Lead Generation With Quora

Generating leads for your business is a tedious task. Quora Marketing can help you generate leads in hundreds. Marketers utilize numerous amount of social media platforms to gain their business momentum. But often they fail to harness the power of Quora. Quora, which has the power to generate thousands of leads and build a huge online community within a few months. What If we tell you that you can use Quora for Lead Generation. If you don’t know what Quora is, Quora is a popular question and answer platform. A site for elites to voice their opinions. It is indeed a curated platform, unlike Yahoo Answers and ask.com where almost anyone can ask and respond to any question about basically anything in the world. Quora is kind of a social media platform, but it is far different from most. Quora is similar to Twitter in that you can follow other people. But it isn’t nearly as free-flowing. It is similar to Facebook because you can interact with other people, but not through direct messaging. Quora’s individuality is what makes it so effective for lead generation. Using Quora, you can either ask a question which you want an expert to answer or you can answer questions that other people have posted. As a marketer, you will be answering questions rather than asking. Why it’s great for generating leads As of 2016, Quora has reached about 100 millions unique monthly visitors. It is indexed by Google which gives an edge and additional value. Type a question related to your industry on Google, and the chances are, the first few results would be Quora Answers. And therefore, searchers are more likely to stumble upon your writings. Quora can prove to be an effective platform to drive traffic and leads to your website. Additionally, Quora is a great medium to communicate directly with your customers that no other social media platform provides. A platform where the prospects and customers are asking questions and marketers can interact with them directly. This ability of Quora is what makes it stand apart from other mediums. Thus, you should utilize Quora to your advantage. If you join the platform and play the part of the expert, you will quickly enhance your brand’s image in the eyes of your target audience, drive leads to your website, establish thought leadership, generate organic views, build a massive following and grow your online community. Here’s what biggies have to say about Quora: “Being the epicenter of curiosity, Quora offers businesses potential opportunities to create a niche for their brand and leverage it to spread awareness about their products and services.” — Top League Technologies According to Tyler James, co-Founder, Conversated Media, “Quora is neither a business development place nor a place for cold calling. Rather it is a place where you can genuinely and authentically interact with users with an intention to help them. Quora does open the lines of communication between you and your audience. Therefore, business should invest in building their authority on Quora paving a way for lead generation.” The Powerful Ingredients to make the most of Quora Now that you know, Quora can do wonders for your business, you might wonder how exactly to do that? Here are the few ingredients to make the most out of Quora:
  • Create a captivating profile
You can answer hundreds of questions on Quora, but your hard work becomes pointless if it’s not generating any lead. Quora profile is the first thing that a user sees and if it is unoptimized, the user would not trust you. So the first and foremost thing you need to do is to create a compelling bio. Here are four things which you need to incorporate into your profile:
  1. Make your profile picture professional and approachable
  2. Include a noteworthy accomplishment
  3. Social recognition or validation
  4. Include your location
  5. Link to other content
  • Follow relevant topics
Once your Quora profile is set up, the next thing you need to do is to follow relevant topics. Identify the topics that directly apply to your target industry and follow them. This will keep you in a loop with relevant questions that users are asking. It makes the task easier as you will no longer need to search for them. You can directly see the updates on your dashboard. Remember, the more you follow, the more scope you will get to interact with your prospects and customers and drive leads for your website.
  • Show your proficiency
Whenever you are answering on Quora, you need to make sure that you make people trust you. You will need to establish yourself as an expert. Here are some pointers that you need to keep in mind:
  1. Make sure you have a professional looking profile picture
  2. Be bold in what you are writing
  3. Start off with a brief explanation of why you are an expert
  • Add value and be genuinely helpful
Quora is a community-driven where people are looking for answers and not to be marketed to. So before you get carried away with your business promotion, make sure that your answers are genuinely helpful. It is important to avoid shameless promotion and be legitimately involved. Answer questions that will genuinely help people on the other side. If you appropriate and helpful, it will help you gain trust with your prospects, build brand awareness and even drive traffic to your website.
  • Contact your followers
You can use Quora to connect with your followers via direct messaging. Though, you can send messages only to those whose privacy setting allow doing so. This will limit the number of people you can get in touch with. If you would like to connect with more prospects, make sure you choose to receive messages from anyone in your privacy settings on Quora. Here are 3 ways to contact your followers:
  1. Send a thank you note.
  2. Send a direct follow-up with targeted offers and link to your landing page.
  3. Connect with them on LinkedIn with a Quora reference.
  • Track your analytics
Unlike most social media platforms, Quora has its own analytics dashboard. This dashboard gives a track of the number of views, upvotes and shares all in one place. As a marketer, you will need to track your progress at least once in a week. Identify what is working in your favor and what is not. Learn, adapt and reiterate this process to strengthen your Quora strategy. Conclusion Lead Generation is comparatively easier on Quora as compared to other social platforms. With less competition, growth opportunities and direct engagement with prospects, Quora offers a one hack way to drive leads and traffic to your website. Leverage the potential of Quora to make your business survive and thrive. Create your profile, share your knowledge and let the leads pour in!

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