Understanding Programmatic Advertising: The Future of B2B Marketing

Understanding Programmatic Advertising - The Future of B2B Marketing

Programmatic advertising is certainly the future of business-to-business marketing. But why? This approach has transformed the landscape of B2B marketing, making it easy to provide automated systems that buy and sell ads in the right spaces.

This has allowed businesses to be more precise in their efficiency rather than resort to trial and error. Companies like Pathlabs digital programmatic ad agency are a great example of everything you want to look for when working with a company. Let’s take a closer look to understand how this works.

What is Programmatic Advertising?

Pragmatic advertising uses different technology and algorithms to buy ad space that is only effective. Traditional advertising would require parties to negotiate a rate for such an ad to be displayed. Now, with program advertising, ads can move to the right places where their views are best perceived.

This allows for the purchase of digital space in real-time, making it the most effective use of marketing dollars.

Benefits of Programmatic Advertising

There are many different benefits of programmatic advertising. Taking a deeper dive into each one provides a well-rounded understanding of how these services work.


Every company wants to be as efficient as possible with its marketing dollars. This means yielding the best results for the least amount of spending. Programmatic advertising helps with this by automating the buying space and saving time and resources for marketers who may need to negotiate otherwise.

Real-time Feedback

Often, A and B testing can take some time, which also plays a role in efficiency. But with real-time feedback it is easy to lose early. By recognizing patterns that aren’t working. Making adjustments in real-time is the best way to create a marketing campaign quickly and efficiently.

Ability to Scale

Because of the ability to make real-time decisions and decipher what is effective, programmatic advertising leaves the ability to scale easily. You can remove resources from areas that are not working and apply them to variables with a proven track record.


Something that is important to a business today is the ability to personalize and tailor their approach to marketing. This is because many audiences are expecting the very same thing. With so much online business out there, it can be competitive when trying to win our customers over.

Programmatic advertising allows the specific ad to be more tailored to a specific user. This means being put in the right spaces as well as showing the right ads. For instance, an ad may change from English to Spanish, depending on the viewers, demographics, and where they are from, as well as their language preferences.

Even something as specific as the weather can change what ads are shown in specific places. If it’s raining, you might see more ads for umbrellas or rain boots versus winter coats in an area where it’s colder. This level of personalization makes it easy to connect with users in real-time

A Few Considerations

There are some drawbacks to programmatic advertising. As with any traditional marketing platform, these newer marketing strategies have pros and cons.

Choosing the Wrong Company

The idea of programmatic advertising is great, but not all companies can execute this well. In fact, there’s a lot of ad fraud out there claiming that they can place your ads and get the best bang for your buck. When really these are fraud systems that provide fake impressions and clicks. Programmatic advertising should lead to great results.

This is why companies should be absolutely transparent about how their system works and what you can expect to get from working with them. Just because it’s results-driven doesn’t mean that the comp processes are complex and sometimes difficult to understand.

And as with any technology, there are always privacy concerns, so you want to work with a company that protects your privacy as well as your visitors

Start Small

Because digital ads and programmatic advertising is scalable, there is no reason you have to make a big investment at first. You can start small and invest more once you yield the results you’re looking for. This will allow you to see what’s working and what’s not working so you can make those real-time adjustments.

Be sure to familiarize yourself with the process and ask the company you are looking to work with the right questions. Have a plan on what you are paying for them and keep them responsible for these results.

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