5 Crypto Jobs Worth Exploring in 2023

5 Crypto Jobs Worth Exploring in 2023

Are you looking to explore your career options in the increasingly popular and lucrative cryptocurrency industry? Blockchain jobs are gaining traction and becoming more attractive for employers and prospective employees who want to cash in on their broad skill sets.

High earning potential is only one of the big perks in the industry, so get ready to see the five most popular crypto jobs you can start exploring in 2023.

Top 5 Crypto Jobs for 2023

Knowing how to get a job in cryptocurrency is just as important as knowing which positions are trending, so you can end up at crypto companies like Paybis.com or Coinbase. Let’s check out the top 5 of our list.

Blockchain Developer

Blockchain developers are a target asset for companies, аs they offer the “core” of any product. The need for devs is growing by the day, especially after blockchains are becoming a mainstream word in people’s dictionaries.

But to follow a career as a blockchain developer, individuals should learn coding languages such as JavaScript/C++/Python and be acquainted with broad technological concepts such as cryptography, distributed systems, public key infrastructure (PKI), security authentication protocols, and more.

Marketing Manager

A marketing manager is a an asset no crypto business can survive without. In 2023, employers are hunting for professionals who understand the entire ecosystem involved in digital currencies, investments, and blockchain technologies.

Successful candidates should not only possess basic knowledge about crypto, but they should be highly skilled in SEO, video content, social media marketing, and most importantly, they should be able to run competitor analysis and improve results on-the-go.

Financial Analyst

Financial analysts are the “walking calculators” in the cryptocurrency industry. They are responsible for reading and interpreting data to identify risks in advance, forecast trends, and find opportunities.

While the position does require a strong background in finance, it also requires technical knowledge of blockchain systems and cryptocurrency trading practices as well as familiarity with tax regulations that apply to crypto assets.

Project Manager

While it may not be industry-specific, the role of the project manager is a “make or break” for many crypto firms. They should navigate the different tasks, optimize the workload for team members, and satisfy all stakeholders at the same time.

Knowing how to manage people and processes is an absolute must if you’re to aim for a career in that department. The best thing is that if you have previous experience in other industries, you can bring it to the crypto world, especially if it requires quick thinking.

Community Manager

Crypto communities are somewhat a unicorn. They’re different. The Crypto Community Manager will be the person who will be the main PoC (point of contact) for potential customers and existing people. The role is thriving around a big package of soft skills and running successful content strategies across Twitter, Reddit, Discord, and Facebook.

CCM is basically the brand ambassador, so their image in front of the people can define the mood towards the whole project, which is why being organized, friendly, and proactive are skills you can revolve around.

How to Start a Crypto Career?

To get a job in cryptocurrency, you need to choose the right role for your skillset. We’ll provide you with quick tips that you can apply to boost your chances.

  • To find the perfect job, you need first to understand what it takes to work in this industry. It’s extremely dynamic and “windy”, so you must be willing to pick up knowledge quickly.
  • The crypto industry requires you to have a balanced profile – while tech knowledge is a must-have, you can’t survive without soft skills, as any team member can become the face of the project at any time.
  • If you want to elevate your chances, you should start networking asap. Attend webinars and conferences, check out LinkedIn and different tech job boards like GitHub.


As the crypto industry continues to grow exponentially, so does the demand for highly skilled professionals looking to work in the space. The five particular job roles discussed here are just the tip of the iceberg within the cryptocurrency sector. With its potential growth, there will surely be a job suited for almost anyone seeking an exciting and dynamic career opportunity.

All things considered, pursuing a career in crypto can provide individuals from all industries (and qualifications) with significant professional and financial opportunities, regardless of where they currently stand on their professional journey.

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