LinkedIn Newsletters- A marketer’s accomplice

“It is not WHAT you know, it is WHO you know”. This idiom holds true, especially when it comes to marketing. Relevant connections and major entrepreneurial opportunities can make or break your business. LinkedIn, which started as a mere platform for recruiters and job seekers, has now become a prominent platform when it comes to converting leads. Though it may not talk about all the ‘happening’ events link Instagram, it has definitely played a major role in empowering budding entrepreneurs with acknowledgments and engagements from all around the globe, notably to those who were uncertain about their brand. LinkedIn newsletters have become a great medium through which brands can talk about their niche in detail, attracting potential clients. 

LinkedIn Newsletters: What are they and why should you have one 

LinkedIn newsletters are basically a type of longform content. You can assume it to be similar to the blog posts that you upload on your webpage.  

They have a much higher visibility as they permit the LinkedIn users to subscribe to various newsletters of their interest. One of the best perks is that, once a user subscribes to your newsletter, they receive a notification and an e-mail every time you post content on your newsletter. This results in greater visibility and better engagement, especially from your target or niche audience.  

Did you know that the content in a LinkedIn newsletter can be more than a hundred thousand characters? This provides you the opportunity to illustrate various aspects of your brand which could prove to be valuable for those prospects who are researching and are curious about your niche. Moreover, your LinkedIn newsletters would appear on the Google SERP. This indicates that prospects do not necessarily have to be active on LinkedIn to discover your content. Furthermore, due to its domain authority, an interesting and eloquent newsletter content will usually dominate the same content that is published on your webpage.  

How to create a LinkedIn newsletter? 

You can create a newsletter via your personal LinkedIn account or your company’s account. Keep in mind that in order to publish a newsletter from your company’s account, the official account must have a minimum of 150 followers.  

When you log in to your account, on your homepage, you will find a ‘write article’ option on the right side, under the ‘Start your post’ section. Once you click on it, you will get an option to publish as either yourself or the company or brand you run. Once you select what you would be publishing as, you will be directed to the page where you can start your own newsletter.  

On that page, click on the ‘Create a newsletter’ option which is on the top, right-hand side. You will then be required to fill in details such as the title of the newsletter and the description. You will also have the option to select the frequency of your publication. It can be daily, weekly, biweekly or monthly. You can also upload a 300×300 px image that represents your content. You also have the option to send an invitation to your followers and connections to subscribe to your newsletter. After filling in all the required details, click on ‘done’. Your newsletter is now created. Add a heading and the content, and publish it at frequent intervals.  

On your homepage, when you click on ‘My network’ on the top, you will get your network list on the left. Once you click on ‘Newsletters’ from the list, you will be directed to all the newsletters that your company has published. 

Now that you know how to create a newsletter on LinkedIn, let’s find out how it can be beneficial to marketers. 

What are the benefits of LinkedIn newsletters? 

Many B2B marketing companies leverage from LinkedIn newsletters. It is one of the most favorable approaches to establish your marketing campaigns.  

Some of its major benefits include: 

  • Target Audience Expansion 

LinkedIn’s algorithm, just like any other social media site, is such that it promotes audience interaction. If you post a well-written newsletter that gets emphatic engagement, LinkedIn will recommend it to more people interested in your niche, just like how you may have come across content from second or third-party connections on your page just because a couple of your connections interacted with it. The more people engage and interact with your content, the more audience it will reach. Therefore, more meaningful connections are built which would result in the expansion of your target audience.  

  • Broadens the Brand Awareness scope 

The probability of most people remembering you after connecting or interacting with your business is less. As a result, publishing frequent newsletters is an excellent strategy to keep your subscribers and connections in the loop with what is going on with your company and also inform them about upcoming events. This is a great approach to increasing brand visibility and awareness. 

  • Helps to build and reinforce Authority 

Sharing insights and updates regarding your company’s niche is an exceptional and efficient way to gain more credibility and strengthen your authority.  

Illustrating your leadership through newsletters is a great approach in building a trustworthy relationship with your connections which can prove to boost your authority and credibility. 

  • Strengthens Consumer Relationships 

Time and again LinkedIn has proven to be a remarkable platform for entrepreneurs to enhance consumer relationships. Newsletters allow entrepreneurs to share upcoming campaigns, events, and updates with their connections and subscribers. Moreover, newsletters allow interactions to boost consumer engagement. It gives the opportunity for businesses to engage with prospects, solve their issues and provide overall consumer satisfaction. Furthermore, this may give businesses the possibility to gain potential business partners through the updates and promotions on the newsletters. 

Creating attractive newsletters is a thorough process in itself. Inculcating effective newsletter strategies will help your business go that extra mile.  

Here are a few tips and strategies that you can incorporate when creating a LinkedIn newsletter: 

4 tips to enhance your LinkedIn newsletter 

  • Catchy Titles and description 

This right title is what aptly describes your business. You can try to make it eye-catching and uncomplicated, something that your target audience can remember easily. 

When subscribing, your subscribers will first see the description of your newsletter. In your description, you can explain what your brand is about and what makes it unique. Try to give your subscribers a sense of exclusivity. As you only have limited characters, the challenge here is to keep it short and definitive at the same time. 

  • Add attractive images 

An image is an excellent way to visually appeal to your audience. Make sure you add high quality images that are striking. To increase brand awareness, you can also add your company logo. Always verify whether the image is related to the content. 

  • Create relevant content consistently 

When writing content, keep in mind your target audience and your brand’s niche. Write content that is related to your business. Through your content, address your audience’s pain points. You can write content that attempts to solve these pain points.  

Make sure there is no content overload. Providing too much information can make your content redundant and monotonous. 

Try to publish content at regular intervals. Publishing content after a long time or being inconsistent may lead to your audience getting disinterested. 

  • Include CTAs 

Having the right CTAs is a great way for your audience to interact with you. Incorporating Call-To-Actions such as “Comment” or “Share” is a great approach to increase audience interaction and engagement. 

Our Thoughts 

LinkedIn newsletters have proven to be a leading platform for businesses embarking on their entrepreneurial journey to reach their true potential. It has become a pathway to drive organic audience while encouraging brands to maintain their authenticity. 

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