5 Ad Formats for Pinterest

5 Ad Formats for Pinterest

Pinterest is a popular social media platform that you can use to generate leads for your business. The platform attracts people with different interests and allows users to pin images and videos of anything they wish to share with others. This prevalence of visual content makes Pinterest suitable for advertising because most ads are in picture or video format and users are already used to viewing pictures and videos on the platform.

As a business owner who wants to run ads and gain new customers on Pinterest, you should be aware of the different ad formats you can use. We will share five of the most effective Pinterest ad types below so you can pick the ones that will help your business grow.

1.Video ads

Since the start of this decade, short video content has become increasingly popular amongst internet users, making it an effective digital marketing tool. Pinterest allows you to pay to promote your videos on their platform, so you can target potential leads with relatable and compelling video ads. You can choose to make your ad large enough to fill a potential viewer’s screen (at a higher cost) or make it the size of a standard pin. Your preference depends on your marketing strategy and budget.

2. Regular pins

Posting your products as regular pins on Pinterest is a cost-effective way to advertise. However, this works well when you have lots of followers so they can view the ad organically and buy what you are selling. This can also work if you are a relatively small Pinterest creator but you need to use the right keywords and hashtags in your titles and descriptions, and develop a sound content strategy. You should also post consistently and make your page entertaining and not overly salesy.

3. Promoted pins

Promoted pins are like regular pins but they cost money, show up on more users’ feeds, and have a “promoted by” tag at the bottom of the pin. Just like a promoted video ad, you can promote your pin by targeting users in the demographic most likely to be interested in your products. Pinterest will display your promoted pins in those users’ feeds alongside other regular pins from the accounts they follow.

4. Collection ads

The Pinterest collection ad format allows you to post multiple images of your products at once. For now, only mobile Pinterest users can view collection ads on their devices. On user feeds, collection ads display four images (one large and three small images). If they click the collection, it will expand into a full-screen view and display the main image and 24 other supporting images.

5. Carousel posts

A carousel on Pinterest is a pin that contains multiple images. You can use it to advertise a product and show it from different angles, list its features, or add important information. Carousels appear on users’ feeds like every other pin and viewers can swipe through them either directly on their feed or after they tap on them to view in fullscreen.


Social media marketing is an effective form of digital marketing because of the large number and variety of users, and Pinterest is one of the most-used social media platforms. Advertising products from your business on Pinterest is cost-effective and produces an excellent return on investment when done the right way. There are several Pinterest ad types you can use to gain customers but you should create a marketing strategy first to know how best to leverage each of them.

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