Ziply Fiber: Local Optic Internet Service Provider

Ziply- Fiber-The- local- Optic- Internet- Service- Provider

Internet is now a quintessential part of our lives. The world now depends upon the internet for a majority of things. With the development of technology, we are becoming more and more dependent on the internet for things as small as turning on a light bulb or cleaning the house. We have AI to do stuff for us that could be done by ourselves, this is both a boon and a bane. As many repercussions as there might be, internet is vital for our existence and we cannot deny that. From completing a last-minute homework or booking tickets at the last moment, from sending your location to your loved ones so that they know your whereabouts to video calling your best friend while trying out a new dress, internet has proven to be a saviour for us. But in this fast-paced world, nobody like to hang fire, which is where Ziply Fiber comes into action.  

Ziply Fiber offers Fiber internet, the fastest alternative available among other options. The telecommunications company, based in Kirkland, Washington, is a subsidiary of WaveDivision Capital and was founded in 2020. 

Fiber optic technology transmits signals through transparent glass Fibers with a diameter similar to human hair. It converts electrical signals carrying data into light and sends this through the glass Fibers. It is superior to DSL, satellite, and cable internet services. Ziply Fiber offers Fiber internet, networking, and voice solutions. Ziply Fiber is ‘limitless, more reliable, purpose-built and eco-friendly’.   

Working and Pricing 

Ziply Fiber uses Optical Network Terminal and a router to connect your home to the internet and enable Data, Voice and TV Services. Ziply provide Wi-Fi 6 Routers which gives you intensive coverage and high speed.  

The fastest ISP in the area offers 2 and 5 gig plans to homes in Idaho, Oregon and Washington. Ziply Fiber has competitive plans as compared to other providers, there is a$20 hike for Fiber services and $10 hike for internet services after 12 months of service, but even after that it is pretty affordable. Their standard prices for Fiber Gig, Fiber 2 Gig and Fiber 5 Gig are $80, $120, and $300 respectively, giving you a speed ranging from 1000 Mbps to 5000 Mbps. They also have Fiber 50/50 which gives you a speed of 50 Mbps and Fiber 200/200 which gives you a speed of 200 Mbps. The former retails for $40 whereas, the latter retails for $60. They also have Ziply Internet (DSL) which retails for $60, giving you 115 Mbps downloading speed and 7 Mbps uploading speed.  

Is this the one for you?

Ziply offers no data caps, contracts or credit checks is expanding its Fiber networks even in rural areas and is worth considering given the cheap rates. This gives you internet which is neither too slow, nor too fast. It has different teams catering to your different needs –home, small business, and enterprise. The customer reviews for the telecommunications company praise their service and the speed. There is seldom any outage and their team is always available for you to help with any issues. You get fast upload and download speeds which is best at the given price. To summarise, there are always going to be some complaints given the line of business, but you can totally go ahead the Ziply Fiber for the kind of service it gives at the lowest price.  

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