How to Use Salesforce Commerce Cloud to Design Seamless eCommerce Experiences


Salesforce Commerce Cloud, formerly known as Demandware, is a cloud-based service that helps in unifying the way businesses engage with customers over any channel or device. It helps in designing seamless eCommerce experiences, unifying the omnichannel customers’ journeys, integrating customers’ information, and designing seamless, positive customer experiences – across both digital & physical channels. The B2B eCommerce solution providing companies can specifically benefit from the functionalities listed above and can enhance their customer success indexes.

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The technology of Salesforce commerce cloud is closely integrated to other customer success cloud platforms such as sales, advertising, and service clouds as well as with Salesforce Einstein and artificial intelligence platform.

Salesforce Commerce Cloud facilitates marketers to drive revenue and build loyalty by connecting commerce to sales, provisions, advertising, and more.

Use of Salesforce Marketing Cloud for Mapping Customers’ Journeys

Commerce Cloud forms an integral part of the Salesforce Customer Success Platform.

Salesforce provides support for a complete customer journey across all the major functions including commerce, advertising, sales, communities, customer service, and more. When marketers connect Commerce Cloud with other Salesforce clouds, they facilitate customer journey mapping from awareness and acquisition, to purchase and fulfillment, and finally to advocacy and retention. This, in turn, is done on three levels:

1) Commerce Cloud & Service Cloud

This functionality of the Salesforce Commerce Cloud enables businesses to provide the best-in-class facility prior to, during, and post the purchase:

  1. Synchronize Customer Data – Marketers must empower agents with real-time customer profile, order, and purchasing data that have been updated across the Service Cloud and Commerce Cloud.
  2. Engage Your Customer Where They Want To – Marketers must drive conversations with audiences on their preferred channels whether it’s mobile, social media, or through chat services.
  3. Ordering On Behalf of Customers – Marketers must turn service interactions into cross-selling and upsell opportunities and those need to be completed by either the agent or the customer.
  4. Engage With Your Customers On Their Preferred Platforms – Marketers must focus on driving conversations with customers on their preferred channels such as mobile, social media, or through chat services.
  5. Focus on Optimizing Personalization – As AI is infused across Commerce Cloud, Marketing Cloud as well as Service Cloud, it allows marketers to tailor interactions that result in higher CSAT scores and repeat purchases.

2) Commerce and Marketing

Truly knowing your customers helps you build repeat business and brand loyalty. Here’re a few ways to excel with the commerce and advertising tactics:

  1. Personalize Your Email Campaigns Marketers must personalize engagement as per their past purchases with automated emails based on account creation, password reset, and order confirmation.
  2. Don’t Flood the InboxesMarketers must be considerate about personalizing engagement to improve efficiency and reporting by consolidating the total number of emails sent. This provides a single unified view of customers, catalogs, content, and orders.
  3. Follow up on lost salesA consistent follow-up needs to be taken on the lost deal opportunities. Automated emails can be sent whenever a customer abandons the cart and specific clusters can be created according to past purchases. This allows marketers to recapture revenue with automated emails.

3) Commerce & Salesforce DMP

Marketers must leverage their competencies to make their customer data work harder for them. This, in turn, includes the steps outlined below:

  1. Leveraging Transactional SegmentationMarketers must leverage data management platform (DMP) tagging to capture purchasing behavior and separate their audience groups in several modalities such as SKU-based, price-based, or category-based.
  2. Employ Retargeting to Win Back Your CustomersMarketers must identify and engage with site visitors and shopping cart abandoners through meaningful retargeting campaigns based on intelligent commerce insights.
  3. Activate commerce channelsOne can leverage several DMP segments to engage with his active or passive customers, backed by 200+ activation partners who specialize in cross-channel addressable marketing.
  4. Master PersonalizationBrands must connect behavioral data with DMP segmentation. This allows them to deliver accurate personalization even on dynamic creative optimization platforms (DCO), site-side personalization systems, and more.

Salesforce Commerce Cloud Makes Online Buying Easy

This platform makes buying online an easier task and allows marketers to generate more revenue with B2B eCommerce solutions. Salesforce B2B commerce offers buyers the seamless, self-provisioning experience that’s required to boost their online shopping experiences.

With the help of Salesforce Commerce Cloud brands can:

  1. Boost their online revenue with tailored, and easy-to-use eCommerce features
  2. Engage with more potential and existing customers
  3. Scale their businesses, and
  4. Tailor their offerings in accordance with the customers’ expectations/pain points

Order Management with Salesforce Commerce Cloud

The platform allows marketers to deliver seamless orders with absolute ease. Clarity and accuracy are the prime features of the tool which ensures that the marketers:

  1. Complete their Order Management Process
  2. Connect Their Commerce & Provision
  3. Leverage the Flexibility of the Platform to Their Marketing & Competitive Advantages
  4. Work Excellently Under a Partner Ecosystem

From shopping to shipping the order managing capabilities of the platform are simply amazing and allow marketers to visually manage workflows, deliver complex orders, process payments automatically & manage their cancellations and returns. The platform is a boon for eCommerce marketers and allows them to easily extend their capabilities. It even allows them to automate their business proceedings without code.

How Cloud Commerce Helps Content Management

The Content Management System from Salesforce allows marketers to create, tailor and deliver content across every commerce experience really quick. This CMS is built above Salesforce’s CRM and allows marketers to extend their commerce journeys across multiple channels.

The old content can be updated really fast and several different content formats can be brought to life.

The Headless Commerce Allows Your Customers to Lead the Way

This functionality allows marketers to be driven by customers’ information and provides them with a 360-degree experience on a trusted platform powered by Salesforce. The functionality comes at a reasonable cost and allows marketers to lower their total cost of ownership with scalable commerce APIs, developer efficiency tools, AI-powered personalization, a Progressive Web App storefront, and a proven partner ecosystem.

Einstein AI for Commerce Allows You to Optimize Your Business

This functionality allows marketers to optimize their revenue, productivity, and customer engagement metrics. The in-built AI-functionality allows marketers to fuel up their eCommerce transformation endeavors and speed up business growth with AI. As the guesswork is removed, the productivity of businesses has optimized a thousandfold.

Wrap Up

Salesforce Commerce Cloud facilitates marketers to design exemplary experiences that are specifically made for their businesses. Some of the unique features that the platform offers include personalized user experiences, advanced ordering capabilities, enhanced website functionality, site localization as per language, currency, and security, customization of users’ experiences with the help of platform features, and several customized plans including the Premier Success Plan. To top it all, the pricing is competitive and is available on a request.

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