Monetize your Talent with Snipfeed

Covid-19 took a lot of things from people, but it did benefit one sector in particular – the content creator community. Before Covid, there were only a few creators in the business, post 2021 to creator community has immensely expanded its horizon. According to a survey, the creator community has an estimated worth of $100 billion. The creator community was earlier limited to bloggers and social media influencers, but with the changing times, it encompasses everyone – bloggers, social media influencers, videographers, and anyone who uplifts the creator community. The major question arises when one starts their journey as a creator is choosing the right platform. The numerous options make it quite a difficult decision but, that is where Snipfeed comes in. Snipfeed helps you to ‘turn your passion into your profession.’ 

What is Snipfeed?  

Snipfeed is a platform for content creators that helps them monetize their creations. As artists the major roadblock that hinders following a passion is money. It is difficult to earn money doing what you love. Snipfeed makes this possible by giving you a platform where you can display your product or service or your talent and gain money from it.   

How Does Snipfeed Work?  

Snipfeed is a ‘link-in bio’ platform. This means the user can monetize from any platform by providing the link in the bio of the Snipfeed account. One can integrate all social connections in a single clickable link, which can be put in the bio of any social media account. Snipfeed is a safe and legitimate option to monetize creations without basically paying any extra fee. Though it does take some charges which are discussed later in the article.

Snipfeed being easy to use, all one needs to do is create an account by providing:  

  • a username (or domain name)  
  • Name  
  • Email (phone is optional)  
  • Password  

Post this, it takes seconds to set up your Snipfeed account. If you face any issues, there is a detailed agency-level support system. But that is seldom needed as the platform is pretty much self-explanatory and user-friendly.


Snipfeed has some dynamic features listed below:  

Monetization features – Snipfeed lets you monetize all of the services separately. Whether you are someone in need of only a few of their customizations or all of them, Snipfeed has something for you. You just need to do certain customizations on your page and voila! You can start earning. Some of these customizations are 1:1 session, QnAs, Exclusive content, Tipping, and Livestreams.   

Everything at one place – Snipfeed lets you link everything at one place so that you can surpass your goals – be it analytics, customizations, or even getting agency-level support – all of this is available on a single platform to make your work hassle-free. With Snipfeed, you get detailed insights to analyze the performance.

Why go for Snipfeed? 

Snipfeed has a unique calculator on its website that gives you an estimate of how much you could earn from your online presence. The earnings calculator gives you an estimate of your prospective earnings by asking you a few simple questions. The feature is available on their official website for anyone to use.  


There are two price models for Snipfeed – the basic and the pro model 

The basic model is free of cost while the pro version costs $29 per month. The basic model charges a 15% fee from the profits earned, whereas in the pro version only a 2% processing fee is charged for the sales made through the platform.  

The pro version gives you everything that the basic version provides along with some extra benefits such as a Custom domain, 1 Hour per Month of 1:1 Coaching, Biweekly Monetization Tips, a Pro Discord Community, Exclusive Masterclasses, Major Referral Bonus, and White Glove Support.  


Snipfeed is an ideal money-making platform for creators all over the world. It gives your talent a path to be monetized and recognized. Snipfeed is the present and the future for the tech-savvy content creators’ generation that leaves no stone unturned when putting out their talent is on the question. So, if you are someone who is a teacher looking out to teach any specific subject, a comedian trying to find an audience for your talent, a writer looking to put up your work out there, or anybody with content that could be posted on the web, you could check out Snipfeed as it helps you gain a wider audience for your hard work and also get monetary benefits from it.


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