4 Easy Tips To Get More Sales From Your WordPress Website

4 Easy Tips To Get More Sales From Your WordPress Website

If you’re running a WordPress website and struggling to get more sales from your WordPress website? Then these tips are for you.

Today, WordPress has become the world’s most popular content management system (CMS) – by allowing Its users to create compelling websites without writing a single line of code. As an advanced CMS platform, WordPress website development isn’t that difficult, which means you as a beginner can build your website on WordPress without having professional development skills or programming knowledge.

Thousands of business owners around the world are shifting towards WordPress and developing their websites on it. However, they’re not getting as many sales as they expected.

Why’s that? There are some reasons for that and that’s what today’s article is about.

There are several factors that can affect your website’s overall sales and things you can do to boost your sales.

Therefore, these tips will help you get more sales from your WordPress website and show you what points need to be fixed to get your desired sales results.

Here’s How To Get More Sales From Your WordPress Website

1. Improve Your Loading Speed

Having fast page speed is highly important for a great user experience (UX) and SEO practice. When your website loads slowly, you’re likely to lose customers who are not patient enough to wait for your website to load. Along with that, slow loading speed hurts your Google rankings, and that directly impacts your sales.

A study by Backlinko revealed that the average page loading speed on the desktop is 10.3 seconds and 27.3 seconds on mobile. Both UX and SEO are extremely important in increasing your website’s sales where speed plays a vital role that affects them.

Here are some ways to improve your page loading speed:

Optimize your images and videos
Use compression wherever possible
Reduce redirects
Reduce HTML, JavaScript, and CSS use
Use browser caching feature
Use content distribution networks (CDN)

2. Create Highly-Optimized Landing Pages

Having a responsive and highly-optimized landing page can directly increase your conversions. Unlike blogs that are created to educate, entertain, and engage with your audience – landing pages are mainly focused on converting your readers or visitors into paying customers.

To have a converting landing page, good Copywriting is very important. You can create a landing page for your products or services, but without good copywriting, it won’t be that beneficial.

As this page is focused on enabling your customers to take action, which can be buying a product or signing up for a seminar, online coaching, etc.

However, creating an optimized, customer-centered, and high-converting landing page can be a problem for some businesses, in that case, you should hire a WordPress development company to build you a landing page that suits your needs and requirements.

3. Personalized Customer Experience

Your customers want someone who truly cares about them and is ready to listen to their problems and complaints. And the best way to do this is by providing a great customer experience.

There are various customer support plugins that you can use to assist your customers wherever possible, some of them include; Zendesk, bbPress, WP Live Chat Support, and more. When your customers feel good and get personalized service, they’re more likely to refer your product or service – which results in more sales.

4. Great Call To Action

A great and attractive Call-to-Action (CTA) informs your customers about the next action to take. It can be a button, pop-up, or sidebar placement, but if this isn’t appealing enough, it might not convert.

Your call to action must be obvious and direct enough to push your customers to the next line of action. Some common CTA approaches are a free downloadable guide, newsletter signup for a discount, access to limited services, etc.

There are WordPress plugins you can use to design your Call-to-Actions such as Monarch, Bloom, Unlimited Block, MailOptin, and many more.


If you’re running a WordPress website and struggling to generate sales, start implementing these tips and make your website into a sales machine. Make sure you follow the tips mentioned and work on improving your page loading speed, creating optimized and customer-centered landing pages, offering personalized customer experience, and using engaging CTAs on your website.

By implementing these strategies, you can improve your website’s sales performance and achieve your desired results.

A lot of people are searching online for such tips to improve their website’s sales. So make sure you share this article with your friends in need so they can use these tips as well to improve their websites.

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