How to prepare landing pages for lead conversion

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The first impression is the best impression. When a consumer lands on a page that is on your website, they expect you to follow through on any promise you made to bring them there. It is the next step towards a visitor becoming a customer but if they don’t like what they see immediately, they wouldn’t want to take a deeper look at your company. On the off chance that your undertaking does not have a viable greeting page, it can influence everything, from your web-based social networking nearness to the way you draw in clients and change over leads. Landing pages get the most testing conducted on them compared to any other type of web page. There are a few steps you need to take to prepare your landing pages for higher lead conversion.
  • Conduct A/B Tests
Compare two versions of your webpage by showing it to similar visitors at the same time. The one with the better conversion rate is the one that you should go forward with. A decent testing instrument should disclose to you when you’ve assembled enough information to reach a dependable determination. Once concluded, update your site with the desired content variants and remove all elements of the test.
  • Create a headline that is clear, believable and rife with benefits
Your headline is the first thing a visitor sees and it needs to clearly communicate your value proposition. What is the value proposition? It alludes to a business or advertising proclamation that an organization uses to abridge why a buyer should purchase an item or utilize an administration. This statement convinces a potential consumer that one particular product or service will add more value or better solve a problem than other similar offerings could. So your headline needs to state what the end benefit is that you are offering, mention the product and/or the customer and needs to be an attention grabber.
  • Make your CTA button stand out
The color of a CTA button makes little difference on its own as its impact depends on whether it stands out on your page.
  • Your CTA button should have a high contrast from your website (Light background, dark buttons, and vice versa)
  • The words on the CTA button needs to have a strong luminance contrast. (Dark button, light words, and vice versa)
  • Keep important elements above the fold
The age-old practice in web design is to keep the most important content above the fold – the part of the page that is visible without the need to scroll. Nowadays, you need to consider the “fold” separately for different kinds of devices. This part of the page is most important as it is the part that creates the visitor’s first impression of your company.
  • Entice visitors to act with a strong CTA
Due to a weak call to action that has no sense of urgency; many landing pages are not converting leads into customers. Most marketers mess up when creating a call to action as they focus on their product or service instead of the benefit the reader will get for taking the action. Writing your call to action with engaging copy and by using complementary visuals is the best way to entice users.
  • Use high quality product images
When you employ the service of high-quality images on your website, you engage your users to click through your pages, thereby decreasing your site’s bounce rate. Bounce rate is the percentage of visitors who come to your website and leave without viewing any other page. If users are given images to look at, they will remain on a site for a longer period of time and this is SEO verified information. So adding images will enhance your user experience, decrease your bounce rate and convert your visitors into leads and then into the final customer.
  • Adding videos to your landing page
If there is a way for people to experience your message through a passive engagement medium with very little personal effort then it will result in them staying on your website longer. Businesses are incorporating videos on their website as a way to deliver content that is informative, entertaining, educational, or as an expert to their customers and fans and this is increasing their lead conversion rates.
  • Ensure your landing pages perform well on mobile devices.
In 2019 the number of mobile phone users is forecast to reach 4.68 billion and nearly 60% of these users use these mobile devices, over a desktop, to research your products and services and for connecting with your company. You can no longer afford to ignore your mobile users. Using methods like customizing your website to suit various mobile devices, implementing auto-completing forms, making it easier for purchasing, enabling your visitors to switch between devices and constantly testing your changes, you can optimize your website and convert leads at a higher rate.

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