t need any special concentration and is similar to conversing with any other person, the only difference is that this is a one-way conversation.  

Once a person is used to listening to podcasts, brands no longer need to pursue people to keep listening to podcasts, it automatically happens. Studies show that podcast listeners tend to spend more than 25% of their time listening them.  

  • No Barriers to Entry into the industry

Since creating podcasts as well as listening to them is a very easy task, entry into the industry is fairly effortless. People have the liberty to create podcasts from anywhere they see fit – from studios or even from cars while going to work. It requires very little money to invest, and since there is no complex algorithm involved, any theme can be picked for creating content. 

  • Podcasts help in connecting with the audience 

Podcasts have become very mainstream and this helps the business to get more recognition in the market. As brand names go online with their podcasts on many platforms, brand awareness increases. There are plenty of tricks and hacks that can be used to increase brand awareness through podcasts. One of the most important strategies is collaborating with guests on other podcasts. They are a great medium to cover the most important topics in any niche segment and show topical depth. Listeners around the world who are interested in the topic can connect with the brand in this manner.  

What is Zoom PodTrak?  

The Zoom Podtrak is a podcast recorder, powered by 2 AA batteries or a USB battery. It can function as a 2-input 2-output interface and allows users to edit audio separately. The recorder also offers Bluetooth connectivity. While the body is plastic, it should not be mistaken to be of a cheap quality as it is very sturdy and very light weight. 

The Zoom PodTrak is a device designed for podcasters, with simple controls, very few settings, and a clean preamp that works well with popular dynamic podcasting mics at a very affordable price. The limiters work well to prevent distortion when the input audio gets too loud. Audio purists may be disappointed with the 44.1kHz 16-bit recording, but the sound quality is still very good. The device presents certain weaknesses regarding its plastic housing, but the price is reasonable. 


Zoom Podtrak is a super affordable podcast recorder as no other brand delivers this quality at around $200. The layout is clear and can be understood in 30 seconds. It is also very lightweight (290g), with a fine finish.  

The specification of the device is as follows:   

  • 4 XLR microphones with individual gain 
  • 4 headphone outputs with individual volume 
  • Phantom power for all inputs 
  • Remove feedback from conversations with Mix-Minus function 
  • Mini-jack connection for connecting the telephone 
  • 4 pads for triggering sound effects with 11 preset sounds 
  • Separate channel recording 
  • 16-bit / 44.1kHz audio WAV 
  • SD cards up to 521gb 
  • 2 input and 2 output audio interfaces 
  • Class-compliant mode for iOS 
  • 4 hours recording with AA batteries 
  • Can also be fed directly via USB-C 

Pros and Cons  


  • Can be used be used for most demanding microphones 
  • Has 4 dedicated headphone outputs 
  • Perfect for remote interviews as it can be easily paired with a phone or a computer 
  • Has a call recording feature 


  • The mute button for the input makes a click sound, which can be heard in the recording. 
  • The plastic build may not be an ideal choice for everyone. 

Industries that reap the Benefits 

This podcast recorder is a no-nonsense beginner friendly device. Apart from podcast creators, here are a few other sectors that could be favored from it: 

  • Gamers 

Gaming is becoming more and more advanced with technological developments. From a time where people had to actually visit each other to play any game together, to now playing anonymously across the world, games are surely not just a child’s play. The Podtrak could come in handy for gamers who broadcast themselves playing with their competitors or even alone. 

  • Sexual Wellness Guides 

Sexual Wellness is something that is now openly acknowledged and people are taking interest in the subject. Many guides who like to document their suggestions and recommendations, can use the device for recording anything. 

  • Mental Health Professionals 

Mental health professionals can it for sharing their unique expertise on various topics. They can create podcasts to throw light on the often complex issues of mental health and the brain. 

  • Authors 

The industry that has benefitted the most from podcasts is the publishing industry. Authors can create audio books in their own voices, or even host podcasts about their new and upcoming books, using the Podtrak. 

The list can be a long one, it all depends on what marketing approach are used by different industries. Continue reading to find out alternate products which have more advanced features. 

Alternative Products  

While the podcast recorder is fit for podcasters just getting started and are not in need of a very complex device, people who are audio geeks and want more professional devices can choose from the options below: 

Mackie ProFX  

It retails for $329.99 and provides low-noise preamps, Aux output, a low-cut filter, a built-in ReadyFX sound effects engine, and an effective reliability rating. 

Behringer Xenyx 1204 

It retails for $210.50, and has six-fader control channel and preadded mic preamps. Xenyx also features a one-knob compression, making it easy to even out the dynamic range of the recordings. 

Mackie 402-VLZ4 

It retails for $99.99. This small, no-frills blender combines professional quality with the practicality of a small, durable, uncomplicated device. 


Covid-19 benefitted a lot of podcasters, many different industries reaped the benefits of podcast advertising among which the B2B sector was also not behind. ‘Sortlist’ conducted research that showed that even in the B2B industries, the effectiveness of podcasts was very high. 36% of German SME managers who responded, said they have purchased something from a brand recommended or advertised in a podcast. Another 51.8% said they could imagine doing so. In Spain, the percentages were 37.7% and 54.4% respectively. Studies also show that listeners do not feel that podcasts are over-commercialized. Hence, if one has the talent of providing valuable content, podcasts can be a viable option as listeners value what they are being offered, and are seldom bothered by the ads. 

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