Is DuckDuckGo a Browser or a Search Engine?

Is DuckDuckGo a Browser or a Search Engine

You may have experienced that after buying a few clothes on Amazon, you tend to get recommendations of similar products while browsing through your daily Instagram or Facebook feed. Platforms like Google and Facebook track and monitor your searches in order to advertise products you may be interested in. As a result, they get a good idea about your interests, past purchases, and location, based on your internet search history.

How does DuckDuckGo work?

DuckDuckGo is an Internet Privacy Company that helps you browse without making use of your private information. The application or search engine comes with different types of protection services such as track blocking, email protection, etc., in order to protect your personal information from external trackers.

The ads that come up on the site are based on the results page of the user instead their browsing history. For instance, if you search for ‘watches’, you will only see ads for watches and not any other products.

Now that it has been established that one does not have to pay to use this platform, you may wonder how it makes money. It makes money through private ads and partnerships on its search engine. The sponsored ads on the site are highlighted and are privacy protected. The search ad clicks are administered by the advertising network of Microsoft. It also has a non-tracking partnership with eBay. It gets a petite commission every time someone visits eBay through DuckDuckGo.

In today’s digital world, we may tend to give out our personal information unknowingly through our latest search histories, contacts, etc. When this data is used without our consent, it can help search engines to instantly design ads for us. Search engines keep a track of you through 3rd party trackers and cookies, fingerprinting, tracking digital footprints, browser activities, etc. Unlike such search engines, DuckDuckGo ensures your privacy, encouraging you to have a tension-free browsing experience.

The ultimate debate: Browser or Search Engine?

Though it claims that it is a Search Engine on its site, it does have its own application. The application is available for mobile users (Android and iOS) and can be downloaded through the Google Play Store which makes it a browser. It also comes as a Chrome extension. However, you can also just go on their site and browse freely, making it a search engine.  Although it thrives to be a platform that protects its users’ privacy, it does result in the site censoring its search results.

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