10 Unbeatable Video Marketing Strategies for 2018

With so much already happening in the field of Video marketing, a lot more is expected to happen soon, the limits of what will be unimaginable. So we will discuss Top 10 unbeatable video marketing strategies. Marketing today can be a total mind game. You could be doing all the right things and not hit the jackpot wherein someone else may be doing less and still making it work. This is because there is no one way to market something and it also changes the type of product, region, audience, and other factors. When it comes to video marketing, the rules change a little bit. If your basic content and video is great then marketing will only be a “push” or if not then you may have to work harder at it. Here are 10 amazing video marketing strategies for 2018:
  • Opt for live videos:  
Live videos are great marketing strategies. On being live, viewers can directly reach out to you and ask questions to clear their concerns. Live videos are also most the preferred way to keep communication open since questions raised at this time can be directly heard/read by the person and answers come immediately.
  • Square-shaped videos:
If you check your mobile phone, you will notice that it plays content in a square because of its design. So it’s a given that videos that fit that space will be most helpful for those who use mobile phones, meaning for most of use. Hence, making sure videos are mobile-friendly and most importantly, fit average mobile screens without losing some part of the video is important.
  • E-learning videos:
With so much new in every industry coming up almost every second day, making your viewers aware about the facts is vital. This can be easily done with the help of e-learning videos i.e. videos that contain informative content. These videos can be done every time you launch something new or even a new introduction in the market.
  • Sponsored and paid videos:
With a lot of companies having popular websites and individuals promote their content, if an opportunity like this comes to you, it’s a great idea to take it up. Why? Because most paid and sponsored videos are boosted then marketed in the best way. So in a way, your own brand too gets recognition without all the added effort.
  • Work on the best content:
While most marketers’ feel that the ‘video part’ is most important, content too is equally vital because every time a video is on, people are all ears. Also, with spectacular content, the efforts needed to put into making a stunning video are comparatively less. Make sure what is being spoken during the video is easy to understand, goes with the flow and is apt from a viewer’s point of view.
  • Use social media to your advantage:
The cheapest, most reliable and easiest way to promote videos? SOCIAL MEDIA. Nothing, nothing goes beyond this. Along with having the power to throws your video all over the world, it also generates amazing response in a relatively short period of time! And what do you pay for all of this? NOT A PENNY!
  • Work on ‘stories’:
Both Instagram and Facebook have come up with the concept of ‘live stories.’ These are short videos/posts that disappear after 24 hours, however, can also be retained if needed. The reason why stories have gained so much popularity is perhaps, because they get featured right where you can see them, are short and specific and so much more fun!
  • 360° videos:
Another new feature, these are spherical videos that can be shot in any direction and allow the viewer to scroll in any direction to check the bigger picture. This one is especially loved if there is a bigger space to see than the one where the video is focused. 360° videos are loved by many!
  • Explainer videos are still going strong:
Close to a learning video which mostly stresses on explaining a concept, these are great for new businesses when introducing a new product or service. Although overdoing these may become monotonous, a nicely done explainer video will generate a lot of interest in the audience. Original content is most important when it comes to these.
  • Work strategies as per your audience base:
Although there can be a million different strategies that many people will suggest, the best one is the one that truly works for you, your audience and of course the business. These trends of video marketing are working for many organizations in 2018.

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