Top 5 Ways to Supercharge ABM with Intent Data



With the expansion of digitized landscape, data-driven decisions are paramount to drive business growth. The B2B marketers need to supercharge ABM with intent data for optimized sales conversions by streamlining the sales cycles of the prospects.

According to research from TOPO, more than 80% of the B2B organizations are operationalizing Account-Based Marketing (ABM) programs.

ABM has been imperative to drive the B2B organizations to success in terms of injecting the requisite resources to appeal to the key decision-makers & optimize the sales conversions.

According to research from ITSMA, 87% of the marketers that measure ROI accede that ABM outperforms every other marketing investment.

Furthermore, research from SiriusDecisions implies that 92% of the marketers cite ABM as extremely important to their overall marketing efforts. 

A study by Spiceworks substantiates that developing an ABM strategy is the second biggest priority for B2B marketers just behind video marketing. 

Intent data reveals vital information about the research behaviors of target accounts. Architecting ABM strategies with intent data allow marketers to optimize their ABM endeavors to expedite sales conversions.

Intent data is broad of two types:

a) that which is collected from website analytics &

b) that is collected across the digitized footprints left by prospects across omnichannel. 

Intent data encompasses the insights gathered from the demographic, technographic, firmographic & psychographic factors associated with prospects along with their research methodologies, purchasing habits & the past browsing histories of the prospective customers.

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Methods to Supercharge ABM with Intent Data  

Intent data can be both explicit & implicit & helps unveil vital information about the research behaviors of the target accounts. Accordingly, the marketers can throttle up to supercharge ABM with Intent data.

The following are some ways to leverage Intent data with ABM

1. Prioritize the Accounts to Target & Use Intent Data to Expand the Customer Base:

To supercharge ABM strategy with Intent data marketers can begin with the use of first-party intent-data in conjunction with the third-party intent data. Thus, marketers can excavate new decision-makers at target accounts & can discover new companies within their ICP.

Marketers can also dig out new accounts resembling their ICP that are proactively researching the products or services at disposal by the marketers.

Marketers can figure out the accounts that they might have missed can prioritize accounts based on the levels of interest that they show.

Accounts can be segmented & tailored messages can be sent to them as per the solutions that they might be interested in.

2. Engage Contacts More Efficiently:

Marketers need to engage with the key accounts. Prioritizing the accounts helps allocate the budget on the individual advertising endeavors to engage & convert them.

To supercharge ABM accounts with intent data, marketers need to allocate their budgets & outreach more efficiently to the targeted accounts & engage them more efficiently leveraging targeted messages.

3. Boost Content Marketing Endeavors:

Customizing the pieces of content to be delivered to the target accounts is vital to the success of any ABM program. With the help of first-party intent data, the marketers can get a clear picture of the audiences’ behavior on the website. Third-party intent-data captures a wider spectrum of prospects’ interests, including their past browsing histories.

Taking into account the first & the third-party intent data, the marketers can create highly tailored pieces of content to optimize time & resources & to supercharge ABM with intent data.

Created pieces of content tailored to the interests of the prospective buyers ensure that the conversion rates are higher.

4. Leverage Event Marketing to Connect with the Prospects:

According to research by Bizzabo, 41% of marketers believe that the single most effective marketing channel is events.

Intent data can unveil the online research behavior of targeted attendees. This allows marketers to optimize their in-person experiences when they appear for the events & also allows them to optimize their online experiences.

Thus, marketers can strategically personalize their pre- & post-event ABM outreach technics including direct mail, email marketing & ad campaigns.

Connecting with prospects also ensures that the marketers have relevant points to spark more meaningful conversations on event floors as well as while having the in-person meeting with the clients.

5. Streamlines the Sales Cycle:

One of the foremost benefits to supercharge ABM with Intent data is that it helps the marketers in sales revenue optimization. Intent data can be leveraged to avoid emails & making calls to the targeted accounts.

Generating specific pieces of content to accurately suffice the research queries of the prospects ensures that the key account holders are tactfully guided down in the sales funnel without wasting much time.

This ensures that the sales cycle is streamlined & headed towards faster sales conversions.

Wrapping It Up

Employing the Intent data gives the marketers a chance to leverage the existing relationships with the vital accounts to bring in more business. In addition to the retention of the existing account, there are numerous other benefits to supercharge ABM  with intent data including – acquisition of new clients, tapping into untapped niches, optimizing the existing client base & many more.

Intent data gives marketers visibility to customers’ online footprints. The web is studded with digitized footprints & using those belonging to specific accounts, helps the marketers in optimizing the users’ experiences for bolstering the bottom-lines.

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