The Best Lead Generation tools for 2022

Sales & lead generation are the processes that are clearly correlated & hence are very important for the B2B marketers. The marketers need to carefully choose the best lead generation tools for 2022 & beyond, to do away with the constant struggle of lead generation.

Sales & lead generation are the processes that are clearly correlated & hence are very important for the B2B marketers. The marketers need to carefully choose the best lead generation tools for 2022 & beyond, to do away with the constant struggle of lead generation.

Zig Ziglar, Founder at Ziglar Performance Group, stated: "For every sale, you miss because you are too enthusiastic, you will miss a hundred because you're not enthusiastic enough."

Lead generation is much more than simply getting people to visit your website. It’s about collecting their information so that you can drive communication and can actually boost the number of prospective customers on your website.

Lead generation endeavors should help you in gathering the information on your prospects so that you can drive communication and turn website traffic into loyal customers. In this post, we have put together our top picks for tools that will help you nail every aspect of web-driven lead generation. Marketers can choose which leads are the best ones for their company and will be able to generate more leads and make more sales. Depending upon your needs you can choose a lead generation software of your choice. These lead generation software not only help boost the total number of your website visitors but also act as effective marketing tools that capture new leads from diverse referral channels such as social media. You can leverage these tools to capture leads, email addresses of the leads and ultimately optimize your website conversion rate. Most of the tools come with a 30-day free trial and thereafter one can opt for the paid plans to optimize his lead capture endeavors. The tools help you architect and optimize email campaigns to capture more potential customers, and also guide the prospects through the sales funnel. Thus, you generate leads that meet your quality standards and also optimize the time required in the lead conversion process.

The following is a compiled list of tools to help you get started with the prospect discovery, to start meaningful conversations with the prospects, close deals & generate sales revenue:

1. ManyChat:

ManyChat boasts of fetching 80% more open rates & 25% CTR, the messenger feature from ManyChat is highly beneficial for lead generation.

ManyChat facilitates marketers to easily build a Messenger bot that handles everything from acquiring leads (from different channels including social media) to nurturing them & even the retention task.

The bot allows marketers to easily connect with potential buyers leveraging features such as live chat, website forms, lead scoring & process automation.

The typical tasks that can be accomplished using the tool include:

  • Lead generation strategy to engross the attention of the prospects
  • Maintaining a constant influx of high-quality leads
  • Closing leads into sales &
  • Measure & Optimize the success of lead generation campaigns

The chatbot can help skyrocket the lead generation, nurturing & conversion tactics & is highly beneficial for marketers.

2. Leadfeeder:

Leadfeeder claims to be used by over 30,000 salespeople, marketers, and agencies. The tool helps identify ready-to-buy sales leads, beat the competitors to sale & craft better sales pitches.

Leadfeeder helps marketers know who visited their company’s website. It helps speed up the lead generation strategy by prioritizing leads based on website activity. The contact information is automatically pushed up to the CRM & no contact forms are required.

The tool can get started immediately after linking their Google analytics to the software.

The tool has a 14-day trial period after which the plans start at $59 per month.

3. :

The Google Chrome extension from is directly integrated with the most famous business-oriented social networks. The extension allows firing up & finding names email job titles & companies in 1 click.

The platform provides all email addresses associated with the domain name & the marketers just need to pick the ones they are interested in. has the following advantages:

  • The tool can be used to build a prospect list with contact information that can be used to build prospect list with contact information pulled from company websites & social networks such as LinkedIn
  • The template emails can be sent & the results can be tracked with a single click
  • The platform integrates leading CRM software including Salesforce, HubSpot, Pipedrive & Slack.

The plan starts @ $35 per user.

4. ProProfs Lead Quiz Maker

ProProfs is an online quiz maker software that is great for creating lead quizzes. Owing to its super-simple user interface, it is considered as one of the easiest online quiz-making tools and rates among the top 10 online quiz maker software in 2022. Anyone can quiz using a template or from a scratch.

ProProfs can be used to create online quizzes for lead generation that can be integrated with major marketing automation tools like MailChimp, ConstantContact, HubSpot, etc. for easier flow of the mail marketing process.

Here are some of the features that make it stand out amongst other online quiz software:

  • 100+ Templates
  • 100,000+ Ready-to-Use Questions
  • Automated Grading
  • Customizable Lead Forms (to capture quiz-takers contact details)
  • 100+ Settings & Configurations
  • White-labeling
  • Shareable Quiz Results

5. Skrapp:

The tool is used to build trustful emails for the outreach pipeline. Trustful data and productivity are the demarcating features of Skrapp. Being an out-of-box tool helps businesses find verified B2B email addresses of relevant prospects that matter to the business.

The tool helps marketers in expanding the outreach of their campaigns.

The demarcating features of the tool are as follows:

  • The tool can be hooked to LinkedIn profile or Sales Navigator & can be used to extract lead information from the website of the company
  • The tool also has a domain search feature that facilitates finding lead information which can then be pushed to a segmented in-app directory.

The tool provides up to 150 emails per month for free & thereafter the pricing varies.

6. OptinMonster:

OptinMonster helps in instantly growing the email list & in getting more leads. The tool is considered amongst the best lead generation tools for small businesses as well as for the bigger ones.

The platform has an easy-to-use user interface & is powerful to drive huge results in a short time. OptinMonster helps marketers show the right offer to the right people at right time to grow their email lists & to get more leads to increase sales.

The beautiful forms from Optin are designed for optimized conversions.

The basic plan starts from $9 per month.

7. EngageBay:

EngageBay is one of the best lead generation tools on the market today. It gives you the ability to target your exact market with high-quality traffic, and then close the sale through marketing automation and sales pipeline management.

It’s proven to build a solid list of qualified leads, and it’s easy to use and customize to fit your needs. This gives you the ability to scale quickly and generate more revenue.

It helps that the tool is also an all-in-one marketing and CRM suite, so users can engage leads and convert them without having to use other platforms for email marketing or website chat, etc.

Key features of EngageBay for lead generation and lead engagement include:

  • Audience segmentation based on demographics and behavior
  • Targeted campaigns
  • A sophisticated lead scoring system
  • Marketing automation with email broadcasts, newsletters, autoresponders, and even SMS campaigns
  • Real-time analytics and custom reporting
  • Free and integrated CRM

EngageBay has a free plan that lasts forever and paid plans start from $12.99 a month.

8. Instapage:

Instapage claims to optimize the conversions by up to 400%. The platform is well for the solutions called the Advertising Conversion Cloud, which helps scale up the personalized post-click landing page experiences.

The tool helps optimize the B2B lead generation strategies in the following ways:

  • The tool helps in curbing the cost-per-click & in raising the ad Quality score
  • The tool allows personalized post-click experiences, maps ads to post-click pages automatically
  • Helps create responsive landing pages
  • Facilitates building unique pages faster with Instablocks
  • Templates like the call-to-action forms, benefits overviews, testimonials & more can be modified at will & help in scaling up personalization to the level of individualization
  • The tool has in-built competencies for A/B testing & forming heatmaps & integrates the marketing & ad stack.

9. LinkedIn Sales Navigator:

The tool equips marketers to target the right buyers, understand the key insights & engage with them personas leveraging a personalized outreach.

The tool also provides lead recommendations & allows CRM integration to automatically save the leads & accounts that one is selling to.

10. ReachStream

ReachStream is a B2B marketing platform. Our real-time tool focuses on making the most accurate and unique information available to the B2B buyer to provide qualified leads

  • Reachstream’s dual authentication of B2B database services involves human verification to avoid drawbacks of machine learning algorithms.
  • The tool has an automatic text-based search and sleek filter interface, narrowing the scope of finding prospects.
  • The easy system integration eases the purchased database to go directly into the buyer’s sales and marketing system.
  • Share your brand message by connecting the real people across the globe and increasing the response rate.
  • A team of dedicated professionals ensures 24/7 customer support throughout your marketing journey.
  • Get access to ReachStream’s free trial consisting of 20 contacts for 14 days without a credit card.
  • Get direct access to the key decision-makers globally and boost return with ReachStream’s lead generation tool.

11. AERO Leads

By fetching 85% open rates and 30% CTR, AeroLeads is a state-of-the-art tool for lead generation. It maintains the influx of high-quality leads by eliminating the duplicate email addresses from the email list developed. You can also measure the real-time data of the email marketing campaigns and lead generation campaigns. The features will also decrease the bounce rate.

With the following advantages, AeroLeads is one of the best lead generation tools with its unique features:

  1. It can integrate with CRM tools.
  2. Can capture the leads from websites like LinkedIn, AngelList, CrunchBase, etc.
  3. The plan starts at $49/month, which is highly affordable.

Wrapping It Up

B2B lead generation tools are essential for many to understand the ability to get high-quality leads & to turn them into sales. Leveraging the tools listed above, the marketers can create hyper-targeted campaigns to attract, engage & convert a higher number of customers with minimal efforts in terms of investing time & resources.

The modern B2B landscape is technology-driven & to maintain a good flow of leads the marketers need to deploy the right technology.

Valasys Media deploys hyper-targeted campaigns to help their B2B customers optimize their core bottom-line endeavors. Our specific services include lead management, data solutions, sales pipeline management, and business intelligence solutions to name a few, all of which have been designed to help the marketers bolster their sales revenues.

Contact us for any help with designing & running marketing campaigns or deciphering pathways to optimize the core bottom lines.

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