Keynote Vs. Google Slides

When giving a presentation, you may have to keep in mind the mighty panel. You have to present your data that you worked so hard to procure, the right way. The graphics, designs, and visuals have to pop so as to keep the audience engaged. Not only that, you need the audience or panel’s undivided attention and make sure they do not get disinterested. How can you give a smart, precise, and engaging presentation without losing the audience’s interest and also get your point across?

Presentation software are here to save your day. They help you make meaningful slides, enabling you to add important data in the form of graphs, diagrams, images, etc., which helps you to share your perspective or reports more effectively. Some presentation softwares have limited templates and styles which can limit you to give a truly professional and engaging presentation. As a result, you may compare a few softwares that provide you with what you need.  

In this article, we will talk about Keynote and Google Slides- their features, usability and cost, which may definitely help you make the right choice for your next presentation. 

What is Keynote? 

Keynote is a presentation software created by Apple. It can be used on Apple devices such as the Mac, iPhone, iPad, or the Apple PC. With its impressive tools and ravishing effects, you can create alluring presentations.  

It comes with over 40 attractive themes that take your presentation to the next level. You can also create and customize your own slides and background images. It also includes over 100 transitions and effects which help you to add textures and color gradients with just one click. Moreover, you can add live video feeds to any slide, play YouTube videos, and present over an online meeting or conference.  

What is Google Slides? 

As the name suggests, Google Slides is a presentation software by Google. It enables you to create, collaborate and give online presentations in real time and that too, from any device. It includes easy sharing and real-time editing. Your teammates can also add comments and tasks which highly helps in accelerating teamwork.  

You can add speaker notes and live captions, and also present during a Google Meet conference through Slides. It also enables you to access your slides and work on it offline, without internet connection. 

Keynote Vs. Google Slides: Which one to choose? 

Though Keynote and Google slides are both great presentation softwares, you might have to think a bit more before choosing one as your go-to presentation companion.  

Keynote can only be used in Apple devices. Android users cannot adopt it. It also does come with over 40 themes and 100 transitions that enable you to take your presentations up a notch also includes a few great features such as LaTeX and MathML, object editing, the Instant Alpha tool, 700 plus Apple-designed shapes and much more. It helps you to pay more attention to detail when it comes to making presentations. The main con is that Keynote can only be used in Apple devices. Furthermore, even if you do have an Apple device, you will have to pay a standard or basic price of $9.99 a month per user.  

Unlike Keynote, both Apple as well as Android devices can adopt Keynote. It enables anyone to collaborate and create presentations and includes the Google Slides shape engine, the Slidemaster, recoloring images, and much more. You can use Google Slides for free that comes with a cloud storage of 15 GB per user. You can also opt for the business standard package that comes with a cloud storage of 2 TB per user for the price of $12 a month per user. 

Keynote as well as Google Slides enable you to save and present your presentations in PowerPoint. 

Both the presentation softwares have their own pros and cons. It all depends upon what your main focus is when making and giving a presentation. Whether you want your presentation to be more detail oriented or you want to collaborate with your team or colleagues to make a synergetic presentation, the choice is yours. 

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