How White Hat Backlink is important and evergreen SEO Strategy


Link building is one of the important SEO strategies followed by any website. It is one of the key factors to boost the ranking of websites. Owing to its importance, link-building is quite is in buzz nowadays. The high demand of link building is also attributed to growing competition among various digital platforms. The digital marketers are all-out for link building to make their website rank on top of the search engine.

However, in quest of link-building, marketers go out of the way and that is where White-hat link building comes into the picture. For those who are oblivious to white-hat link building, it is just a link-building strategy complying with the Google’s guidelines.

White-hat link building is just one dimension of white-hat SEO strategies. White-hat SEO strategies enable marketers to boost the visitors on their website organically.

Though white-hat link-building strategies take time to bring-in the traffic, it is considered the best practice for long run. In future, if Google will update its algorithm, the authoritative, organically gained, and high-quality backlink will stay. On the other hand, when Google will find spammy backlinks obtained through private blog network (PBN) or link farms, and low-quality backlinks (also referred to as black-hat link building) your website is likely to be penalized as well.

In this post, we will focus on white-hat link building methods.

Tried and Tested White-Hat Link Building Methods To Boost Website Ranking

Blogs and Self-Promotion: Blog is one of the simplest ways to build links. You can do internal linking with other blog of your own website. Also, you can use relevant keywords to let know Google about your content piece. At the same time, you can link your content with that of other websites related to your niches. This, in turn, might get you backlinks from their website in future.

Nurture Digital Relationship: You can find and connect with people of your own using Facebook groups, LinkedIn and similar other online communities. While you do so, ensure that you are active by answering their queries. This will help you and your brand gain an authoritative position in your industry.

Further, in order to nurture this digital relation, it is recommended to link your content with their stand-out content.

Blog Commenting: It may sound little different and new, but Yes! Blog commenting is found to be one of the most effective method to build online relationships with some of the authority figures of your websites. Blog commenting can be used as a tool to build backlinks to your website. However, we don’t recommend you to comment randomly. Do a proper research about your competitors for who you want to rank. While commenting, ensure you are allowing a ‘do follow’ links in the comments, which will further help search engines to locate your site.

Post Shareable Links: Only creating content with appropriate keywords is not enough to boost traffic of website. It is just the first step towards the broader goal. Make sure these contents are shareable on different platforms. Informative contents such as case studies and list posts are some of the solution-based content that people tend to download and share on their websites.

Talking of linkable assets, make sure the content contains more than 2,500 words. This will help you to get more backlinks and share on social media when compared to shorter content.

Guest Post: Guest post is the process of hosting a blog post written by yourself on another website of your niche. While you are reaching out to other websites to post your blog, always approach an authority websites. During placement of blogs, ask for one or two high-quality backlinks, given the condition that blog structure allows it. Go for a reputable websites that has a lot of traffic and exposure for social media exposure.

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White-hat link building is safest and best approach to boost domain authority of your website. Adhering by the Google guidelines will help you to stay on top of the game for the long run. Indeed it is a slow process, but any day a better practice then black- hat link building.

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