ASAPP Unveils GenerativeAgent: Automating Contact Centers  

ASAPP Unveils GenerativeAgent Automating Contact Centers

Generative AI Revolutionizes Contact Centers   

23rd April, New Jersey: ASAPP, a leader in generative AI for customer experience (CX), introduces GenerativeAgent. This groundbreaking product automates over 90% of contact center interactions, including complex, free-form conversations previously unmanageable by other technologies.   

GenerativeAgent Ushers in New Era of Productivity 

GenerativeAgent empowers agents to handle multiple voice interactions concurrently, a game-changer for contact centers.  This latest addition joins ASAPP’s suite of AI-powered CX solutions, including AutoSummary, AutoTranscribe, AutoCompose, and the ASAPP Messaging platform.    

Fortune 500 Companies Trust ASAPP’s Solutions  

Leading companies across banking, insurance, retail, technology, and more rely on ASAPP’s cutting-edge technology.  These include four of the top five cable providers, half of the leading wireless carriers, and two of the biggest airlines.  

Redefining Customer Experience  

“This product is a revolution,” says Gustavo Sapoznik, ASAPP’s CEO. GenerativeAgent automates interactions typically handled by human agents, leading to a significantly improved customer experience across all channels.  

Key Features of  

  • Fully Generative: No manual scriptwriting needed. The system interacts autonomously with an enterprise’s backend systems.  
  • Active Learning: Human intervention is available for escalations, allowing GenerativeAgent to learn and improve. 
  • Safe and Secure: Complies with strictest enterprise security and privacy requirements. 
  • Seamless Integration: Integrates seamlessly with existing contact center systems.   

ASAPP Partners for Widespread Adoption  

ASAPP is building an ecosystem of partners to accelerate GenerativeAgent’s market adoption. This includes system integrators, technology providers, and leading cloud platforms like Amazon Web Services (AWS).   

Industry Leaders Endorse GenerativeAgent 

Industry leaders from AWS, EY, PTP, Infosys, Genesys, Avaya, and Cisco all recognize the potential of GenerativeAgent to transform contact centers and improve customer experience.  

Ending Bad Customer Service 

“We aim to end bad customer service,”  says Sapoznik. GenerativeAgent addresses the limitations of traditional IVR and chatbot systems, offering a more natural and efficient way to resolve customer issues.  

Meeting Customer and Business Needs 

Today’s consumers demand fast, efficient solutions. GenerativeAgent fulfills this need while also addressing the high costs and low satisfaction levels plaguing contact centers. 

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