Why Outbound Sales Process is the Ultimate Way to Generate Leads

Outbound sales is a methodology wherein salespeople directly initiate contact with prospective buyers with the intent of accomplishing a sale using outbound sales techniques such as cold calling, cold emailing, social selling, etc.

Why Outbound Sales Process is the Ultimate Way to Generate Leads

Outbound sales is a methodology wherein salespeople directly initiate contact with prospective buyers with the intent of accomplishing a sale using outbound sales techniques such as cold calling, cold emailing, social selling, etc.

Buyers from a company or multiple companies are sought out and sold to in an outbound sales model – hence, the outreach is often cold – with the salesperson having no previous contact with the buyer. The outbound sales prospecting concentrates on the outbound sales strategies wherein the sales reps make calls for sales prospecting. When a call is made by a sales representative and is reciprocated by someone from the targeted group of decision-makers, in a way that strikes some kind of interest in them to accomplish sales, it results in a successful deal closure.

A successful outbound sales process is highly targeted and personal and directly provides solutions to the specific pain points of the prospects. It's all about reaching out to the sales prospects to build new relationships and close new deals. Cold calling is an example of an outbound sales process. The defining factor of outbound sales is that marketers have to reach out to people to generate leads, leads don't come to the marketers as is the case with inbound sales strategy.

Outbound is an effective approach to B2B sales; outbound sales to a great extent depend on the skills of a sales rep. Meaningful relationships with prospective customers are established when effective and engaging calls are done by the members of sales teams.

But why do you need to master the outbound sales process anyway?

Leads are the lifeblood of any sales process. Leads are the ultimate fuel to keep your sales machine running. Those who always depend on potential customers to find their products, find it tough to build a dependable process for lead generation and consistently predict their sales every month.

Marketers who wish to build an outbound sales process and generate profitable revenue must go after the leads rather than waiting.

In this post, we will help you understand the top 10 ways to master your outbound sales strategy.

How Outbound Sales Process Amplifies Sales

With the help of outbound sales, marketers can fuel their sales results and generate leads by conducting relationship-focused business activities. This is an excellent way to understand the needs, interests, and situations of your prospects before you pitch them for sales. Outbound is indeed a formulaic process to boost your sales if you do it right, here's how:

1. Predictable Revenue

With the help of outbound sales, revenue is not a chance event. Doing it right means that you will get more prospects and an amplified campaign outreach and will get a predictable number of qualified leads.

This assures that you have complete control over your business and have a considerable framework to generate leads predictably.

2. Lead Generation Gets More Efficient

Outbound sales make lead generation a more efficient process as it can get you up and running in a matter of days. The strategy, when executed thoughtfully can help you generate revenue from day one itself. The hunt for the potential leads and to engage with them begins straightway and thus marketers are able to close more leads in the process.

3. Marketers Can Dominate Their Niche

Outbound sales strategy allows marketers to choose their own customers. As marketers have control over the prospects they go after, they can build a focused customer base.

This makes it easy for marketers to center their product or service around a particular niche of customers and allows them to nail their niche.

4. Big Wins Along the Way

With the help of the outbound sales process, marketers can hunt for the big fish. As they move upmarket, they can easily sell to the enterprise customers and the chief decision-makers.

Most large companies are involved with multiple stakeholders and need to be sold to. Outbound sales are well-suited for this process.

Outbound sales especially is an indispensable channel for companies moving upmarket from one segment to a higher one.

5. Automation Makes Things Easier And Intriguing

As outbound sales can be largely automated, and there're multiple tools available to automate every step of the process from sourcing leads to validating contact information, sending cold emails, following up with prospects and tracking metrics, etc. helps. This is where automation pitches in.

Depending upon their budget and level of automation and volume, marketers can put together a stack that can allow sales reps to focus only on talking to interested prospects.

6. Sourcing Leads For New Category Products Becomes Simple

For brands that are creating a new category of product/service and there is no sufficient market awareness around this; outbound might be the best strategy to consider. In such cases, outbound in fact is the best channel to reach out to the prospects.

By running targeted outbound campaigns, not only the marketers can find prospects but can also educate them that a solution to their pain points exists.

7. Account-Based Prospecting Strategy is Fueled

An account-based strategy involves going after the large, big names to engage with different personas and to develop multiple touch-points with the prospects.

Outbound sales is an extremely amenable channel when it comes to executing account-based prospecting. Marketers can build a large list of accounts, map relevant people in each account and run specific campaigns with appropriate messaging.

8. Market Segmentation to Target the Right Prospects

Outbound sales not only help you identify the right customers but also uses the power of market segmentation to target the right prospects. We approach the right decision-makers in the niche and send personalized emails to them in a timely fashion.

As the right decision-makers are approached directly, this cuts down on the hassle of several back-forth conversations involved to reach the right person and improves the chances of success with your outbound sales strategy.

9. Personalized Emails Attract Greater Traction

An important reason why outbound strategy is so successful is the launching of the drip campaigns. This helps in scaling the outbound sales efforts that help marketers reach out to a large number of prospects at scale.

With personalized emails, you craft the messages that resonate well with your prospects and share them at a time when they're most receptive. Sending personalized emails can be an impeccable strategy as it communicates your intentions clearly to your prospects and lets them know that you actually have put in a lot of effort to understand who they are and what their pain points are. This immensely increases your chances of earning back from your customers & amplifies your sales opportunities.

A personalized email marketing drive is all about prospects & aims to sell them the solutions that they are looking for while keeping the context sharp and to the point.

As the pain points of the customers are addressed in a personalized way, the recipient is more engaged and this fuels up the conversions. Also, the marketers can shoot the emails just at the right time to further amplify the conversions.

10. The Right Tools Are Available to Scale Up Your Email Marketing Process

Reaching out to the prospects involves a lot of following up. When one is reaching out to prospects at scale, it's not possible to follow up on a one-on-one basis. The entire process of reaching out to prospects, following up with them, keeping a record of customer data and lead generation resources can be automated.

All these tasks require a lot of sophisticated tools that help your sales representatives by cutting down the tedious task, improving efficiency, and saving time. The right set of tools such as CRM, sales engagement platform, prospecting tools, etc. have become imperative today. To scale up their email marketing process marketers can use the power of experimentation as well as can A/B test their entire sales process to understand what's working the best for their campaigns so that they can improve the performance of their campaigns.

In Conclusion

The goal of outbound sales is to sell a product or service by leveraging techniques such as cold calling, email outreach, social selling, and paid media ads. The benefits include a highly targeted outreach, connection with qualified leads to reach the target audience groups and drive sales. These methodologies result in faster ROI; however, ample time and resources are required to educate and guide the potential customers, especially during the initial stages. In general, it a considered a good approach for brands to deploy an amalgamation of inbound and outbound strategies to drive sales. Executing perfect outbound sales calls requires well-framed strategies and a well-trained team of experts.

In the post GDPR (General Data Protection Act) era, marketers deploying outbound sales strategies need to be very careful with their strategies in terms of data collection. They must be wary to collect only the data that they need. They must maintain a proper record of their customer database and must send emails only to the customers who have expressed an explicit interest to receive the mails. This would ensure that the privacy policy of a potential customer isn’t violated. The opt-out must be a smoother process.

Keeping your outbound strategy updated, ensures that outbound sales for your brand emerge as a great channel to transform your sales team into a scalable and precognitive revenue-generating machine.

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