10 B2B Marketing Strategies to Optimize Sales Conversions

optimize sales conversion

With the advent of intent data & the amalgamation of diverse data points across the digitized landscape, lead generation has become easier than ever.

However, to optimize sales conversions marketers need to scrutinize the behavior of their customers once they get converted on several platforms across the web & optimize their experiences.

A B2B landscape comprising the website design as well as the landing pages are crucial to the optimize audience experiences.

The following technics can be used by B2B marketing to optimize sales conversions:

1. Review the design of the Website:

The marketers must review the website design & decide whether the quality of content displayed there helps in optimizing the users’ experiences.

Also, the look & feel of the website must help the prospects research their pain-points.

The website must inspire confidence in prospects instead of scaring them away.

The following checks help:

  • The marketers must use a responsive design that gives optimal look on different screens including phone, tablet, laptop, etc.
  • Add professional photos including those of your products, office & team
  • The website must be focused on a proper sitemap
  • The website must be free of errors having relevant links, buttons & forms
  • Provide easy access to datasheets, 3d models & technical information that prospects might research

2. Focus on Niche-Specific Content:

The marketers must be using content that resonates with the pain-points & the search queries of the prospects. The headings should be clear & content in all forms must be aptly addressing the pain-points of the prospects.

To optimize the sales conversions, the prospects need to be delivered with specific pieces of content resonating with the areas of interest the prospects – at specific stages of buying cycles.

The website must make it easier for the prospects to ask questions or contact a representative regarding a product or service.

3. Look Beyond the Conventional Funnel Approach:

The conventional sales funnel focuses on attracting, engaging, nurturing & converting the leads.

The B2B marketers must comprehend that they need to expedite the customers’ journeys through the conventional funnels to optimize the sales conversions.

Not only do the marketers need to close an increased number of sales deals but also need to retain their existing customers.

According to a study by Huify, acquiring new customers is 5 times as expensive as retaining an existing one. Furthermore, studies by Brain & Company, along with Earl Sassier of Harvard Business School have shown that a 5% increase in customer retention may lead to an astonishing 25 – 95% increase in revenue.

4. Use SEO & PPC Strategies to Optimize Quality Traffic:

To reach the niche-specific prospects, the marketers must focus on increasing traffic by targeting the niche-specific keywords.

Researching & optimizing the traffic for the keywords of relevance to the prospects helps to optimize the sales conversions.

Supplementing the SEO endeavors to boost the organic traffic with PPC campaigns assures that the website gets highly targeted traffic, more likely to convert.

The PPC campaigns must have:

  • Negative Keywords:

Adding brand names similar to yours to the negative keyword list ensures that one is not paying for unrelated traffic.

  • Geo-targeting:

Geo-targeting optimizes the ads for the targeted geographies.

Learn more on: How to Incorporate Geofencing in B2B Content Strategy

  • Focused ad Copy:

Creating an ad text that’s specific to the searchers’ interests by grouping keywords into specific segments helps improve the Click-Through Rate (CTR).

5. Set up Heat Mapping:

Heat mapping is one of the favorite tools to figure out how the site visitors are interacting with your website.

Focusing on the elements from your site aiding to the current conversion rate & boosting them may help to optimize the sales conversions.

Marketers can also split-test the placement of their call-to-action buttons.

6. Review of Analytics & Engagement Statistics:

Marketers need to review the performance of their website traffic & the sales conversions generated monthly, as well as on a quarterly & yearly basis.

Normally, at least 25% of the total visits on the website must be returning.

The conversions per month can be utilized to project quarterly sales. To optimize sales conversions, marketers need to optimize the influx of quality leads.

7. Segment & Sub-segment the Prospects:

Based on their demographics, firmographic, technographic, psychographic, ‘fit-data’ as well as data from their researching methodologies & past browsing histories, the marketers can optimize their marketing endeavors.

To optimize sales conversions the prospects can be fed with segmented content resonating with the interests of the prospects.

8. Leveraging Lead generation tools like Leadfeeder:

Tools like Leadfeeder can integrate directly with website analytics & trace out which companies are viewing your site.

A minor investigation by the marketing team establishes who might be the key decision-makers of those companies to contact.

Thus, the number of quality leads on the website is improved which helps to optimize b2b marketing sales conversions.

9. Nurture Leads into Sales:

Marketing automation & CRM tools can help optimize sales conversions.

These tools help improve the efficacy of email marketing campaigns. A vital part of lead nurturing is feeding prospects with stackable content.

To optimize sales conversions relevance of the content & its timely delivery matter the most.

10. Deploy B2B Content Marketing to Educate Customers:

To optimize sales conversions brands must prioritize educating customers over upselling or promoting sales-oriented pieces of content.

According to a report by propeller.com, 95% of the buyers look for businesses providing relevant & informative pieces of content.

Targeted content must be spread across omnichannel for creating multiple touch-points from start to finish.

To Sum Up

Marketing to businesses is very different from marketing to customers. That’s why B2B marketing exits, to help marketers optimize their sales conversions – by acclimatizing the conventionally longer sales cycles as per the interests of the prospects researching.

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