3 Ways to Get Bigger Content Marketing Results with a Small Team


Social media presence has become an unspoken rule for brands. Whether you are a start-up or a larger company, promoting your business profiles across multiple platforms is a must these days. In addition, having a website will dramatically increase the level of customer trust and, as a result, boost your profits. Below, you will get acquainted with the main steps you should take when promoting your brand in the virtual space.

Content Selection and Production

It does not matter how many people work with you promoting a brand; it is important to properly divide tasks and responsibilities. Everyone in the group should be up to date with current issues in their field and, of course, stay aware of the latest social media trends. Since comprehensive promotion is considered the most successful, it is best if your brand is present on several platforms + a website.

In this regard, let each team member be responsible for a specific content format, platform, and design of materials. The latter plays an important role in shaping customer loyalty to a brand. When the user sees that even details of publications correspond to the brand identity, it is easier for them to build an emotional connection with the company and become a regular customer. Therefore, slogans in podcasts, corporate color schemes in photos, and even logo brochure templates will benefit the brand owner.

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Content can be divided by format: photo, video, text, and audio. If we analyze the essence of materials for publication, it is worth highlighting the main forms: entertainment and communication, educational or expert, and advertising.

Content marketing is working with the interests of an audience. After conducting a study on a specific topic, you post its results on a social platform or an article on a website. There might be few requests for this topic in a search engine, but high-quality and interesting content will bring more views, trust, and loyalty from the existing audience.

On the other side, it is important to keep SEO in mind. A person inserts a query, sees your page in the search results, and goes to the site. This happens due to page optimization, filling the site with key queries, and fulfilling other requirements of search engines. That is, someone from the team should understand this area or have contacts of a third party that will quickly help you figure it out.

Helpful Services

Special services will help to facilitate the creation of materials for posting and increase the efficiency of the team. On the Internet, you can find high-quality sites for processing existing photo, video, and audio content or checking the grammatical correctness and uniqueness of texts. Pay attention to platforms with templates for different post formats. In addition, there are many services for delayed publication, analysis of your statistics, data comparison, and more. By giving preference to such “assistants”, you will significantly save time for more important marketing activities.

Content Strategy

But before you start to implement all your ideas, you should first think through everything. A marketing strategy that includes a content plan is a fully thought-out list of actions to create content and reach an audience. Such documentation fully describes the path from your current position to the moment when you establish the process of publishing materials and get the desired result from them. This should not be neglected if a business relies on long-term development. Moreover, even if we are talking about a small team, a strategy should be put in a format convenient for everyone rather than formulated verbally – it can be an Excel table, PDF file, or presentation.

Before creating a content strategy, it is important to understand why you need it. Each photo, video, blog article, or podcast will serve a clear purpose, such as increasing brand awareness or rebranding, driving traffic to your site, turning potential customers into real ones, improving customer service, or even attracting new employees. However, the goals set may change in the process of implementing the strategy.

After defining your goal, you need to explore your audience. Analyzing its parameters will help you understand how necessary your product will be for potential customers. Along with behavioral data, demographic and social factors, such as age, gender, place of residence, employment and salary levels, and interests, are all important for analyzing the portrait of a potential client. With their help, it is easier to understand what marketing campaigns to construct, which platforms to choose, and which content format will be more successful.

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We believe you do not need a large headquarters to successfully develop your business. You will achieve success with a small team of purposeful people through the correct distribution of work and by following the plan.

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