Top 10 Link-Building Strategies for B2B Marketing in 2020

Link Building Strategies for B2B Marketing
B2B Marketing is not just about value creation & exchange of the same between the marketers and the customers. Beyond the deliverance of value, marketers also need to ensure that their products & services & the values revealed by them are being discovered by the clients. Employing correct link-building strategies for B2B marketing in 2020 ensures that your website is easily discovered by the search engines such as Google, it impacts your Google Page Rank (PR) & constant endeavors towards receiving the quality inbound links along with great content also elevates the domain authority & page rankings of the website. The year January 2020 started with Google’s core algorithmic update in January. Following the core update, the organic ranking factors for the website were based on the prioritization of the intent of buyers. Furthermore, more than ever before it was essential for marketers to work on relevance & personalization of the pieces of content according to the buyers’ cycle. The deduplication from the organic rankings was absolved with the featured snippet update, which was one of the highlights of Google’s core algorithmic update in January 2020. Read more on Google Algorithmic Update: SEO Best Practices for B2B Brands Google affirmed that links remain the #1 ranking factor and said, “Ranking without links is really really hard.” Businesses need to prioritize their link-building strategies for B2B marketing more than ever before in 2020. Employing link-building strategies for B2B marketing can benefit businesses in the following ways:
  1. Optimizing link-building strategies for B2B marketing helps brands is increasing the visibility of their blogs
  2. Employing Link-building strategies for B2B marketing helps brands receive traffic from websites linked to their businesses
  3. Employing Link-building for B2B marketing in 2020 fetch high-quality links to your website. The high-quality inbound links that aid to increase the authority of your website over the web
  4. Employing link-building strategies for B2B Marketing also helps in faster indexing of the web pages
  5. Overall leveraging optimized link-building strategies for B2B marketing help the SEO of your website, boosting the domain authority, credibility & brand resonance

How to Optimize Your Link-Building Strategies for B2B Marketing in 2020

Embracing link-building strategies for B2B Marketing is not just confined to merely getting links to your website. The webmasters need to opt several strategies to try to get links and it’s not just about writing quality articles. To optimize your link-building strategies for B2B marketing, you need to deploy the perfect mix of great content as well as some smart link building described below:

1. Evaluate the Value of a Particular Link:

Employing link-building strategies for B2B marketing means that the marketers need to evaluate their link-building options to establish what’s really of value to their website. Tools such as MozLink Explorer allow marketers to evaluate the ranking potential of a particular link, its relevancy, authority, etc.

2. Use Guest Blogging for Natural link-building:

One of the important link-building strategies for B2B marketing is our good old guest blogging technique. Writing an authoritative, high-quality blog post for a blog with a good number of followers ensures that people become awe of your brand. Guest blogging is amongst important link-building strategies for B2B marketing in 2020, provided the bloggers to take care of a few things:
  1. Pitch to a website (preferably with higher Domain Authority than yours) within your niche
  2. Review the performance of the website you’re guest-blogging for viz. its domain authority, the number of followers on social media, whether the site is a well-known name within the group with an ardent group of well-engaged followers as well as long-term readers
  3. The authors need to make sure that we get published with a featured bio
  4. Mind the pitch of your guest-blogging website & articulate it in a way that’s impossible to ignore
  5. Do extensive research on the topic you’re writing about & always, as a rule, include our unique observations & solutions to certain marketing problems
  6. Pitching to a person, for example, the editorial or content head is always a better option than pitching to the website; being direct in approach helps
  7. Research the tone of writing on a particular website – how other guest authors have managed to get published on the platform. Even the best-written pieces of content might get rejected if they haven’t been proofread & adjusted in a way that speaks to the audiences on a particular platform in most impactful ways
  8. Finally, keep in mind the guest blogging guidelines & provide a succinct author’s bio
Guest blogging, when done right, is amongst the top link-building strategies for B2B marketing in 2020. Not only it directs a large number of users to the website but it also helps marketers funnel readers to an outcome. Also, engaging with the audiences through the comments on guest blogs boosts the SEO of your website.

3. Employ Infographics for link building:

Using infographics is amongst important link-building strategies for B2B marketers in 2020 & has been tried & tested for a long time. Creating a compelling infographic requires marketers to share the following topics:
  1. Research the topic & design your infographic with awesome content
  2. The infographic should be tap to the pinpoint your audience
  3. The infographic should be able to create a compelling narrative
  4. The infographic should be able to create a wireframe
  5. The infographic should be custom designed to reflect on your brand & should be published on time
Infographics are amongst important link-building strategies for B2B marketing in 2020 & marketers should make it a point to publish their infographic on time.

4. Link – Building with Video Content:

Video content strategy is amongst important link-building strategies for B2b marketing in 2020. When Google crawls a particular website it is looking for several indicators for deciding the domain authority. These include page quality, relevance & keyword instances. Multimedia objects add value to all these metrics. Videos & other visual pieces of content play an important role to engross the attention of the users. When creating video content, marketers should ensure the following link-building strategies for B2B marketing in the year 2020:
  1. Employ awesome & unique video content strategies
  2. Host embedded videos in WordPress & long-tail videos
  3. Provide full-text transcripts to your videos
  4. Mind the title, meta-description & filename
  5. Implement the schema for video & create a video sitemap
  6. Research to understand your audience & preferably use an HTML4 video player
  7. Videos should be shared as much as possible & should be released in continual series
  8. Videos can be embedded in email marketing & the social media marketing campaigns
  9. Videos can also be promoted on third-party websites such as Vimeo, MetaCafeAtom
Awesome video content is not only amongst the impeccable link-building strategies for B2B marketing but also helps the marketers in bolstering the social media metrics & future-proofing their domains. Read more on Why Visual Storytelling is Imperative for B2B Content Marketing

5. Directory Submission for Link Building:

Directory submission remains one of the most important link-building strategies for B2B marketing in 2020. There are thousands of link directories on the web that can help you promote your website & they, in-turn have hundreds of categories. After the core algorithmic update of January 2020, the directory submissions aren’t as impactful in influencing the rankings on the search engines, yet they can give you a competitive advantage provided your competitors have missed some important web directories. For the marketers who don’t wish to invest a lot of time into directory submissions, they can just ensure that their sites are listed on (Free) and Yahoo Directory (Paid).

6. Use Dofollow blog comments for link-building:

Employing Dofollow blog comments is amongst impeccable link-building strategies for B2B Marketing in 2020. This technique allows bloggers to build great relationships with other bloggers within the same niche. Following this, the other bloggers start linking back to your posts which is more rewarding than paid in-post links on other websites. Also, your website gets more traffic from blog owners as well as other companion commenters who see some value in your comment. Thus, blog commenting can be a flawless way to build great organic links. When commenting on other blogs make sure that your comment adds some value, you can provide the links to your relevant blogs, try & be the first person to comment & you can even tweet the post to get that extra attention from the owner of the blog.

7. Employ High PR Social Bookmarking Dofollow Sites For Link Building:

Social bookmarking is a way of saving and storing web pages or online information for future reference on the web. The two main benefits of submission to a high PR social bookmarking website include the generation of high-quality traffic & getting a valuable backlink. The content submitted should be of great interest to a particular community. Some of the important high PR social bookmarking websites for link-building include Slashdot, Stumbleupon, Reddit, and Folkd.

8. Write pillar content & Engage with bloggers:

A content pillar is an informative piece of content of high substantive value. At a time when earning links isn’t getting easier, employing link-building strategies can help the marketers scale up their link-building strategies for B2B marketing in 2020. This can be done in the following ways:
  1. Employ case studies & expert contributions to earn valuable links
  2. Earn links from bloggers & specialists through expert round-ups & interviews
  3. Employ longer pieces of content to add value to a topic of relevance
  4. Collaborate with the niche-specific third-party websites on a content campaign
  5. Employ white papers & research papers to reflect on your domain knowledge
  6. Concentrate on personal branding endeavors to showcase your subject-matter expertise
  7. Employ surveys to fetch intrinsic high-quality data & compel the highly rated PR websites to provide you with valuable backlinks
  8. Employ e-books
Read more on 6 Tips to Evolve Your Content Strategy in 2020

 9. Interviewing an Influencer:

Interviewing niche-specific influencers & micro-influencers is amongst the top link-building strategies for B2B marketing in 2020. As influencers might promote anything they do on their blogs and to their social media community, brands will benefit from backlinks, recognition and a healthy increase in traffic. Read more on 11 Ways of Using B2B Influencer Marketing

10. Verify Your Blog on Pinterest  & add a backlink:

Pinterest can serve as an effective means to optimize link-building strategies for B2B marketing in 2020. This can be done by following the steps below:
  1. Log in to your Pinterest account & go to the settings page.
  2. Under the website section, enter your website URL & click on verify
  3. Download the HTML verification file
  4. Upload the file on the Root of your domain using a cPanel File manager or any other FTP client
  5. Once the verify button is clicked your website is verified & authenticated
Once, the website authentication process has been done, your Pinterest profile will start showing your website link in the profile section along with a verification sign. The link has a no-follow tag; nonetheless, it helps to fetch traffic from the Pinterest profile. Creating your website profile on Pinterest helps boost your social media presence. Wrapping Things Up Link-building strategies for B2B marketing have evolved in 2020. It’s an ever-changing game with rules & increased requirements on skills, tools, details & persistence. Link-building is a non-negotiable ranking factor & SEO professionals need to pay attention to it along with impeccable content & on-page SEO strategies. Google’s core algorithm Penguin considers link-building an important factor in determining the organic rankings of the website. Link building is here to stay & hopefully, the above Link-building strategies for B2B marketing will help you, outgrow your professional marketing practices for increased relevance & reach amongst the potential customers. Valasys Media is a well-known company for providing hyper-tailored B2B services such as lead generation services, appointment setting services, business intelligence services, content syndication services & account-based marketing services to help marketers optimize the outreach of their campaigns & the bottom line ROIs.

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