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Everything You Want to Know About Fire Liker

While the new generation looks for apps that increase followers, the Fire Liker app is made to help them gain fame by increasing likes, followers, and …

Electrolux warns of profit drop as inflation squeezes demand

Electrolux to cut costs due to the ever-increasing inflation, as demand makes a significant drop

Is DuckDuckGo a Browser or a Search Engine?

You may have experienced that after buying a few clothes on Amazon, you tend to get recommendations of similar products while browsing through your daily Instagram …

Photopea vs Photoshop vs Canva: Which is better for you?

Photopea – Advanced Image Editor Photopea is an image editor that works from a web browser. It can be used for editing images, making illustrations, web …

Reliance becomes a global giant, acquiring international deals

What started as a fabric mill is now a globally acclaimed corporation. Reliance (RIL), founded by Dhirubhai Ambani, started as a small textile manufacturer in 1966 …

Importance of Cloud IAM (Identity and Access Management): The Current Outlook

In today’s IT landscape, identity and access management (IAM) is an important topic. The importance of Cloud IAM has been well-established by many organizations, but there …

How to Mitigate the Risk of Cybersecurity Workforce Shortage

The cybersecurity workforce shortage is real, and it’s going to take time and effort from every organization to resolve the issue.

Cloud-Native to Be the New Norm in North America In 2022, Reveals Forrester

In two of its recent reports, deciphering the latest trends in enterprise cloud adoption, Forrester has revealed that cloud-native will be the new norm in North …

Meta Begins Testing Its Latest AI Chatbot BelnderBot 3

After introducing its AI Chatbot BelnderBot 3, the previous week, Meta has started testing this chatbot by allowing the common masses to chat with it.

Analyzing the Carbon Footprint of AI & Machine Learning

The AI and Machine Learning (ML) industry have been growing rapidly in recent years. The data center industry has also been expanding, which means that many …

IRI and NPD Merge, Becoming a Global Technology, Analytics, and Data Provider

Information Resources, Inc. (IRI) and The NPD Group (NPD) have successfully concluded their merger to form a preeminent supplier of technology, analytics, and data on a …

Dynata partners with Google to measure brand lift on YouTube

It is now possible for advertising brands and agencies to holistically assess the success of their advertisements across all platforms that are being measured, including YouTube.

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